Sunday, February 27, 2011


The weekend's gonna be over before u know it. Bah.
Supposed to brisk walk early in the morn. But nah!
All up only by 9. tSk
Drove to the mkt and Mee Soto was ready by almost 1 noon.

Okays. Dun ask me why sis is wearing her brand new florescent NIKE eh. =_="

Mom wanted to go Hougang so Bro dropped us at NeXx.
Was a lil excited cos our first visit.

Somehow landed at this mini sky gdn.
So we rested for a while to re-hydrate.
I had PINK Lemonade!
Err pls excuse the unglamorous tissue there. Haha.
What was I thinking!

And oh gosh!
If u wondered how fugly my transition specs look like, here it goes. Hee.
Was alr so slenge with the specs, the messy hair and the fatty self.
Wasn't spared from bumping into someone familiar.
Kena poke by Mr Gee's fren at the escalator.
As I turned behind to look, at first thot was a student.
But cldnt figure out who.
Then realised it was him. Hee.
Aiya. Altho I know not many pple at Northeast, still can bump into someone.

Sis with her Kopi.

We had early dinner at Mad Jack.
Look closely to see the choc cake!

And the NOT NICE aglio olio.
Even the sight of the clumped garlics erks me. hee.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finding the first

It's been an interesting week I must say.
Stumbled upon the Korean movie ad and decided to catch it to kill time.
Korean movies and well all other romantic movies tend to have the same ending.

Finding Mr Destiny was all abt finding the first love.
I dun even know if i ever had a first love. hee.
And ironically, watching it with Mr Gee. tsk
psssst i'm his 1st gf

And nooo.. He's NOT thaaaat happy just cos we watched Finding Mr Destiny.
He's thaaaat happy becos we're catching Kumar's Amazing Race. hee

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ups and Downs

Oh boy. It's definitely full of Ups and Downs.
All in a day.

I started the day with A Night of Horror movie.
Abt a married couple almost separated but things took a turn when they were stalked by a pyscho. Then as I was lazing, rcved a msg from Shortie.
I do believe somehow that things happened for the better.
I'll give u a BIG HUG tmr okays.
When noon came, got ready and was excited to meet Mr Gee after 13days of not seeing him.
And we watched the long overdue (and BORING) No Strings Attached.
He wanted to have Wendys so we had to walk from Wheelock all the way to PS in under 15mins.
But the boring movie started 15mins later.
So much for the brisk walk in jeans along town. tSk.

He surprised me with the Kate Spade case!
Well, he told me he went all over town in search for it but was told to order online.
So he asked me to get a cheap case first cos it cld reach him by mid March only.
Then today he gave it to me as they called him to make the delivery last nite. :D
I ♥ my iPhone now! hee.

The result's out and the number kinda sucks.
Well, things happened for a reason.
And I'm pretty sure it's for a gd one. :)

Got the msg from PSBF.
Alhamdulillah it's all settled for her now.
Let's look ahead altogether! ♥

And UP
Just as we were abt to part ways, Mr Gee passed me another thing.

It looked like a Berkat.
But it's actually filled with the PINK ear piece cover. hee.
So much for the effort. ;p

Let's hope that everyone's coming days are filled with UPs!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Before I write on the JB trips, just wana share my eXcitement in catching the Lion King. Hee. Bot the tics already and will be watching on 13th Mar for the 1st time at MBS!

Can't wait! ;)


The 2nd time to AEON with the Druggist gang.
All in the pharmacist line except me of course.
This time we didn't eat as much.

We're real bimbos behind those studious specs. Really!

Don't worry. I shared my half chicken with sis alright. Hee.

And today it was a loooong day indeed.
Woke up and drove hurriedly to Hougang to fetch bibik.
Then drove back to CCK to chg driver.

Was out on an empty stomach.
Luckily bro drove us to a hearty meal.
Siput sedut!
Dun rem when was the last time I had this.

Bbqed stingray.
Better dun let Mr Gee see this. Haha.
Dun understand the hole there anyways. Hee.

This CheyMong kept meowing at me. tSk!

Final stop was at Gelang Patah.
While the rest went for prayers, I was ordering fd at KFC.
Cheeeeese wedges. Oh yummy!

They also had a new thing called Fish Donuts.

So tired...So full...Soooo not ready for Monday =__="

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Got a belated Vday bear! ♥

ThankieS gOO!
So Sweeeeet de.. hee


Went for the weekly brisk walk then went to JP to chg $$.
And something caught my eye.
Was thinking eh sure anot?
After a 2nd pass at the shop, I decided to walk in.
So I bot the Iphone 4.
With no queue.
At a price u wont believe.
I cld easily add a few bucks to it for an MJ bag.
Hopefully cld get a full claim for it and if successful, wld eventually pay $30 only. Hee.
Anyways just as I was making my way out, got stopped by a lady.
Promised me $5 cash for a short survey.
And indeed I was $5 richer when I was out from Singtel. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Go With It

Before the stories get outdated and so yesterday, I should record what I've done this Vday week. No. No flowers and such but I had oh so much fun! And no. Not with Mr Gee. Hee!
Vday falls on a Boring Monday but the colleagues threw in gifts!

Thank you girls!
The apple was as sweet as the Giver! hee.

Thanks SY! Partner's and my new pet fiSh!

Shortie wasted her ink to do this for us!
So creative..Wld nvr ever tink of it.

Oh yeah. I've got so much love to giveaway. :)

And I kinda forgotten what triggered Mr Gee to say those words to me.
All I rem was reading the lines over and over again like it's simply too profound for me to digest.
So that wraps up the Vday!


After so long had a date with the girls from work and we watched this!

I walked into the cinema thinking it cld just be another corny story from Adam but I was wrong.
It was SO hilarious! Laughed so hard!
Dun even rem when was the last time I laughed my a** off. hee.
Anyways, someone even smuggled PIZZA Hut in! tSK! haha
Thankies girls!

Tonite finally got to meet the BFFs.
Dinner at Siam Kitchen.

Actually, I collected the presie last week.
Long story.
Happy with my PINK Havaianas!!

YaY yaY Yay!
But so sayang to use first. hee.
Thanks Babes!

Baby Ally successfully made her Peace sign but with eyes shut!

And our 3some pic! ♥

Haiya. They even got this Bday card las min.
But CUTE! Polka dot all over.

Was slightly moved when reading the msg from BFF.
'So much happier when you grow older'?
Didn't really strike me. hee.
But Alhamdulillah.
I'm a L.U.C.K.Y. girl.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Mom went out early this Sunday morning.
Sis and I woke up only at almost 9.
Went to the mkt tog (very the sisterly) and fried Macaroni for brunch.
Just as we were getting ready to have an extravagant lunch at Siam Kitchen (Dad's been harassing us to bring him there again since the last time he was trapped in Lot 1 due to the rain), Mom came home.

By the way, I've collected my $600 bday gift today!
My Transitions lens sponsored by Sis!
Very GEEKY sia. =___="

Songe smsed me today for a short meet-up.
Don't get him wrong.
He didn't specially come to see me all the way at my blk but becos he has a wedding to attend.
So he dropped by and passed me my Bday presie.

Woa first time after so damn long a guy gave me perfume.
CharmS somemore! Hee

Anyways he bragged for me to check out the price.
Did u paste this from sumwer else? Hehe.
THANK U Songe!
Okays..Better presie for ur bday this yr..tSk

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And Another One...

Now...Who says the Bday's Over? ;)
Another present came in today!
She asked me what I wanted but I really have ran out of wishes.
But...Nevertheless, LOVE the presie ttm! ♥

I bet she carefully chose this PrinceSSie wrapper!
Complete with Castle and Carriage in PINK! ♥♥
Where the Hell she got it from?? Hee.

Not only that, she even included my name on it.
I'm SO gonna put it on my cubicle!

Y.A.M on PINK Polka Dots!

Amazingly, the flip flop fits me to the T!
How the hell she knew my size?? *__*


Saturday, February 5, 2011

I ♥ .....

It's been really a FUN long weekend I'm having.
I didn't had a good night slp on Thur.
Slept at 1.30am and woke up at 4.30am.
Cldn't return to slp again.

So I finished up the leftover Popcorn while watching Shanghai Noon smack at 7am.
Showered and packed the Mee Siam + Fried Chicken for the Flower Fest Visit.
Bro decided to drive us there.
We reached 10.30am and made our way over the Boardwalk.
Thank God it didn't rain.
After covering half of the Fest, we had our Mee Siam.
Continued the other half of the Jalan2 and ended up at the Beach.
We're all done by 12pm and took the Lrt back to Vivo.
The incoming crowd was horrendous but we smiled as we were not part of it.

The Year of the Pig!
Row of PINK Lilies!!
So Preeeeeeeeety!♥ ♥
2lips! ♥ ♥
Nvr really seen those in the soil type.
Can I have this in my gdn?
This Cute Lil Boy tumpang glamour! hee.

One of my Faves.. Cos of the 2-colors!

Even Veggies were included in the Flower Fest!
These looked like they got from NTUC and just dumped them on the soil.

But these are nicely rowed.

This one's for you Songe!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Today had almost an impromptu meet-up with Sally.She msged me early in the morn.Wanted to go to IMM but ended up in JP.She treated me Pizza (our regular Feast for Meet-up) then to Haagen Daz for Dessert!YuMMyLicious!

Thank You Sally for the treat and the presies!Loves them! ♥

Got the Waitress to snap for us.
A lil senget but alright!

Sally with my Waffle Wander..
Can't wait for the lil one to pOp!