Saturday, July 29, 2017

In the end..

It's ❤ afterall.. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Drama nah

☝Simple but so true.

No, I can't explain how I am addicted to watch this malay drama till the end and stopped my K drama after Fight my Way and Love in Trouble. Dunno y this one hit me just right. I think I was just curious on how the SG actress wld fare on her first debut as lead over the borders and I have no idea who is this Syafiq Kyle. ❤

So I guess it's not the end. Yet.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two daaaaaaaays!

To the weekend! Cannot wait. Although there's no plans yet but trust that the husb will bring us out still! 😍 Actually i will have to convince him to go to Sembawang again! 

For now, the laundry awaits.. and the ironing of clothes... 🤣

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

That reno experience

Alhamdulillah. Could only be thankful for the challenges we faced during our renovation ordeal about 3 years ago. Ready for a detailed sharing experience? Here goes!

We collected our keys less than a year after we got hitched. Our first mistake was that we did not have a clear mind on the designs or concept but we just wanted something basic and simple. Headed over to Macpherson to visit one of the IDs but we did not click. Then we randomly selected another ID from a magazine and at a more prominent and convenient venue. Next, we did not research enough and get more than 2 quotations as both quotations were of not much difference. Quickly we settled with the 2nd ID because he was more accomodating. It was rather smooth sailing at first, but of course with a little bit of chasing needed. When we mentioned that the painting was not done, the house got painted the next time we visit.

And the shock came when the boss of the company came to Mom's and it was fishy that they waited for me to return from work cos any appts cld just be made via phonecalls. They started with the unavailability of my choice of material for kitchen and then they dropped the bomb! They said that they did not receive payment from us. I could only break down in tears (was pregnant too mind you!) and waited for the husb to return home. The long really really long process of settling this began.

Made trips to the company to reach to a solution but was fruitless. They wanted us to pay again in order for them to complete the jobs but we disagreed of course. Their staff was the one who ran with our money but we were made responsible for his wrongdoing?! We decided not to continue with them and sourced for another Contractor instead. The whole process of going here and there, countless trips to court, took almost a year. I was pregnant, delivered and the boy had grown to almost a year when we managed to close the case. And move on.

Despite the loss of thousands of $$$$, I'm thankful that we won the case although we could not recover the money burnt, the energy of running here and there and our precious time. Thankful too that the house was not in a terrible (imagine loose wires or debris left) state when we decided to move on to the next contractor. Most thankful that I had an easy pregnancy with no morning sickness.

I used to think that we should not share our experience with friends cos they might label us as fools to be cheated this way. But then now that we have accepted our reno ordeal and moving on from this, I hope that none of the people we know had to go through this.

And the husb claimed that he saw the guy who cheated us yest. I could understand his feelings and all the flashbacks he must have had. You can always find it in your heart to forgive, but it's not that easy to forget.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lucky weekend!

Alhamdulillah managed to grab the last bottle of guava jeruk! Then the young guy decided to give me an opened bottled of guava jeruk which a customer had tried a piece from. So i had 2 guava, 1 kedondong and 1 mangga for $30! Makan la sampai puuuuuuuas! Yummmmms!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

When was the last time?

That I was this exhausted and I could not feel my feet anymore. The family day was just supposed to start in the evening but we took a long bus ride so that he could catch his noon nap so probably that's why it felt almost like more than half a day out. The hot weather did not help either. However, today was one of the luckiest day ever. Here's why!

We won 5 early bird lucky draw! He got himself a cute cookie monster as well! So mainly we were there for the lucky draw and looked around in the shops. He wasn't the least interested to catch any shows or take any rides. That's not it!

The queue for food was not that long but I guess each customer ordered for the whole seated family so it took some time. After making my order, the lady questioned me and I found out that she's a relative of mine! When i was enjoying my caesar salad (yes! Salad cos I didn't feel like having fries or burgers) and realised that there was a plate of onion rings which I did not order. Probably she threw in the rings into my order.

A little wish

A little wish that Love shall conquer all. Received this sweet gesture from my niece when I gave her green packet on the very first day of Syawal. It's very thoughtful and different in the midst of food feasting and seeking forgiveness.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

every syawal

Blessed is this house being visited by groups of students since 2015.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Itinerary for months ahead

Is it time for another getaway? Honestly, I'm tired of the planning, packing and unpacking. Maybe cos the last few trips were so close to one another (Batam, Koh Samui and BKK). Dreaming of visiting Japan for DisneySea but gotta wait for the lil one to be not so lil. Heh! Cos visioning all the walking and sightseeing already tires me mentally. 

So for this past June/ Jul break for the husband, we did not plan for any short trip at all. Due to fasting and Syawal too. However, we did bring him to National Museum and took him for the Duck Tour as well. All in a day. So you can imagine how tired he was that he ended up snoozing in the bus ride home. 

But looks like there might be plans of another Batam trip (free ferry tics la) and BKK trip again (he's on the search for Bonsai stuff). Shd be easy to plan cos we wld have selected the same hotel for convenience  (and a bath tub!) as it's attached to MBK and train station and walking distance to all the great malls.

Let me look forward to Aug birthday celebration first and gotta start plans for his 3rd party! 🎉
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Monday, July 17, 2017


Just for my reference, the link to go for my fave wallpapers!

Major LOVE! 💋

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Everything you go through, grows you.
- monoyono

Such short but deep quote. But all I could think of is the fact tat I've been growing sideways consistently.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Let's do this!

Ok probably i'm the ONLY one stalking and reading my own blog but it's a really gd way for me to flash back the good and not so gd times i've had. It takes alot of effort, discipline and mood to enter a post. Now that it's been almost 3 years of being a homemaker, I shd try to write more consistently (during his nap times).

So since 2015, there's not much of big events or trips. But I ought to share on our Koh Samui getaway which I will write in more details soon. So this will be just a warm up to restart blogging with a not so reliable tool. The husband's I can't remember how old lappie with a bit of defunct keys. Maybe I should hint him for a new tech tool for our still far Anni. hehe.

Now that the Raya visiting have taken a slower pace with event invitations in between. Glad that we managed to go Public on the 1st day and completed the essential visits promptly. And ended quite early too. Thankfully, the houses are all within the same hood. But this year, I realised that I had a change of Baju Raya more times than before. Remembered that we went visiting for 5 days straight (1 house per weekday). Phew! And Raya continues for this upcoming weekend plus a wedding!

We managed to catch a musical at ITE cos the husband's got tics and we hesitated to bring along the lil one but we did. Although we cld only complete 1st half of it, the students' talent really shone through. Wld go for another if there's a chance to.

Till the next entry....