Thursday, September 29, 2011

A year after

PSBF suddenly asked me if I cld teman her to USS.
And after all, I realised that I was there a yr ago.
However, despite the time constraint cos I got a wedding to go in the evening, we did enjoy ourselves to the max! Who wldnt had? hee.

I was happy and contented too as I managed to cover those which I had missed in the prev yr.
Like the Madagascar crate ride, their dance show, Monster Rock show, B boys performance and a few of the characters whom I've not met before.

Panda POM us last yr but we din snap with him.
See! He got his hands full with us. hee.

Seriously, I dunno who she is.
Road runner's gf eh?
She posed like tat when I questioned where her bf is.

Watched it for the 2nd time and the stunts still blew me away.
Oh the heroes! ;)

More imptly this time I managed to kiss my fave animal!

Gloria! Isnt she lovely? :)

The one that almost twisted my waist.
In the end we looked like wrestling champs!

Something fishy abt Puss in Boots.
He was all tall and charming last yr.

All short and squeamish now.
I'm even taller than him.
Is this the younger kitten?
Or did he grow shorter by the years?

If this costs 500k, I might consider applying. hehe.

I love the performance! totally! cuteness!
really salute those mascots cos it was scorching HOT that day.

T r u s t

Will you trust me?

Friday, September 23, 2011

A few of my fave things

Here goes.

The impulse shopper.

Another bag to add into the collection. THANKS! ;)

And got two dresses and a belt under $65!
Side effect: Itchy nose, running nose.
Thanks to the dust at H&M.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Land of Smiles

The 4D3N Bkk trip over and done with.
It was my 1st trip all the way north.
Seriously i dono wat to expect esp toilets-wise.

Shopping was mad! Freaking cheap. And haiz we just din have enuf time.
I was in fact kinda happy that I managed to still have 1000 baht with me on the last day.
That didn't stay long tho.
In fact, I spent it on Thai silk and proudly became the 1st customers of that stall.
She gave me a gd bargain tho. Win-win. hee.

1st day when we arrived evening, we went for dinner and headed to Patpong Bazaar.
Similar to Bugis lined with all things sleazy. =_='
Saw a Naraya shop and spreed.
Reached back hotel almost 12 plus.

2nd day was for the half day city tour.
Covered Chao Praya river, bot a souvenir from the Floating mkt and don the traditional wear.
Stopped over at a Gem factory and Honey place.
Aft the tour, we bravely walked over to Platinum mall.
Shopping heaven!
One level for clothes, the other for bags and another for shoes!!
Can spend the whole day there but we only had less than half a day.
Cos we bot the Mambo Cabaret Show by the Ladyboys tics alr.
Hunted for dinner due to wrong timings and had to settled for CP wanton from the 7-11.

3rd day woke up slightly later and went to Chatuchak.
Very pasar Geylang. We bot flowers mainly.
Scanned MBK like finally altho it's so near our hotel before visiting Madame Tussaud!
Aft dinner at fdcourt, we walked down Siam Bazaar.
Got cheap dresses!
Then went back to Patpong for my I LOVE BKK pink tees! hee.

Loves how the bridges kinda link almost the whole shopping stretch.

Flowers in those boxes.
The sun was HOT!


Patpong with lotsa Ping Pong shows...tsK

A sneak at the ladyboys show. hee.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do you remember?

Thanks to the Animal Frens show at the zoo, this song's stuck in my head...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


My life. My future.
Then the officer congratulated us.

However, it's the BEST 9.11 for me. ♥

Glad that I got the opportunity to contribute to the Wildlife Reserve.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A turning point

It's been rather a long week which hasn't even end yet.
But I'm glad it's filled with so much love and thanks.
The chats that we had.
The lunch, dinner and dessert.
More imptly, the company.

Such a sweet thot of u for the muffin. :)
Shall see u on ur big day!

Thank you for Everything.

Loves the S family. Much. ;)

Dear Mariyam Bte Mohamed,

CONGRATULATIONS! You have won an air ticket in the Tourism Authority of Thailand Lucky Draw at Natas Holidays 2011. Your prize is a return air ticket to Bangkok inclusive of taxes on Air Asia.

A pleasant surprise but kinda mixed feelings abt it.
Thankful nonetheless.And lucky.
Thanks babes for the lunch stunt! Hee.

One night to go!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Syawal/ Equus

This Syawal feels so different.

Becos probably I missed out the visiting yest as Mr G came over for lunch
and then we made the great escape to catch Equus.

So this is us on our 2nd Syawal.

I was proudly happy talking to Mr G abt this guy here when like a scene in dramas, he appeared in my face. Anyways, so gd to bump into ya.
And I tink I saw ur dad aft tat. He was staring at me. hee
Congrats AGAIN!

Equus was rather intimate altho there were 3 levels of seats.
We were at the 5th row from the stage.
Probably the most complicated storyline I've ever watched.
Interesting. Indeed.

And one of the rare (if not FIRST) dinner with him on a SAT.

And here's my new obsessions.
Okay not yet. Soon. Maybe.

The longest time I spent alone at Aries before settling on these two.

And sis got me this!
She got my first ever brooch in a form of a girl doing step aerobics (SERIOUSLY!) for my prom night back when I was 16. =_='
And now 12 yrs later, another girl.

Loves how the cute bicycle parked neatly on my baju kurung. :)

And dear Smurfies, pls chase my Mon blues away.
Now that the wkend's almost over, I can't wait for the next to come.