Friday, April 22, 2011

Short/ Long Week

It was supposed to be a short week but it felt rather long to me. Instead of counting down the days to leave on the jet plane but here I am counting down the days to return back from Down Under. Help me! Just can't seem to be able to switch on the hol mood. Aaah.

Anyways, had a meet-up with Gendutz (;p Jangan Marah hah! Later the bf come find me..) whom I got to know during the Korea trip last year. Somehow we're still in touch via msn/FB. U probably gonna be bz come next week but do poke2 me when termiss me alright. hee! Gd to see u again and mkn2 mcm there's no tmr..Buroks! haha.

Had a brief dinner with PSBF on thur evening too! Cos she gonna miss me the whole of next week. And today went to the mkt, decided to drive over to Mr Gee's place and passed him his porridge. Yes I was in my 3/4 track pants, tshirt, uncombed hair, no make-up and geek specs..... Was happy too cos met him again in the noon for our weekly date and we totally maxed it this time. Had that serious discussion after Scream 4 and now I'm freaking exhausted. What? The weekend's not here yet.. *__*

No we didn't always take pics at work.
But this one was special becos FOUR (5-1) of us were wearing GREEN.

Diff shades of it! :)

Mr Gee told me the story of the glasses till it came in my dream that I was washing them!
Not after much mumbling.

The simple meal we had cos we were saving space for UDDERS.
But then I'm so gonna blacklist Al Ameen. Seriously this time.

Her USA fried rice.

My Mee goreng.. and STUBBY nose.. Very lor.

And the moment we been waiting for!
My hazelnut (Nutella-like) and Snickers, Mars with Honeycomb vanilla..

One for the memories! ♥


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