Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cun kape?

It was a spontaneous movie date with PSBF. She wanted to drag me to watch this malay movie called Cun but she herself doesnt know the opening date. As I was reading BH yest, saw the timings. Ridiculously timed at 12,2,4,6,8,10pm. Hee. Furthermore, she was confident that it wld be shown at Cosway Pt. So wrong! Checked only avail at Rex. Oh gosh! What a venue! However, we managed to find the place easily from the mrt station. What sucked was that there's no place to chill in order to wait for the movie to start so we had to have a drink at the nearest hawker place with no interesting pple to observe.

The movie was so-so only and of cos there weren't alot of pple. The audience consisted of makciks and pakciks and their cucu(s) I assumed. Think only abt 15 or so in total. I wasnt a lil interested in the hero (PSBF was swooning over him), the story was very unrealistic too. A popular talk show host fell in love with a Kampong most eligible bachelor. And yes as u've expected, they somehow managed to be tog in the end. I was even asking PSBF errrmmm so why was it titled Cun? Cos I didn't see any relations to it. Haha.

Aft the movie we walked over to Mackenzie Chick Rice. PSBF was quite excited cos it was her first visit but upon the first spoon of the rice, she quickly commented that it cldn't compare to the one at Banquet. Hee. I so agreed! Even tho it wasn't my first time there (2nd in fact), the chilli tasted mainly of vinegar and worst, I found the floor abit unclean. Oh yucks! Probably the last time I'm gonna walk over.

After filling in the tummy, we made our way to Paragon then Wisma. Oh boy! Only at Wisma did we realise that we have walked that much. Imagine from Lil India to Mackenzie to PS to Istana to Ctrpt to Heeren to Paragon then Taka and finally Wisma. Wondered if we had burned half of the calories from the Chick Rice. Haha.

Oh Rex! Think this place still needs more renovation.

PSBF with her big grin. I was so focused on snapping the hero that I missed out the title of the movie. Heh!

Oh yes! I know. U can have him alright. Haha. ;p

Oh did I tell u outside the cinema there were some cinema seats stored?? And I thot we were already in the cinema. Haha.

Our seats were C6 and C7 but after C6 was a Seat No. 17. Haha!

Oh besides Chick Rice we had the Yu Char Kway with Sotong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lain nye muker remy.. dlm nur kasih lagi cute ^^ -shorties

April 5, 2011 at 9:46 AM  
Blogger Bunianese said...

Ish...I duno y but he looks like a Bangla here..Mayb becos it's being shown at Rex? LOL...Jom tgk Senjakala!

April 7, 2011 at 8:23 AM  

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