Monday, July 2, 2018

3D2N Staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

The staycation plan was rather last minute because realised that Youth Day’s a school holiday for the kid and husband could take leave. After eleminating other staycation choices, Crowne Plaza’s our choice for the huge bathtub and dining options. Thankfully too that they included an extra bed without additional charges so that sis could join us for a night. Even though it’s just the airport, we walked a lot and conquered all terminals so I’m feeling the exhaustion now. The boy had pretty bad cough so his sleep was interrupted so were ours. But I’m sure he’s enjoyed the bubble bath and went home happy with his new loot of toys and activity sets.

Loves the pool ambience overlooking the tower and those trees! 😍

This bubble bar was so bubbly and pink!
The boy loves all the foam filling up the tub.

We got a bath bomb for him too and this pretty one called the Experimenter actually produced greenish sparkly result.

This was just half of the bubble bar used.
Imagine if we had used the whole bar!

Bro and SIL dropped by from Changi Village and brought us Epok2, Spring Rolls, Roti Boyan and even these strawberry cheese tarts! 

Found these melon milk at NTUC at an offer!

Thank You husband for getting me this cute emoji speaker!
He chose this instead of the kiss cos this had a smiley.

Wanted to redeem the Elmo storage box but husband gotten me the whole collection instead! 😍😍😍 


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