Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh so moodless...

So we watched Natali yesterday very early in the morn. 11am to be exact. Queues were quite long altho it was early. Parents eagerly buying tics for Thomas the Train movie which entitled them for free bags and flags. tsk..

Oh yummy hotcakes! Been ages since I last had them.. :)

Nian treated me to Gong Cha! Mine's Golden Ovaltine by the way..

Back to the movie Natali, it was my first time watching a R21 show in 3D. But if u ask me wat's the 3D part, probably I can't tell the diff. Cos u won't be getting stuff flying right into ur face like action movies. And the storyline's rather B.O.R.I.N.G. Abt the artist lusted for the model, had sex so many times and not wanting to get hitched. So she ended up with her classmate instead got a baby and passed on cos of cancer. Lucky artist! And in the whole movie it's him having the ball of his time with at least 3 separate ladies. Bah.

Aft the early morn movie, I went to meet the babe and we headed to Marsiling. Probably the ONLY time I spent so long there from like 3.30pm till almost 8pm. =__="

Two weeks to GO!


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