Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Being a SAHM 😄

It has been months since I stayed home after delivery. Returned to work for a bit and took the plunge in giving up my almost a decade stay at the institution. Weirdly, did not feel so sayang as the thought of me having to juggle between work, chores, the lil one and the husband, was overwhelming enough. 

While I am still struggling to work out a consistent schedule, the lil one had me sighing when he decides to mess it up and wakes up when I am in the midst of stuff. However, more or less we're getting to a compromise with the exception of his surprises. 1 sec he'd be happily climbing on me like I'm a tree and the next he would just be cranky. Sis helped by breaking down the causes of his crankiness such as hungry? Wet diapers? Slpy? Hungry? And when all seem don't fit, I wld simply placed him away. From me. 😁

I am glad though that I am still very much in touch with ex colleagues-turned-friends although we cld meet up rarely like probably twice a year.

Funny how things came out when you never thought you wld do something like this ever in your life. 
But for what it's worth, pretty sure would never changed my mind about it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let it SINK...

It's been three weeks since that longest Thursday of my life.
I am proud to auto-upgrade my beloved family and cousins/ obeks as well as friends.
And since that Thursday too that I turned my parents into talented singers of weird versions of songs which I have never heard in my life.

So back to that 25th Sep when I checked in KKH, did not know what to expect.
Was falsely given hope by unknown doc that the 'time' wld be ard evening but only to be disappointed by my own doc. After 12hrs of uneasiness not pain as I had my 'good friend' on since the start of the day, I was pushed to the OT. Thankfully, the many faces in the OT were friendly and calming and with the fact that I was super distracted by the side effect of the epi; shivering like a druggist.
Could feel something sharp and nothing after that. About 15 mins or so, I was shoved my baby in my face.
Soon after he was brought over to my side but I can't hold him yet.
Near enough just for a quick peck.
I managed to giggle while being pushed to the recovery ward cos the nurse almost pushed me into the wall.
Spent 3 days in the ward and once discharged (without him along), realised how much we missed the sun and the fresh air.

Deeply thankful for those who dropped by at the ward or at home. Glad that the 7 day massage and 18 bottles of Fish Essence done and over with. Halfway thru the confinement and could not wait for it to be over. I miss so many stuff!

Like putting on pretty flat shoes, my skinny jeans and them dresses. But what I miss most now is spending time with him. Believing that we are adjusting well enough three weeks into this parenthood. Of course with the help of parents, his siblings and the advices from many.

Major changes ahead too. Till then.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nine months

It's been almost 9 months.
Too many things happening vigorously.
Fortunately, the house is settling finally.
And the lil one is supposed to pop this Friday.

I am nvr an avid tracker of my own personal growth.
Thanks to partner for capturing the last few mths of the belly.
Equipped with the filter design and all.
Wish me LUCK for tomorrow!