Thursday, February 22, 2018

One of the Best Friends 👭

I thank Allah that I’m being blessed with such a precious handful of best friends.
Lucky enough to still be in touch with best friends from Pri school, Sec school and Poly.
We have successfully passed through the test of time.
With different steadies (boyfriends), schools, workplace and right now till we’re building our own families and home. Cannot be grateful enough for them to still create time to meet despite their life commitments. I’m truly blessed. 🤗

This is one true best friend from Poly who stood by me through my darkest hour, knowing how sinned I am yet she did not leave my side. 
The one whom I rescued through the window when she got accidentally locked in in her own house on our exam day.
The one who if not sleeping through lectures kept chit chatting with me till the lecturer called out our names. Yes she napped in lectures all with the bekas on her face. 🙄
The one who would asked me to accompany her while she skipped her tutoring sessions.
The one who tried a tube dress as a maxi skirt. 😂
The one I was on full shift during her big day.
And of course the only one who volunteered willingly to be with me throughout my big day too! 💕

Thank you for the lunch treat today at Seoul Garden.

And always always including birthday cards in my presents.

Thank you for my Favourite Tudung and the Owndays voucher.

Most importantly Thank You for being my best friend for the past 18 years of my life.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Obsessed with 🌺🌹🌷🌸🌼🌻

It’s only Tuesday but I was so productive yesterday. 💪

✅ Bought insurance
✅ Ordered wifi router
✅ Ordered rice online and due delivery today
✅ Ironed the weekly bundle
✅ Made appointment with tailor

Let me keep these archived before they dry up.
Can’t get over how p r e t t y these flowers are and this could be the first time that the husband had gotten me Red Roses. He’s given me Gerberas cos he knew that was my fave flowers.

Loves my birthday present and bouquet from the husband. ❤️
So blessed, thankful and grateful.

Transferred to my pink pot so that it can dry up good.
Looks so good too alongside my vintage phone. 💕

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The ❤️ for plush toys 🐧

Can’t believe the long weekend is almost over. Luckily tomorrow M still on holiday so won’t be rushing for us. Had dinner at Swensens today and dropped by Miniso to look for clear organizers and make-up brush. But couldn’t find any.

However, husband bought me this Penguin ($24.90) instead so that he could dispose my Cat from KL. But M didn’t let him do that. 🤣
This penguin plushie is from the Korean drama (While You Were sleeping) but I’ve yet to watch. Too bad SG did not sell The Goblin’s but this is cuter.
Big and fluffy.
And cheaper than the black and pink unicorn.
I don’t dare to count the number of plush toys I have. 🤭