Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend of wrong timings..

So yest I was wrong abt the movie timing. And oh my! Today I missed out another timing. Ish! It was a rather boring Sunday but glad it started a bit later than usual. Woke up ard 9am aft a dream of chatting with a policeman. Thanks to the TP yest at CCK traffic. Catching those who jaywalked when the red man's still on. Saw them doing their job while waiting for PSBF yest at the bus stop. One hiding behind the ice cream man while the other was behind the mrt pillar.

Anyways aft helping mom with her nasi lemak, we drove to mkt. Probably the ONLY time went to both mkts on the same morn and the best part was sis' not working. tSk. Cos we usually go der only when sis' working since on the way. But this time Mom wanted so much to go there to grab her dried chillies and the $1 potatoes/ onion and such. The sun was really glaring today and we were all lazing ard when I suggested to Dad to treat me ice cream. But when sis got home, told him of the Ikea shuttle from Lot 1 and we all decided to catch the 4.45pm bus! Dad even scolded me for rushing him just cos he forgotten to put on his Seiko. hmph!

The bus took abt 45min to reach cos got pick-up at BB. Aft abt 1.5hrs there, they managed to grab pillows, knife block, chopping boards and me? Biscuits! Hee. Aimed to catch the 8.35pm (cos I missed out on the 7.10pm timing, HEE!) bus back so we had dinner at Secret Recipe. Very filling indeed!

Choc banana! The cream was a turn-off tho.

The carbonara which I must say surprisingly was not that bad at all! :)

One wk to go and I still havent plan what to wear!


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