Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017

Alhamdulillah. Nearing the end of 2017 and will be a brand new 2018. New chapters, new page. What’s the plan for tonight? It’d be just cuddling and snuggling the year away for a good sleep and will begin the new year with a trip! Insha Allah.

Thankful for all the memorable trips and staycations this year.
Thank you husband!

Jan - Koh Samui
Feb - jen puteri harbour
Mar - Bkk
Apr - KSL
May - Crowne Plaza
Aug - Crowne Plaza
Sep - Amara Sanctuary / KL
Dec - Hotel Jen

Every end marks a new beginning.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Had the annual movie date with the husband. Usually would try to catch a movie together either end or early of each year. Glad that we watched Jumanji this time. Wasn’t really a fan of such fiction storyline but if it’s the Rock, gotta catch it! I followed him and really admired him for his personality and hard work. How he appreciates his waiting fans after a tiring scene. And I too appreciate my husband so much for always always trying to make us happy, providing the best and putting us first. Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward him abundantly.

Our cinema choices is very restricted, no more PS la, town la.
But thankful still.
For being able to have ‘us’ time.

While he has bought me most of the Sanrio collection from Airport, he came home with Firefly kitty. Just so I could have the complete collection. ❤️
I am so blessed. Truly.
Not sure what 2018 has in store for me.
But got to remind myself 👇🏻

“Don't worry about the past, it's gone.
Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived. 
Live in the present and make it beautiful.”

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Wagyu beef

Now that T4 is fully operational, decided to try Andes by Aston.
Not so much of a meat lover but gotta try this once.

$43.90 wagyu beef. 🥩
It’s really soft and nothing like we’ve eaten before.
Glad we shared.

Wanted to redeem Melody but the girl said could buy as many.
And the husband said to get them all.
So here’s the complete Sanrio set.
It was crazy.

There are the masks I won in Unwrapped Changi game. 💕


Seriously though I should now slow down and gather my energy for 2018.
Gotta be major change to my daily schedule.
Been going out since last 
Saturday - Visit baby
Sunday - JB day trip
Monday- Met up cousin
Tuesday - Half priced waffles
Wednesday - Movie date
Thursday- T4

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New lippie from Fenty Beauty

Tuesdays reserved for half priced waffles! And glad that I got the color for Mattemoiselle in Ma’Damn on launch day! Saw a few colours gone off the shelf already.

Those hand masks were only $2 each and I got the Marc Jacobs liner for free (redemption from points). ❤️❤️

This was bought earlier and I love the Porefessional primer.
The pouch is spacious too!
Glad that Benefit has mini sizes now cos can never ever finish my beauty stuff.

Met up with cousin and he passed me goodies from Korea.
So thankful! 😍

Monday, December 25, 2017

JB day trip

What a long Christmas eve day which started from 8am till almost 11pm! Thought will not have anymore JB trip this year but bro squeezed one in. Itinerary was:

 - Cowboy (warehouse store)
- Paradigm Mall
- Kilang Bateri

Driver brought us to DJ Enakrasa Pakdin and tried their roti canai.
It was different and oh my gosh the lalats. 😩

Proceeded to Cowboy.
Basically had an idea how it looks like from my research and swiftly looked for wok and paid.
Dare not buy their foodstuff cos some areas were stuffy and some packs were opened.

Rows of helmets. 
Items were neatly arranged but still did not seem appealing to me.

My suggestion to go to the newly opened Paradigm mall.
Long queue to go in but knew I had to check Kaison and Padini out.
We even had to queue for lunch too although was already past lunch time.

Braised beef soup mee tarik.

Lamb on toothpick.
Lunch was RM105+ ($35) for 6 of us. 👍🏻

Kilang Bateri was hmmmm initially but we were spoilt for choices of food.
Then if you looked close enough might find some really pretty clothes!

Sat near Takoyaki stall and had to try!
RM10 for 4pcs of Sotong melambai.

❤️ Padini cos I got jeans and embroidery top (RM39) and couldn’t wait to get more next week.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

3D2N at Jen OrchardGateway

This was decided about only a few weeks ago. Usually hotels would have better deals for early bookings but glad that I found Jen’s special staycation offer. 3D2N stay with a late check-out at 3pm (instead of usual 12pm). We were torn between Jen and Hotel Michael, RWS as the price was almost the same. M could go to the Beach if we stayed at Hotel Michael but we could soak in the end year sale and decorations in town if we chose Jen. Plus we could go Don Don Donki at odd hours and there would be plenty of food choices available. And we have never ever stayed in town area before.

We checked in at 2pm on Monday. Went to visit the infinity pool (another strong reason to choose Jen) soon after, as the sun was up (wouldn’t want to miss the pool cos of bad weather). After the swim, we went to Puncak at Far East Plaza for dinner followed by snapping of photos at our favourite decorations at Ion. So thankful that the security officer helped to snap photos of us from different angles. Then we walked back to the hotel.

Did not swim on the 2nd day as parents and sis would be joining us for dinner. So we started the day by going to H&M and for sure we were one of the first few customers. Walked into VS but nothing caught my attention. However, we managed to buy shoes, pillow, Sephora and Body shop. Lunch was at So Pho, Paragon. Rested back at the hotel before meeting them at the lobby. Took mrt to Ion for Indobox dinner and walked back to the hotel. Dropped by Flash Bang but it was not that happening.

Our final day and I could not return to sleep so I went down to grab breakfast. Then we went for our final swim and headed to PS by mrt. Shopped quite a bit in Cotton On Kids as they had good deals such as $5 singlets and even $10 tent for M.

Okay, photos ahead!

This little rest chair has a cute cushion on it.

Cityview from our room.

Just look at their pool!
They have 3 different pools.
0.5m, 0.9m and 1.2m in depth.
They even have interesting facts pasted on the glass panels facing the pools.


Someone enjoying the waters.
The pools were not crowded at all.


At one of the shelters.

M having the kid’s pool all by himself.

View from our level.
Our room was at level 15 and the pools at 19th.

Damages done!

We were surprised by this sweet unique gesture!
Normally hotels provide complimentary cakes for celebration but Jen threw in a balloon with greetings, tied to a packet of chocolates and in a cute floral pot. 💕

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Retail therapy

How to resist shopping with all the beautiful value gift sets at the shops?? Enjoying our first staycation right in the heart of Orchard Road. We’re not even able to complete all the malls and we haven’t explored Orchard Gateway fully. But here’s the damages done! And some of the yummy food savoured finally!

Honeydew chicken noodle from Puncak.
Finally after so long got to eat it again.
Always goes to this place when back in Poly days.

And finally successfully convinced the husband to try So Pho.
Skeptical initially  cos he thought only soupy2 food served but he got his chicken curry he loved it!
This beef and grilled chicken popiah was yummy too. 😋

Had their beef sliced noodles and their lemongrass chicken was crispy.
Guess would be eating more at So Pho in times to come.

Sephora gift wrap is ❤️❤️❤️!
That pink and black wrapper plus the gold ribbon to top it off.
Decided to grab Benefit set which comes with pouch after reading the reviews.

We shopped this much from 10-1.30pm with lunch break in between. 😬
H&M having huge sale.
VS too with about 40% discount.
Body shop’s gift sets are so so affordable now and even their regular priced items have special offer.
Even the pillow bought at Takashimaya had 20% off! ❤️❤️❤️
I’ll share more on the hotel in next post. 🤗

Saturday, December 16, 2017

BFFs’ lunch date and gifts!

Had a super belated birthday celebration for the BFF and we had lunch at Swensens. So thankful that we’re still in touch till this day. Friends since 27 years ago is beyond the test of time. Alhamdulillah we survived non-handphone days by writing letters or even posting greeting cards. I’m so blessed with precious small circle of best friends whom I can depend on and fortunate enough to have best friends from Primary School, Secondary School, Poly and even my former work place. 💕

I had Green lasagne which is meatless.

We shared this Lil Pony Blue Velvet sundae.
It tasted cakey but the M&Ms and marshmallows added that extra flavour to it. 

One of the BFFs bought me random gift set from Body Shop cos she had staff discount and the gift sets were irresistible. The other passed me a magnet from her road trip and that magnetic brooch. 💖

Besides BFFs, I am truly blessed with a generous sis.
She bought me my favourite Bombshell mist and it comes in this gift set complete with a pink pouch!
Received bonus from the husband too! Time for a shopping spree! ❤️ 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Had the annual massage session with the bff today. Now the ache is kicking in. 😓 Hopped over to town and we only covered Ion and a little bit of Wisma for popcorn. 😬

Yesterday husband brought us to Es Teler 77.
Unfortunately, the grilled bananas weren’t ready.
After massage today, we had lunch at Al-Azhar.
Had nasi goreng with fish 3 rasa and roti john.

All time favourite Chicago Mix.
They had new flavour which is dark chocolate.

Bought $10 and $5 shorts as well a long sleeved Trex top and received Lip Cream from H&M.
Looking forward to the weekend and next week’s staycation! 😍

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Couldn’t remember when was the last time we went out on Fridays. Simply because any plans had to be scheduled on weekends. But I guess M’s enjoyed his last two Fridays which we went for our anniversary dinner and to Suntec last evening. Wanted to grab Maysixteen cos their outlet’s over in the East and the last time we went to check out Arab st, they were closed. 🙄 Since they are having special prices as well, glad I could drag the husband to meet over at Suntec!

The damages done! 😬 But they’re all on discount!
- Cotton On Foundation $2 bag (cos the husband needed a bag to carry his work folio)
- M’s new swimwear top at $15
- Maysixteen Rania shawls (3 for $52, U.P $18.90 each)
- M’s shorts from H&M at $10

Surprisingly when I paid for M’s shorts, the cashier shoved a free eye shadow (U.P $9.90).
It’s expiring next year so in order to promote their not so newly launched make-up, they give freebies. However, I’m not sure of the terms and conditions.

And finally after so long I tried the butter beer BOO:EH! 🍺
The froth was creamy and thick and it felt so good to finally sip the drink.
(No, I do not have a Unibrow. The husband gotta brush up his pic snapping skill.) 😏

Friday, December 8, 2017

What’s in my bag?

Gotta bring M out again and this is not a detailed but general contents of what’s in my bag.
My 1st ever LV from sis dated back to 4 years ago when we had staycation at Hotel Michael on my birthday. Surprised that we had an upgrade to the suite complete with butler costing above $2k per night. So here goes:
1. M’s essentials in T4 pouch
2. Michael Kors mini wallet which husband bought for me at random (totally loves it and they had discontinued these mini wallets)
3. Fenty Beauty Universal Lip Gloss ❤️❤️❤️
4. Mopiko to save itchiness from bites
5. Yupi burger for M’s hunger pangs
6. M’s concession card 
7. M’s water bottle

What’s missing?
1. Brolly
2. Tissue
3. His milk set
4. Hand fan

It really takes much effort for me to change bags. However, I could easily carry my mini bags should the husband has his backpack with him. Looking forward to the long weekend! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Peace Cake 🍰

Who says being in a marriage is all roses and no thorns? Arguing and wrestling become inevitable and though we tried hard not to sleep angry, sometimes we need additional cooling time-out. Was thinking of cakes when suddenly the husband came home early with a better surprise!

Japan’s No. 1 cheesecake from LeTao @ Ion. It caused me a sleepless night as I’ve saved to cut it for breakfast instead. Anything Japanese is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ because they have detailed and beautiful packaging and this cheesecake is especially air-flown from Hokkaido! Just bring me to Japan already (but I couldn’t imagine surviving on 7 hour flight, how the hell I survived last time?!)!

Just look at the packaging!
Wooden box and sealed with sticker.
In a pouch with ice pack and finally a blue paperbag. 

Alhamdulillah holiday’s coming and December has got to be one of my favourite months! That’s when we usually have our family trip and can’t wait to spend quality time and eat good food. Definitely going to enjoy the Christmas decor in town and all the special gift bundles the shopping have in store! But I gotta focus in saving for that special souvenir from London. 😬

 Here’s the list of plans:
1. Meet up with bff for spa date 
2. Check out Christmas lighting 
3. Visit Donkisg
4. Staycation
5. Gardens by the Bay
6. Family trip
7. Eat good food
8. Go to Jalan2 Makan2
9. Change curtains 😏
10. Prepare for 2018! 😳

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Annual meet-up with the Exes 😍

Was looking forward to a chilling afternoon tea session with the Exes BUT nope. I’ve checked for the venue and the parking (whether it’s complimentary) but it wasn’t sufficient. Didn’t know until the cab driver asked to check for road closure. Oh dear it was indeed closed and luckily for me, he managed to drop me off opposite the venue. Unfortunately for the Exes, they had some difficulties in reaching but Alhamdulillah we managed to gather eventually although a little late.

I am totally blessed to still be in touch with them and appreciate their time every year to catch up.

We were served two 3-tier sets of sandwiches and desserts.
And we were able to replenish them if we want to.

View from our seats. 😍

Thank you for the gifts even for M!

Came home and dragged the husband out for family dinner.
It was so impromptu that we had everyone except sis!
Thank you husband for the treat. 😘
Can I start counting down to the next weekend???  🤣