Thursday, July 19, 2018

What’s wrong with me?

Today has got to be the oddest day. Dad decided to go back early so I planned to return the library books. After sending the boy, dropped by the library.
Dropped the books one by one into the hole and realised one of them doesn’t make a sound. Thinking to myself there might be a mistake in the scanner, went to grab my lunch and headed home.

After brief lunch, decided to verify with the husband on the no. of books borrowed and told him that 1 book about Space didn’t beeped! 
He coolly replied that it was the book bought at the airport.
😳 I remembered it was quite pricey and I should try to get it back (before the boy asks for it). Was about to chill and start watching my K dramas but had to quickly change and rushed back to the library.

Thankfully I was chatting with the bff in watsapp so I could check on the time of return.
When I reached, looked around for the librarians but alamak not even 1 to be seen.
Asked the auntie keeper for help and she just knocked on the glass door of the books return room. 😳 When the librarian saw us, she pointed to the other side to meet.
Alhamdulillah she has kept the book aside for me.
Kept thanking her and she was like ‘no worries..’ 🤗

Done with that and feeling contented, I decided to grab maki-san for lunch.
After making the order, saw that the bus wld arrive in 5mins.
Praying hard that I could catch it while the girl prepared my order.
Was waiting for my queue number to be called when suddenly the guy said,
Salmon says! instead.
Frowned and quickly grabbed it and made my way to the bus stop.
Only to realise that there was no soy sauce.
Oklah since there’s already wasabi inside the sushi.

Appreciating my precious me time with my cute emoji speaker. Heh. 😂
It didn’t stop there you see.
I was about to cook rice when I couldn’t press the button on the cooker.
Even changed sockets but still failed.
Told the husband and worried that he might scold as the cooker was less than a year old.
When I realised that all buttons couldn’t work, there must be something not right with plug or wire. True enough, it was a bit loose so I plugged it in again.
Tsk. Can’t believe that I panicked and even transferred the washed rice before figuring the fault out. 🤦‍♀️ May tomorrow be a better day. Insha Allah.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Ikea used to be my favourite window shopping place. But since Kaison with its outrageous pricing across the Causeway, dah tak pandang Ikea sangat dah. 

Wanted to get a simple tray-like bedside table then we saw this.
It’s cute because the handle allows you to carry and transfer the table to wherever you want within the house. Red is a bit striking (husband chose it over black) and I just saw a natural wood with white legs version online. 

Can’t wait for the girls trip to JB soon! 😍

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Long Sunday

Yes! Such a long Sunday indeed. Started with the routined marketing. Then received a phonecall of guests coming although we have planned for an Ikea trip. So cooked lunch and pasta goreng. Bro came along too with Murtabak and some kuih2. Had a good time late lunching with the family and sharing a bottle of Sparkling Juice.

So Ikea trip was delayed to the evening.
Bro bought us all ice-cream.

And fish and chips.

And 15 meatballs.
Bought a bedside table from Ikea.
Will share once it’s been fixed.

Loving my Jamoji speaker.
Really helped me when I’m doing my chores such as ironing the bundles of clothes.
Going to be a long week ahead with Sports Day on saturday.
Can’t wait for precious me time on weekdays.