Thursday, August 30, 2018

Teacher’s Day

The boy’s 1st ever teacher’s day. Cannot imagine the challenges teachers face daily dealing with the kids. Anyway, I’ve planned rather early on the gifts.
And even passed to the teachers early too since there was no celebration planned.

It looked like really alot of stuff in the bag but just wanted to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts in educating the kids and helping them grow.
Got the items mainly from Kaison.
1. Paperbag
2. Faux flowers
3. Frames (inserted photos taken from Sports Day)
4. Tote bags
5. Victoria’s secret mist (got them on offer)

So happy too that the BFF wished our sec sch Maths/ PE teacher.
Funny how he acknowledged us as gals when we’re so old now.
Guess we’ll forever be his students.
Could tell how thankful he was cos he thanked twice.
Of course eh as it’s been more than 20years ago seh.
Haiz, emo. How time flies.

3littlepicks having their storewide sale and I finally gave in.
Checked Ikea and Kaison for monstera leaves but either too expensive or too fake.
I wanted to get 1 large but the husband suggested to get 2.
He wanted 1 too.
So bought all 3 sizes and a square pot coaster in gold.
Delivery was really fast as I ordered Tuesday and parcel arrived today!
Time to search for a vase!


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