Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh mondays!

Somehow mondays will not be the worst day of the week!
Why? Cos time flies real quick on Mondays!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Truly Deeply ThankFUL

Can't help but to stop for a while and thank Allah for all the blessings and love I'm surrounded with.

He gave me Ray's stinger.
Souvenir from Ray he claimed. :)

Time past us by when we started our brunch.
Up till dessert.
Glad that from colleagues we became frens.
Even more glad that we still set time to meet.

And when we finally got up, only then I realised we've been eating and chatting and gossiping and giggling for FOUR hours. Already?!? Booo.
Loves every meet-up and all the catching up.
Hope it stays this way. Till the end of time. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

O b v i o u s

Some things are plain OBVIOUS.

Even strangers could tell. :)
It's been 21years! Really.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our first Wedding

And it's gotta be his bro's!
It was quite a quickie but with intermission. Hee.
Was there for the solemnization lunch 11-3 then got the time to go home and change for dinner.
I was expecting to 'rewang' 11-9.30pm but luckily managed to convince the rest to go back first. 

Erm no pics with the Baju kurung session.
All in his bros' cams.
So this one here on the 2nd trip to the wedding loc.
Bdk kecik tu I alr asked to pose yet she was bz distributing sweets.
Dgn muka2 lagi. hee.

Our uniform for the evening shift!
Glad that I cld be part of the celebration.
According to him, I've met 80% of his side.
Comment of the evening:
"Jadik Mak Pengantin ye!" -_-'

Can reward ourselves with this for our hard work last nite? hee.
Andersen getting so ex!
Quite surprised when told to take a seat when I just ordered a scoop (make that 2 separately) of ice cream.
Turned out that they deco it up with whip stroberi and choc strips.
Got Service charge too!
Came up to $15.20!
Ridiculous. No more Andersen. :(

Friday, September 21, 2012

i ♥ u

Got lost at Raffles mrt and cldn't find him cos he was at the wrong side.
No reception or connection and I was helpless cos cldn't get tru to him.
Luckily he called and so we found each other.
So drama.

And after our Tosai dinner, he said, 
"Hah u said i'm not romantic right.. so i got u this!"
Taking out a bright pink Gerbera from his tote bag.
A lil awkard to react so I exclaimed in return!
"hah wat's this? disgusting nye. Y u buy? for wat? Gross. No ocassion!"
And he was obviously disappointed with my instant reaction.

I insisted to take a pic with the gerbera.
Smells nice.

Top view. Like jakun kan.
Since it's been ages.
And coming from him, u know u shd really truly appreciate this gesture.

 Up-close! :)

He even included this mushy lil memo.
Frankly I didn't know how to solve the equation so I roped Mr Google's help.

Answer: i  

Mr Hopeless Romantic Engineer.

T H A N K   Y O U  

Monday, September 17, 2012


You don't have to be lovers to be silly what...

Workout Weekend

Aft the climb on Sat morn, I still can't believe that I had the energy to cycle the next day.
The weather wasn't that promising in the morning.
But hah, when we reached ECP, it was scorching!
We thot we wanted to have Komala's for lunch but the whole main area was closed for upgrades.
Had to cycle to the fd centre.
And we had fried rice, kway teow with sugar cane and pineapple jus, by the beach!
Hot lunch indeed.

Here at the Bougainvillea Gdn.
I insisted on the hot pink one but he instructed me to pose in front of the white instead.

Org pakai baju merah, he also pakai baju merah.
Both so dark in red hot tops.
He was so determined to take a pic of us and the bicycles.
So there u go. A glimpse of his yellow bike at Bedok Jetty.
We were initially playing with the idea of getting those four-wheeled beca.
So glad we didn't go for it. hee.
He even wanted to rent for 3hrs but i protested!
Had Hot fudge on the way back to return the bikes. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Best?

The little words that made me smile in front of the PC. 

No biggie. But felt real great to be appreciated. :)

Mee Soto aft the climb this morn.
Check out the chunk of cili.
Cried a lot after that. hee.

Glad that I managed to clear what needs to be done by today.
And even makan Ice Kacang with mom.
So nice. In this weather.

Then I realised this was the cause of my slpness nite.
Venti Salted Caramel laaaa.


Leme see. 12.42am!
And i'm still wide awake.
Thinking out loud why am i always in the wrong.
Can't u see? Isn't it obvious enough for u?
Guess all the effort's down the drain now.
Just duno what else to do like knock ur head against the wall to make u realise.
Guess u've pushed me off my limits that i had with u.

Do i give up now?
Then u can have the freedom to do what u want. To ur life.

U've stretched me too thin. Oh Yes, U did. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

the little things

One for the memories

Sis got the cooking going...OR roasting

Just cos yest she went to her fren's place and was taught on how to roast chick, punya la semangat dragged me out to the supermkt to grab the ingredients.

Roasting in progress.
And evidently, she's in the pic trying to make her soup.

The end pdt!
She actually went out halfway the chick's in roasting.
Altho it's a lil burnt, I hope the inside cooked well.

Luge Date - Beach Date - Sunset Date - Crane Dance Date

Yes it was very odd of him to plan for a Sentosa date.
I used to whine at him to have a lil fun over at the Resort Island but all the time failed.
Then this wk suddenly he suggested for a Beach Date.
Aha. Then I'm like okay cos anyways nowadays the weather's rather unpredictable.
When the day's nearer, he wanted to see the sunset too.
He - beach - sunset? They just dun go tog.
We met early noon then had lunch first.
Analysing the sky again before deciding to take the express over.
Headed to the Beach station immediately and showed him what's luge all about.
He did take like at least 15mins before deciding to go for it. Yay!
Scanned the prices and wanted to get the 2x but the Offer for the day (if not every other days as well), 3x rides costs just merely $2 more.

Passed the luge test and up we went in the sky. hee.

Safety helmets on!

This is the printed pic snapped by their cam...
Haiz. Byk besar bukak ar...

We saved the last ride to be a night one. hee.
It was scarily fun!

Took the beach tram too. All the way to Tanjong Beach and back.
What a nostalgic feeling to be riding on the FS tram again. 
M e m o r i e s

So sunset we witnessed!
Funny thing was we set up the mat on the wooden plank thinking it'd be perfect with less sand.
But aft almost finishing my last bite on the doublecheese, I then realised it was the most prominent place and verrrrrrrry inappropriate. Cos that's like the viewing point for everybody!
So I quickly asked him to change place.
Not after kids passing by and choking in their saliva.
One even commented "enjoying eh!"
Amboi! haha.

This was one of the initial plan!
He wanted to watch this in proper view.
The last and only time we went to see was during my Bday last yr and we were seated at Boardwalk instead. So only saw from the side.


Can't rem when was the last time I catch them.

Polaroids for the day.
Those 2 lights at the back belonged to Merlion. hee.

The sunset date. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

the Climb

Had that rare Sat date with him.
Guess most of the time was spent travelling to get to places.
We went to Gardens by the Bay just to look see (without gg into the Domes).
Rather a bit disappointed with what we saw.
Probably cos I compared to those on display at SGF.

Look at what I meant!
You can easily spot a dry plants at almost every corner.
Cld it be due to the reclaimed land state?
Or it was just too hot for the greens to take?
I do believe the Supertrees would look alot better at night.

Something's not right with this pic.
Jendul sama, kulit sama kilat, hidung sama, eyebags oso same.
And we were wearing the same pink tops. Adoi.
He purposely cropped that out and said i got no body. evil.
Someone said he's a photocopy of me.
How can that be?
We woke a lil late on Sunday and hurriedly went over to BK for bf.
Just sis, dad and I.
Went to the optician to get my specs adjusted.
He advised me not to remove and put on my specs with just one hand.
I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had accidentally sat on them.
So I just nodded my head and asked if he's selling those specs cloth.
He gave me one instead.
Walked out with a smile. :)

We collected SIL cake as well.
Bro rounded up the kiddies and make them sing the Bday lullaby. hee.
C U T E.

I'm so happy and thankful that BFF came to my place not only with her hubby and lil Sophie, but with her in laws as well. :)
I'm always crashing their place so I was glad that they dropped by.
Was communicating with Sophie there before she wailed aloud. hee.

Took off today and crazily dated Nian for the climb yet again!
So this was the killer steps which we took for the 2nd time.
Was panting badly cos we took the slightly longer route this round.

And we ended with a simple bf.
I went home and showered before taking the draggy bus to Geylang.
Took cab to visit Mamang and finally bus mrt to reach home.
It was a long day indeed.
I even managed to catch a wink in the bus and at home for less than an hr.


Despite all the happenings, I do somehow feel lousy.
Duno why. Just that not gd feeling in me.
Tired of something? Sick of a situation?
These are the times I wish I cld breakaway.
To another part of the world.
Eh takan the travel bug eh.
But had to shelf that idea off.
So uneasy. How?