Wednesday, June 13, 2018


2 days left of Ramadhan Insha Allah. Syukur so much that I only baked Sugee and Mom gave me 4 kuih raya. Tarts, Makmur, Madura and Choc Chip cookies. Alhamdulillah. Was aiming of having at least 4 kuih raya but now I’m blessed with a lot more. Here’s the complete delectables for guests.

Oh yes, Mom made rempenyek too!
So I’ll have a total of 9 varieties of Kuih Raya!

Annual Geylang trip done and dusted.
Too many bazaars and stalls, we only wanted to grab sampul duit and carpet.
Went out at 7.50pm and home by 9.50pm. 😂
Went to TKC, passed by haig road, Joo Chiat then carpet shop.
Insha Allah, Raya decor post next up! 


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