Saturday, September 8, 2018

Small Big Dreamers at National Gallery

Been wanting to visit National Gallery but never got the chance to. Planned to go for some sand play today but it rained way early in the morning so the National Gallery idea came up.
It was fun for the boy when he got to touch and get involved with some of the installations.
And today they’re giving free activity kits as well.
Only thing was we missed the B1 exhibition. Oh well.

The area less explored. This was part of the fencing of Parliament.
Really pretty.

They having some touch-ups for F1 hence, the mess there.

Grandma tagged along but not in picture.

From Level 2 of National Gallery huge window.

This really pretty huge door.

Rainbow passage made up of colourful ribbons. 

One of the installations. 

The free activity kit was really fun! 
Hope the kid enjoyed his 1 week break to Gardens by the Bay and National Gallery. 


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