Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh My!

It was such a boring Sat yesterday. Did nothing much except watched Patch Adams in the noon but before that was polishing the furniture. Sadly, I did not complete the polishing and yet to do the dining table. Oh drag! Tried to nap but just couldn't.

Woke up quite late this Sunday morning due to the drizzle. Had a long dream too and was holding those scrawny hands. So weird! Gosh. haha. Went out to JP for a 'forced' foot reflexology by sis. Obviously she's sponsoring me and had no choice but to accompany her. It looks secluded at a corner and she, being a repeat customer over confidently showed me how to wash our feet in the basin. Then she grabbed a USED towel from the basket next to her when she suddenly saw me taking one of the new ones from the top. That made us burst out with giggles instantly.

We were probably the younger customers and since my last round at Kenko which resulted me in feeling faint during the massage, I have not since gone for one. And to my worst nightmare, this particular one that sis dragged me to consists of guys therapists. Gosh! And no doubtly they couldn't be less gentler on my feet. :( And I called them No Mercy guys. Cos when u said Pain he insisted that he couldn't go any less slower. After the session, almost moved to tears when I saw red marks on my feet. Sobs.

After that we headed to Yew Tee for sis' IBT and that was my first time to Yew Tee pt. Yucks! hee. Last stop was Lot 1 and settled my admin stuff like billing and such then went to Levi's!! They're having a 30% discount! So sis and I grabbed a pair of jeans each! The new one with black label. Was devastated when the Levi's I got from Perth went all loose now. :(

Anyways, shame on me. Tonite marked the first time I went to Al-Khair. Was abit uncomfy when we were supposed to squeeze. Geeeeeez.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shop-less NOT

I am so happy that I managed to watch the Proposal with Ah Nian at Lot 1 despite she still on mc. Thanks Ah Nian! Ur simply the BEST! The show was hilarious and Ryan was SO....melts..... Ok puasa now...And Sandra Bullock still as hot as ever! Oh and I ordered Happy Meal from Mac but saw 6 nuggets instead of 4. I was thinking how should I return the two but that didn't take long and they ended up in my tummy instead. This was probably the first time that I had bought a Happy Meal and the guys gave me the food in that Happy Meal box. So Happy Meal does make people Happy! hee.
We ain't holding hands, aren't we?

On Friday had our 'final' lunch at Sakae. Wanted to withdraw 40 but entered the extra 0 so 400 was out...This wasn't the first time cos I had mistakenly withdrawn 1000 before just cos the alignment of the screen and the buttons were a lil bit off. Anyways had a great lunch and after work, we were off to town! So happy to have stumbled upon the huge Sephora at Ion. So partner got her Mascara while I grabbed the Raspberry lippie! The paperbag was cute with stripes at the side! Only thing was that there were many Salesmen rather than Salesgirls altho it was a beauty hall..Gosh!

1st day of fasting mth went well, Alhamdulillah, although the sun was scorchingly hot yesterday. He wanted to find shoes and belt while I went to get brolly for sis from Uniqlo. So we headed to Ion yet again. We went out rather early so that we could still have ample time before breaking fast at home. Managed to go to Wisma and Taka as well as Borders. At least we got seats in the bus to and fro the journey. hee.

Today thankfully, sis werking at BP only so super near. Drove her there and stopped over at Ten Mile to grab some groceries. And was so happy to finally saw the mag I been wanting to buy at the shelves at Buzz. Weeeeee! Been searching high and low and all over the island for it. I even went there on my leave day especially to buy it but it wasn't avail.

Three freaking weeks till next pay day and four weeks to Hari Raya!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


On Monday as I was on leave and wanted to spend a day with him before the fasting month starts, we planned to catch UP earliest possible and checked out Ion. I have bought a HUGE shirt top from Zara not for the special date but for the visit to the future in laws. Realised that it has been so long since I last see them and thought should have paid them a visit at least before the fasting month begins.

Met at JE and he was almost late cos he hasn't bathe but in the end he was the one waiting for me. So we took the train to Lido and managed to catch the 12.45 show. PIXAR did an intro, emotional one, before the real movie begins. I thot that was already the starting of the movie but what has it got to do with clouds? Whatever the intend was for the intro, I had to assume that it was about loyalty and how one can stay true to someone no matter how he/she may got hurt in the process.

After the movie, he got LJS while I had Prawn Aglio. Then we moved down to the shopping area to look see, look see. Excitedly, walked over to Ion after that. Although from the outside it looked huge and such a big hoohaa about the opening, I thot it's just another shopping mall. Again I guess it's the shopping environment that matters rather than having too many malls around. Anyways, first stop was Uniqlo but when I looked at the display and layout, something tells me it's just another Tshirt. Not the same excitement I get as at the Narita airport. In the end, I bought for myself a pink brolly since my black Esprit has given up on me. Then we went over to Muji where he got himself plain Ts.

After finishing almost two rounds at Ion, we made our way to Far East. Sadly he couldn't get the Nike shoes which he used to love. Those high cut limited edition stuff. There are one or two but they cost a bomb at $300. Yikes! We then went to Taka before taking the train home. Stopped by JE NTUC to grab fruits for the future in laws and took a cab. When we reached, they're not back from their Hort Park tour. So he dragged me to MacD filling himself with McWings meal. Two fast food in a day, good luck to him! hee. Almost 7 we went to his place and had a lil chat with the parents. Glad that his bro now opens up more compared to last time. Chatted and watched TV for almost an hour before I made myself scarce. hehe.

Anyways, talked to Auntie today as she was not around for the whole of last week. While telling me her story, I kinda got emo after a while. Until I saw her eyes turned red. I prayed for her health and hopefully she'll get by.

No matter how big your problem could be, there's always someone with a much bigger one. Ultimately, we all must know that nothing is permanent in this world. One fine day, it'll all come to an end. So sometimes amid our busyness, it's good to stop and take a moment of your surrounding. In the meantime, let's join the dots, I mean the birds, in the photo above.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Visit

For a shame, I have never ever been to the graveyard in my whole of 26 years. And yesterday marked the very first day I 'visited' the late grandparents and uncles. Until yesterday, then I know where exactly their resting place were. And for the very first time too, the whole family of 5 actually teamed up to clean the graveyards of the beloved ones who have past on.

Even at the sites while cleaning late uncle's place, dad was grumbling with mom. And I could clearly see that my late uncle would definitely advised us to be patient with them, like how he used to tell us. Even though it was that only one time. I could rem till this day and probably for the rest of my life. And I kinda felt emo how everytime mom would 'say' her gdbye to her late mom, mom in law, elder bro and younger bro when we were to make our move. Anyways, at the end of the clean-up, I somehow felt closed to them again after sprinkling the leaves and orchids on their resting place. And I think it's time that I make the effort to at least visit them once a year.

Then accompanied sis to meet her pal at Vivo whereby we had lunch at Barcelos (Nandos-alike) and brownie dessert at Haagen Dazs. Cldn't imagined that we cld stay until 8+ and so he sent me home since it's his off day next.

My tropical beef wrap....Was quite a light meal....

The brownie which I find a little tad too sweet.. Luckily the 3 of us shared it.

I reckon that it's gonna be a packed week and that the fasting mth will start this weekend, I'm rushing to get some of the things done so that there'd probably be lesser stuff to do then. But for now looking forward to that date with mom and sis this coming midweek!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweetest thing

When you're feeling down and you find out that actually alot of people around you who cares, you'll be up the next min. No matter if the person is always behind you, or mayb at the next building, or mayb u just got to know a few wks ago, cld be that ex student who now may become a fren instead or that someone you knew for 8 mths but u felt like u know her since forever.

All I could say is a HUGE thank you and ur concern has been deeply appreciated....

Monday, August 10, 2009


Unbelievably after I complained about my non-stop weekends, suddenly this long one just passed without much events. Sian...Wanted to go out, but he's werking. Wanna meet others, donno where to go. So Sat and Sunday, lazed around watching TV only.

Bro asked me out to go for the NIKE sale at WCP. Still staying focussed on my shopping target, rejected him in the end. So he went on all by himself on Sunday. Then this morning, I woke up late, showered and had homemade burger for breakfast. The plan was to bring Mom to Bugis to get her a new shoes for Hari Raya but the plan did not succeed. Sis wanted to go with bro for the NIKE sale and wanted him to drive us then to Bugis. So we went ahead to WCP and saw a queue outside the shop. Ok it's so UNIQLO rite? heeeesh. Nvrtheless, joined the queue while bro's fren sneaked him in. So left me and sis queued for almost an hour. When we got in, the strategy was for one of us to join the other queue for payment. Yes, it was snaking in the whole shop and there's just two freaking cashiers. Oh Boy! Why can't they be like UNIQLO and create more cashier points to clear the queue more efficiently??? I kept telling myself not to grab anything but in the end still got two shoes and a blue jaket at under $75!! Ok that was a steal rite?

Basically, it's a NIKE factory outlet. But after that slashed prices, bro got this ticket for a further 40% discount! So it was like freaking cheap! All in all, the total purchase amounted to $700. haha! well, one of his frens actually hitched our transaction and bro spent the most at about $300. Gosh! He got like 11 items loh! Mainly Ts, 3 shoes, a tiny bag and even socks. We carried three huge 'trash bags' of NIKE home. Yikes!

Poor daddy just looked on when the three of us unwrapped the huge NIKE plastic bags. Sis got her Man U long sleeved jersey but he kept lamentin why is it so red...haha...cos it's Man U lor...geez! Bro also sacrificed one of his blue Ts to him...

Mom had waited patiently for us for about 2 hours and I accompanied her for an hour or so while the other two queued to make the payment. hee! Didn't wana disappoint her, after we got home, dragged her out to Lot 1 and got her Hari Raya shoes. Altho I still feel that Bugis would spoil her for more choices.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have been fasting since Sunday and all I feel is dry. Especially the lips. Nevermind the ocassional cravings of certain food but other than that, I feel far from hungry. Yesterday break fast was a despair cos I was expecting mee goreng at least but Mom did not cook one for me. Luckily, sis already bot cheese tarts and fruit tarts. So at least that cheered me up abit. And dad initiatively did the sirap drink for me. They both knew that I have to have sweet drink and noodles for break fast without fail. So I had the following 'buffet' for my break fast.

Depressedly, I have not gone to Orchard for sometime. In fact, since I had those two trips, no shopping has been done locally. So you can imagine how deprived I am from shopping? But who's the one more excited than me to visit the drastically changed town? Surprisingly, it's him. So we're trying to set a date, a shopping date I hope, to spend at least some time in town soon.

But for now, what food should I grab later from Pasar Malam? hee.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Word of the Day

Word of the day shall be QUEUE. I queued to have a special lunch at Swensens yesterday. Saw the long queues at both taxi stands and decided to queue for the bus instead. Then this morning I queued to clear my tax and joined the snaking queue outside the bank to do some deposits.

At last, I did not have much plans on a Sat after so long. But to make payments to my mthly bills and tax and did some banking on a weekend morning. Dragged mom to collect my other two baju at the tailor while she killed two birds with one stone by collecting her ordered cushion. Had a brief lunch at the roadside stall and waited under the HOT sun desperately for a cab. It's horrible cos the queue at the Geylang market was long but no cabs were in sight. Luckily for us, a cab just came out from Caltex. But that also was hailed by two ladies before us. Apparently, the Uncle did not wana pick them up so mom hailed eagerly at him. He wind down his window just to confirm that we have small change and in a sec we were already on our way home. Phew! I was about to call a cab already but still thinking whether to mention Lorong Geylang or Changi Road. haa.

Anyways, I am very thankful for the slight increment although it's probably the tiniest I've received so far and also very thankful indeed for the bonus. ;D Sadly, instead of spoiling myself with a big purchase, I thot it wld be better off to save it for near future usage. And so I did not buy anything during the GSS at all.

And craps, I've not been brisk walking again but religiously doing the 50 crunches nightly. But still I did not see any results yet. And now that the kids are coming back real soon, I cant believe that I'm eager to get busy all over again. The fasting month shall follow next and I could already imagine myself snoring again during lunch breaks. hee. Thankfully, this year all my four baju are ready way before the fasting mth starts. This is the first!

Now what shall I do tomorrow?