Thursday, June 14, 2018

Syawal 2018

Alhamdulillah. Completed Ramadhan without any ‘hutang’. Only cooked Ayam Kurma and Sambal Udang today but macam nak pengsan because did laundry as well. Marinated ayam too and fried a few for the kid. Then pan fry dendeng. Alhamdulillah all done now except for packing the Raya bags.

Husband splurged on this diffuser.
Super love the packaging.

Just look at how it was packed. 😍

While I was soaked in perspiration and hair all messed up, ada orang kasi salam.
And said Delivery!
I thought it was the popiah that the husband ordered but my heart fluttered when I saw a hamper. So pretty!

Can’t bear to rip it apart.

This year’s simple decor.
Loving the carpet chosen by husband from Ling Carpets.

Had to put this up somewhere.

And the essentials for tomorrow’s visiting marathon.
7 houses to go so simple make-up will do.
Loves how pigmented Huda Beauty lip matte are and how non-oily my face stays with Innisfree no sebum powder. Not to forget NYX micro browliner! 


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