Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Inspire me pls

Just as I mentioned that 3littlepicks has regular discounts, they're celebrating 30k followers and offering up to 50% off! Now that we've told the siblings the date, it's time for me to start cracking my head for some simple partyware. Wish I cld be more creative but am not an artsy person. 🙄

Won't be having much time cos the trip's just right before the party so gonna have to settle way before. I wld want to make it an annual thing to grab stuff from Typo Difference for M's birthday regardless of party or not. Their tote bags are only $2 and I feel it's quite worth it and meaningful to give it as goodie bags. So what theme shall it be this year?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Home decor - My fave pieces

Honestly, I am bad in decorating the house. We had no idea on what theme to do back then. All we wanted was something simple and without much maintenance needed. So, there was not much decoratives added except for those practical Seiko wooden clocks in every part of the house. 😂 And our very first frames were antique gold given by the parents. They had bought them aeons ago in JB but did not find the time to drill another 3 holes on their wall. I hesitated initially to bring the frames over because I still had no inspiration on how to deco the home and of course, wld not want to begin with permanent holes in the wall. But the husb actually liked the frames and they became our first deco.

And here's part of the home deco story. Realised that with the convenience of online shopping, I'm able to purchase international pieces from all over the world. 😍

Born in colour tissue box. Charcoal pack from Kinokuniya at KLCC. One of the posters from Captain Zed. Wood banner from Poppetry Shop, UK (I liaised with her directly on IG)


Cactus Hook from Wood Rabbit, Korea at 3littlepicks
Had to be my fave online shop for party stuff, home deco and alot more.
I even bought water bottle from them. They have quite regular discounts so gotta keep a lookout and they never fail to include small gifts (I've gotten cutesy memo pads and a pen) with every purchase.

One of the posters from byCaptainzed , Malaysia.
This was easily purchased by DMing the ankel over at IG.
He was responsive and he actually forgotten to send out my order. To make up for the delay, he added 2 extra posters. And when he told me my order was sent out, I received them promptly the next day. I ordered the frames, very reasonably priced and better quality than Ikea's from qoo10.

Cushion covers from Kaison, Tebrau City, JB.
They had really pretty canvas prints but mostly out of stock. 

I regretted not buying fairy lights in BKK cos didn't know that the one we bought from Geylang wldn't last another year. So got these rainbow cotton balls from Ode to love . Nicely packed and easy to track purchase. Had to DIY but the husb did it.

One of my faves. Classic phone from monoyono and the Topiary bush with vase from Prop Up Store .
The curly lamb was a souvenir all the way from New Zealand.

Well, nothing lasts forever so there ought to be changes to the home deco. Will try to change every Syawal for fresher look! 🤗 However, I'm rather pleased with the deco stuff. For now. But I'm already thinking of those #pingganviral at Central market, KL! 🙊

Monday, August 21, 2017

A long weeeeeek ahead!

Oh dear it's going to be a really long week cos the husb had to work this wkend! Tsk. BUT! He'll be having the shortest workweek after that without having to apply leave. 🤗 And it's gg to be Aidil Adha too next weekend. Oh yummy food! I better tell mom to cook my fave nasi. Talking about nasi, still don't understand my cravings post preg (rather so late to be calling that since it's been years) is worse than preg days. Now pms cravings made me imagine chilli crab (still!), chicken noodle and some other random rarely eaten food. Add some huge servings of emo and I'd be cranky and sensitive in a sec.

This photo of Mexican Sailing Ship was taken on our nightwalk from the Family Day.

Bismillah to the brand new week!
May it be smooth sailing 😀