Tuesday, October 17, 2017

One more month

I did not have a wedding ring. BUT he bought the most expensive ring for our engagement (more like only sarung cincin cos we didn’t invite anyone and there’s no majlis). He asked me before which ring I would like and I remembered telling him about a white gold piece ($2k+) from Mauboussin. After a few glances, he rejected it. We even went into Tiffany but they have limited yellow gold range. Ended up at Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz 1876 at MBS. Sadly, the shop has closed and nearest outlet is over in Japan. 😭

A customised wave band (priced 2.5x > Mauboussin) especially for my left finger.
Couldn’t put it on when I was pregnant and had to resize (up 3 sizes) to re-fit.
Luckily though it didn’t cost much to do so.
This ring is so precious as it matches the husband’s wedding band in palladium.

Looking forward to November for the birthday celebration. Thankfully a PH this midweek making this month a little bearable. Can’t believe the sis is going to Taiwan, Batam then our trip,  Phillipines and her major trip. Let’s just wait and see all the souvenirs she gonna get us. 🤗

Monday, October 16, 2017

5 days to go! 💕

Anxious. Excited. Looking forward to the concert this Saturday. Erm didn’t realise that I went to watch KRU only last year August. This better not be an annual affair. 😬 I’m actually scared if I might sleep in the concert (getting old and time away from M could mean precious opportunity to catch a wink) and the return journey. For Green Day, we managed to squeeze into the bus and catch a cab at City Hall. But now with the mrt just a stone throw away, hope it’d be a smooth ride home.

The only concert I went to with not only my siblings but with bro and sis-in-law as well as cousins whom were seated right behind us coincidentally. 
But till today I regretted not getting their T-shirt sold at the entrance. 🤣

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sephora Private Sale 2017 - Oct

I’ve been holding back, staring at the page, held back again and then finally gave in. To Sephora Private sale 2017. So now that we know Sephora would hold 20% storewide, all brands during their sale, I should  replenish ONLY during sale.

$43.20 for 6 mini nude lippies!
A Total steal! 😻 
I actually contemplated to buy and thought hard before deciding to grab almost at the last hour.
After reading the useful reviews, I got my hands on them 6 days after the online order.

Another plus point and contributing factor, would be it has Kat Von D!
My fave by far.
So with this purchase, I shall not buy anymore lippies.
Promise. Not. To myself. 😹