Thursday, November 29, 2012

beautiful flower

I've actually forgotten that I've asked sis to get me this.
So unexpectedly, she shoved it in my face.

Presentation was superb with detailed meringue as petals and sugary stuff as the soil.
Lack of greens tho and it tasted not as nice as it looked.
Dad sis and I shared it.
It's worth 15 bucks by the way.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

F o r e v e r

I love the long-hours date yest. And rindu for Jake was done. And out.
Love how my wkend turned out.
Filled with love. Right?

Still can't believe the mat told us to order desserts later after writing down
what we wanted (2 pasta and fries and tea). hee.
But we persevered and still went ahead with the yummy scones!
Nak lagi! Altho these were a lil dark on the top.
Happy Belated Bday shortie!
Only have Bday scones itupun tak kira eh. hehehe..
Still waiting for TWG!

Thank U for the sweet thots from the south!

Today on another random plan, bff turned up at my place with not one but TWO packs of homemade nasi lemak! Woa. So brunched with her then we went to Marina.
She accompanied me last Sunday too! hee.

My hair's totally gone case now. :(

My all time fave from Secret Recipe. :)

Wish some things could last F O R E V E R....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The ex dinner treat!

Was looking forward to the Veg dinner.
But more of the gathering of sis' close gfs.
Oddly, I've travelled with each of them on separate journeys.

 Curious abt the venue cos nvr been to Velocity.

Groupie pic and I was surrounded by pharmacists.
This bunch here was from NUS except me.
And believe me, they're filthy rich but they're all so humble n fun!
Went to BKK with those two on my right, Bali with the one next to sis and to KL and Melbourne with the 1st on the right. hee.
Seriously, till today I have no clue why I'm close to them too.

This is lime sherbet atop jelly. For dessert.

Sis with her longevity buns.

The first dish.  Supposedly jellyfish. But with peach n slice of stroberi.
Nice fusion.

And the fish curry. When the waitress brought it out in the huge plate and said,'Fish curry', the table went silent. We were trying to figure out the 'head and tail'. hee.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

i LOVE my dysfunction family :)


 I love the writings but it costs me additional 5 bucks!

I love my dumdums to bits.
Becos they will always be there for me no matter what.

And if our world's got crazier, turned upside down, we know Mom will always be behind us.

Bro with his Timberland, all ready to set off to the MOON! Muka maintain ar. hee

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Save the date


Dengan iringan doa...Dan restu.

Thank you best friend. A true friend indeed.
I'm blessed. 

Longest night

I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's date.
Surrounded with makciks and pakciks enjoying themselves to the tunes of J Mizan.
And in less than 24hrs.......

Shall leave the following lyrics with you:

"Saatnya telah tiba kini
Telah ku tahu bukan rahsia lagi
Tak mungkin saling jatuh cinta
Kerana diriku sudah berpunya"


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Happy THIRD!
Thank you for spending the day with me. :)

Courtesy of best fren. ;)

He took the pain in trying to preserve the apple moss which hold significant meaning to him.
Unfortunately it didn't survive in my hands.
Mom got impatient and threw in some fertilisers on them.:(
So I got rid of the soil and kept the rocks which nicely cld make up his name.

Laced the bottle up and shall preserve the rocks in memory of the Apple Moss. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012


So yest was one of the dumdum's bday!
It was splish splashing.

So in goes the meat! 
The two sisters doing their job. hee.

The seafood spread.

The bday dumdum with her presie from me!

The colorful brownies which I baked today. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


 I love meets-up with Sally.
Becos every meet comes with hot gossips updates, great fd and tonnes of laughter!
And the fact that how we've grown closer as we age, it's something I seriously treasure and am thankful for.
She's truly one of the best of the bestest frens I have.
She was not only there when I was down and out..

She even wants to be part (physically mind u! hee) of my happiness. And still prays the best for me.
Quite amazed on where she cld find the time to do up this special card.
Am touched to bits cos of the personalisations.
Will share the contents in due time. :)

I've nvr own something as personalised as this.
T H A N K   U

She even got me this bouquet! Sweet much.

Seven to go... v_v

Saturday, November 3, 2012


(vibrating) In my heart, hmmm it's been some time since he called.
"Awak! Nak gi dinner? Da lama tak mkn tosai, mkn bersama hari Jumaat!"
Huh? Apa kena org tua ni? Las fri baru je dia mai sini mkn lunch. Sunday baru je mad rush dgn dia.
Hah okay la..

So wout even realising that Deepavali's nearing, we headed down to Farrer Park.
No wonder more crowd than usual on a Fri evening.
And had tosai. Not only that, dropped by to grab fd for his ray.

"Assalamualaikum! Boleh call?"
"Kat rumah la kat mana lagi?"
Org cakap lain dia dgr lain. Bila di jawab hah, hah...Dia ckp org mcm SEAL. Cobaan

Exactly fourteen days to go ar

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let it....

Nov's here! The mth that I wld probably turn bankrupt in no time.
Cos it's my dumdums' bday!
No wishlist yet ar. But i'll ready myself for a big bomb!

Been having bad headache spells of late.. Duno why.
Mayb it's the mad rush? Mayb it's the Just Dance Greatest Hits.

Halloween's over.

Sweet treats for lunch. Gemoks!

Evil cat from Jap.

The 3rd eye.

Now that we've collected my thingy, we gonna wait for his la pulak.
Weirdly was told 6-8wks. Peh lama. Altho it was simpler than mine seh.
Gonna miss him the whole of nex wk I guess.
Then it's going to be I duno, a slight big change coming up?