Monday, September 24, 2018

Birthday trip to Legoland Hotel 24-26 Sep 2018

Reporting ‘live’ from Legoland Hotel. The kid’s been pestering for this trip for his birthday and the dad made his wish come true. Glad that the parents and sis tagged along. 
But honestly I’m looking forward to the shopping day instead.
And for this packed weekend!

Thankful that the hotel managed to do up this fun decor for the birthday boy at the last minute. I have requested for slice of cake but didn’t know that they cld do deco too.
Balloons are such great and simple way to liven up any celebration.
You bet the the kid’s overjoyed even before his birthday arrives.
Dah dapat gi play rides at Legoland then staying at their Kingdom themed room, dapat balloons, gifts from the treasure chest and bought his souvenirs skali.
Another long day tomorrow for him!

Had a hard time trying to crack the code because the questions are tricky.
But hey we did it!

Although we arrived around 11-ish, we did managed to take more almost 10 rides and even watched their main show!
Definitely will continue tomorrow but now already aching.
The rides were interactive because you’re required to shoot la, pump la, hand shuffle la, steer la. Just when I was about to lie down, could feel every fat aching.


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