Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Manic Monday

I was so looking forward to the Monday date becos we didn't meet over the weekend and for a wk already. He was too, I assumed cos he sounded excited to eat the Indian Rojak. He even asked for my fave items becos we made a deal for him to do the order this time.
He asked me to wait over at Pioneer.
This may sound stupid but he was coming from Alexandra.
Stupid or Sweet..I chose the later. hee.
So we got seats rite but then there's someone (a guy) with sleeveless clothing standing in front of us. We were seated rem.. So we cld have the best view of his forest.
On his underams of cos! What were u thinking??
Well at least it's not the long tauge type but furry shall I call it? Hee.
I was then 'brushing' Mr Gee's hair on his hand.
Quickly, he asked me to 'brush' that forest instead. =__=
Of cos I stopped immediately.

We only reached Bugis ard 7+ and it was raining.
Crossed over only to find out that the stall was closed. EeeekS!
Walked back, almost went to Pastamania, u-turned and settled at Fd Junction.
Sad or WHAT!
Nvm abt that but seated next to (okays not so) irritating Pinahs...Gosh!
Then he kept pestering me to order first while I asked him to order for me.
In the end he just ordered for himself and somehow that triggered my max boiling pt.
Fine! Not eating....I exclaimed.
And for the 1st time EVER, i was sulking right in front of him.
Yeah after slightly over a yr tog and probably the 1st time in his life, he saw a girl sulking.
I must have sulked pretty bad.
We were supposed to walk ard Bugis but I suggested to go back.
He was giving me the blank look all the time.
Till at one pt he said to me..'Ngampul?' (Sulking? in Boyanese)
Didn't know how to react to that...
Anyways made him walk to Marina and then we took the train home.
On the way there, he was trying hard to pujuk and even allowing me to eat him.
Of cos I didn't..Thankfully Iman still kuat. Hee.
It was rather empty on the mrt platform.
Went into the west bound train but announcement went on that the train wld be delayed.
Wanted to take the North line but another train came so we boarded.
It was okay till it had to turn around at outram.
Haiz. Went to Harborfrnt n took 188 instead.
Due to sch hols crowd, we were seated back n front from each other.
He slept in the bus.. Tsk.
Since his stop came first, he alighted.
Rem? I was sulked that nite.
So I went home alone.

And I wondered if it all happened just becos I saw a dog licking his balls
on that Manic Monday Morning??????

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tHE 615536125325th AEON trip

If you ask me, I cldn't tell u how many times I've been to AEON at Bt Indah.
Anyways, met up around 1115 then off we went over the 2nd link.
Sis mentioned that we will be coming back early at least before sunset cos the rd wld be dark after that. But hey, we finished up only at 830pm. Hee.
Long Story. Well, probably not.

the 1st round of feast began at Nandos.
tHe last I had was at KL back in May?

Striped with the Garlic Bread. hee.

I chose EXTRA HOT! oh YUMMY!

2nd round of feast was over at Taiwan Snacks!
Mee SUA!

Plus the XXXL chick of course! hee.

3rd round! at my ALL TIME FAVE ice cream parlour!
And why am I posing with my PINK pouch????

it'S becos it's WED = PINK DAY!
Just show anything PINK and u'll get special deals..
And YES! I have at least 3 PINK items in my bag.. hee

Fridge filled with heavenly ice cream cakes! *melts

4th and FINAL round... A&W..
Coney dog and root beer float!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have you heard?

YES!!!!!!! Screeeeeeam for JOY as the news is outs!

H&M is Coming to TOWN! :D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

mini princeSS...NOT

It was a crazy plan. Indeed. hee! Dunno why time simply whizz by everytime we shopped!
Decided to meet around 1045am (YAH! We're both AM pple!) at Farrer Park but somehow managed to 'bump' into each other at Outram instead.
It was pretty quiet probably cos still early despite the rounding up of a few guards plus a black furry dog shashaying in the station.
When we reached, we were freaking excited!
I guess cos of the Deals we gonna get! 50%! That's like 1-for-1!
We were oh so excited that we showed the girl a wrong Member's card.
Instead of the Mini tOOns', we confidently flashed my Forntieer card. :(
Haha! Must be morning blurness!
And so IN we went! hee.
Altho the shop was tiny and we thot wld be far from the maddening crowd in town, it was quickly filled up nonetheless. The mummies went on a craze spreeing on the lil girls gowns and such. While partner and I aimed for other useful items (to us!). hee.
And when we were ready to make payment, the queue was alr snaking in that tiny shop.
We must have waited for at least half an hour to finally settle our purchases.
In total I bot 12 items!
Hee. We even grabbed wrappers!
(hey! one is $1.30 and now TWO for $1.30, got polka dots somemore..a MUST buy)

It didn't help that Mini tOOns was just next door.
So we hopped by and spent almost another hour there.
The satisfaction. We've somehow settled the Xmas gifts!
I know I know.
Very kiasu and very Auntie. hee!
Dec's not even here yet huh?

The damage done to my pockets!
Yeah we went over to Tangs (ONLY) aft that and
I bot the Vera Wang Princess!
All the Xmas gift sets were oh so appealing and attractive!!
Errr and I even bot the Panasonic cordless phone in VIOLET from Tangs.
That's a NEED cos ours just died on us yesterday.
Fortunately, got into an empty 190 bus and relaxed all the way home. hee!
Contented that I'm home by 4pm. ;)
Beginning to love Early ShoppinG!

Anyhows here's the pic of the Cake rolls which I didn't successfully bake.
Not sure to blame it on the oven or my PJs.
But hey, ONLY 3 rolls left now! Not bad hah. hee.

Oh and did I mention I LOVE the TANGS Xmas paperbags!? ♥♥

Thursday, November 18, 2010

what a SHORT week!

It's Friday tomorrow! Altho I have nothing planned for the weekend.
And this year Hari Raya Haji was not as vibrant as the years before (not sure why) but was more meaningful than ever. :)

Anyways, let's start the one with the Bday dinner with Shortie.
Forced her to skip class and have a LesB dinner with me instead.
Headed to Tiffany Cafe at Furama (Chinatown).
And I don't think I wld return again. hee.

Our 1st round!
We got the desserts first on the table.

Errr...Halloween's OVER babe! hee.

I swear that dessert plate wasn't mine! :p

Served the bday babe her ice cream!
Just the way she wanted it.

Then the NOT-SO-SURPRISED bday cake came along!

And she blew the candle off with her laughter. tSK!
Not after her wish. Haha!

tHe LesB pic! And my face was ULTRA oily de! :(

yAy! xmas season!!

I looked like a hantu trying to play hide and seek here! hee.


Went to Tentera Mosque to witness the Qurban.
It was my very first time having the Qurban.
Didn't really know what to expect but I turned into an emo-wreck and tears welled up my eyes.
No it didn't drop though. hee.

I was too weak to take out my BB to snap a pic altho Mom was nagging at me to do so.
(She used to be so pissed with me snapping at everything).
SO only this pic of my tag and the 1/3 meat that was slaughtered under my name.

On leave today and went to Beauty World as well as town.
Thanks to Cousin Bro for his info on Cornery.
Grabbed the Bubblegum and Rainbow flavors!

And today is the Bro's Bday.
But he's not home yet.
Will be fattening on his cake later at 1030pm! Oh gOsh!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

SiS bDay BaSH

So the sis had said goodbye to her 20s. Ordered that Swensens cake for her.
Then on Sat, tagged along for the Simpang Bedok meal and Karaoke session.

Apparently, this time the cake was not that hard to cut.

Was recommended to try this Super Cooler drink.

The shrimp soup which needed us to use straw..

Milo Dinosaur....

Old-fashioned chOc

Was told to pose alone.. tSk

the final shot of the day!

♥ ♥ ♥

A short week ahead!
But guess what?!
I did not bake any cookies at all for Hari Raya Haji.. =___=

Saturday, November 13, 2010

three six five

♥ Time flies...♥

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tHe perfeCt 3sOme

Met up with Shasha for her belated bday celeb. And for the first time ever, bought the presies tog with her. She requested for PrettyFit shoes only. But then we got her F21 dress, Pretty Fit shoes and the surprise Mphosis inner bag! She's one happy girl cos finally she got her spree. ;p
Hope u love the presies!

Of cos u do as ur the ONE who chose them hor.. Hee.

Her bday (log) cake from CB.

Yeah yeah. Peace to the world. Hee.

With all her presies!

And the threesOme pic! ♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Had a family outing like so rarely today!
And I've finally took the FlyOver (as according to mom)!
Dad wanted to treat us all but sis kena 'ketuk' to take us all on Flyer..

Thats Me and NOT my bf.
That's my sis FYI!
She testing her new TIGER shoes for her upcoming trip.

Skypark or Flyer? I wld prefer Skypark indefinitely!
Not sure if it's becos I was with mR gEE instead. Haha!

Thats me and Dad in his Vettel Cap! tSk.
Yah I was holding onto that not so supportive at all pillar!

The sky turned dark already and it was 6plus only.
Up up and faint..hee

tHe F1 track!

Then the lights came on!
And I thot the helix bridge looked pretty!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

and aNother one

Such a bother that my long wkend has no interesting plans at all.
Did the norms as per other weekends and had late brunch.

So help mom with some cooking and this was my brunch!

Mixed veg rice + sambal prawns + chck wing + pineapples on the side!

Yesterday I was pissed with sis cos she just woke up, did nothing and went out. tSk!
But she was clever enuf to grab tis GAP bag which I've been aiming for. gEEz

Friday, November 5, 2010

Some men still don't get it

" I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I care too much
And my scars remind me that the past is real
I tear my heart open just to feel"
- Papa Roach

All I have to do is stop trying too hard.
But it doesn't hurt to put on a SMILE despite all the shortcomings.
Becos there's others who wld want to see just that from u.
So I'll just keep all those hurt deep within me.

Hand-made? So What?
It's HAND-DELIVERED that matters. :)

Finally got rid of those ultra thick dead footskin at PINK Parlour.
And for the first time ever in my life.

I've got PINK nails!
Felt like a Barbie.
And it makes me happy. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Went out on a rare Mon just cos I was craving for Chk rice badly from HB Banquet.
Was that crazy!

Happy that I got a PuLL n Bear top and enjoying Awfully Choc cake by the sea...
Romantic but too bad I wasn't with mR gEE.

I love the background! Just see the reflections of the lights on the water. :)

Born in Singapore, made by hand.
270gm = $17.55

Oh awfully YUMMY


And I thot the sunset looked pretty today. ♥