Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spontaneous sunday date

Yeap. He didn't even confirm the time to meet last nite.
Called me today late morn and said will go to Qian Hu. Ok lor.
Lunched at Lot 1 then took the shuttle over.
Had a brief round and returned to cck.
Took mrt to Barrage. 
It's been more than 4yrs since I last went there.
Didn't know that it's connected to Gardens by the Bay. 
So walked over to MBS.
Had dessert before deciding to go over to Yishun.
Walked 30mins from MRT to Ave 11. 
Took bus back to central and walked further for his frogs.
Walked back to mrt to reach home.
Aft a long day at MBS yest and the many walks we had today, I'm aching all over. :(

CCK - Qian Hu - CCK - Mrt - Bus - Barrage - Gardens by the Bay - MBS  -  Mrt - Walk to Ave 11 - Bus - Walk to Fish shop - Walk to mrt - HOME!

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful bright Sunday!
Hope the wk ahead will be as beautiful. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

so MUCH fun!

Been wanting to write on the adventurous Legoland trip with partner.
But I went tru quite a rough patch last week which contemplated me from updating any negativeness.
Bad thing to spread some negativity. Good thing I was rather busy.

However, gotta share on the Song of the Sea family trip.
Sis in law n bro got us the tics and we had selected last Sat nite.
It rained the whole day and the sun chose not to show at all.
Thankfully, it stopped while we queued and started to light drizzle again.
Great that we were given raincoats at the entrance.

The magnificent light show.

The water spouting skywards!

The middle one really went very high up!

And that's Oscar...

Fireworks! Nvr fail to give me butterflies in my tummy.

Night drizzly sky looks simply beautiful. :)

Had a really great family time with the aunt n uncle and the sis in law.
Then we had dinner. Before gg over for the show.

Okays so here's the legoland gist.
Partner and I just booked the tic n coach and off we went.
Weather's was real fine on that Sat.

We actually were in the line before they counted down to Opening.
So we managed to catch their Dino mascot.

Oh yes we did take the sky tower.
And our 2nd ride was the scariest roller coaster.
My cheeks went up and refused to return.

The entrance to the other rollercoaster. Less scary one.

Here's us with me captaining our lil boat.

Their mini land.

Wouldnt return for a 2nd trip.
Quite disappointing that I cldnt find anything attractive to bring home except for his Ewok keychain.
They really shd do something abt the souvenirs.

It's gg to be a long week! Jan's draggy...Dislike!

He's sweet enough to have carried this 9kg shelf home for me by bus u know.
Not without having to listen to his 'merana' song complete in his deeeeep deeep voice.
Nasib badan. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Every End marks a new Beginning

The weather wasn't that promising but fortunately, we managed to have a look at it. On a sunday.
Just some info (from the Botanic Gdns webbie) about why I was so excited to witness this.

An 80-year-old Talipot Palm (Corypha umbraculifera) nestled in the Singapore Botanic Gardens has reached the end of its life. (Refer to Annex A for more details on this plant.) This species of plant has been programmed by nature to live for approximately 30 to 80 years without producing any flowers. Upon reaching the brink of its end, the plant, after conserving much food and energy over its lifespan, has begun to produce an immense floral candelabra of an estimated 24 million flowers in tiny clusters. 

Given the right conditions, the flowers should produce fruit and then disperse seeds, which will give rise to new plants. 

The end is just the beginning for this Talipot Palm!

We got lost right after looking at the map as we weren't able to locate the lawn.
But on 2nd stare then we walked over and managed to find the signs.

There it is!

And the tiny flowers upclose.

It really felt nice standing right under the tree as its flowers drop to the ground.
And I did enjoy the movie as well. :)
Silver Linings Playbook.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Advanced Celebration

So happy that we could meet up today.
Altho it was planned like not waaaay earlier.

Well before that gotta send the parents and I was blessed enough to have the company of this sleepy cheymong on a common bench.

So cosy hor. Like can't even open the eyes to look at me.
Hugging its own leg somemore. hee

And they got me my Bday presie alr! PINK!

 It was quite impromptu and really glad that Lin's moved so much nearer to us.
Look at lil Ali kena squashed by the Aunties. hehe.

I am truly blessed to be able to keep in touch with my pri sch GFs.
We've survived the tests of time through letters, cards and other major changes. 
Hope we stay frens forever and EVER.
T H A N K Y O U.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Oddly 2013

This 2013's gonna be odd. 
The number 13 has a special odd meaning to me.Since 2009.
As I grow older (MUCH older now), I came to realise that in life you have to choose your friends carefully.
Because of experience and the more you know yourself, I've told myself I should make changes.
Nevermind that I might be left with only one or two in the end. But I guess that's all I would need.
To share my ups and downs genuinely.

Hmmm gonna be an emotional 2013 too.
Just that strong gut feeling already.
Gotta get a grip quickly.

I'm thankful for the few left. :)

Anyways, something funny yet true.
Yam eh? Sama. >_<