Sunday, October 31, 2010

IrritatinGLy swEEt

After surviving yet another Boring Stay at Home Sat, I've managed to finally go out today! Not only that BUT I went on a shopping spreeeee! Yay! Besides that I've settled a few presies for Nov babies. Still a few more to go. tSk! 1st presies settled was for Sis! She wanted a Porter bag so we went to probably the ONLY outlet at Wisma. I was freaking out when she pointed out a tiny sling bag (Imagine the old good bus conductors used to carry to check our tics)! Faints. There's not many choices becos all of the bags looked plain to me. Almost successfully changed her mind to grab the tote instead of the conductor bag but then thinking it was her bday presie instead, I let her have her way.

Not only the weird color conductor bus, she 'ketuk' me GAP belt as well. Haha!
I did a lil shopping for myself also!
Bot a GAP dress and a top!
Ermmm that's it?? I think.
Wanted to buy a new foundation but thot cld wait a lil longer till next mth's pay instead.
Excited for all those Xmas gift sets already!!!


Mr Gee bb in the morn to accompany him to grab his toy soldier after his work.
So since I settled sis' presie by noon, I went home first to wrap and hide them away from her.
Evening came and I took my time by 190.
Reached at 6.30pm and thinking it's been a while since I last stepped into Raffles City.
Oooh Kate Spade greeted me , Ms Selfridge and so many more!
But first things first, I went to pee.
After that got a bb from Mr Gee telling me he just came out and hoping I havent reached.
I just replied Hee.
So he knew I've already reached and told me to give him 15mins.
Went down to Watsons to grab my Mascara and went down to the Ctrl Station.
Didn't see him yet so I hopped over to Pretty Fit!
While trying the shoes I've been wanting to get, rcvd his call.
But no one was on the other line.
So I just went ahead to try the shoes and buy them!
Anyways Mr Gee was so happy to get his tiny toy soldier.
I waited outside the shop as it was filled with those glaring yellow spotlights aiming my huge forehead lor. tSk! The owner saw me standing there and said Hello. Duh!
Had dinner at KFC. Yah I know I have to abstain from all of them alr!! Hee.
Aft the meal passed him the book and the USS stuff for his nephews and nieces.
Then he took out an orbit Mustafa plastic bag with a PINK scheduler in it!
Aha! Nvr Judge things from its cover. Haha! Will always rem that.

He got me a pink diary. ♥
I told him like only a few nites ago that my scheduler is running out of pages soon.

It came in like an album tog with the casing. ♥
The title kinda got me!
My Life History by Myself. Haha. Corny sia! hee

I LOVE the inside even MORE! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
There's no dates printed and even includes weather, feelings and health matters. Haha! Cute sia!

Oh and he threw in this Snapple cover with these words on it.
Frankly I did not know the reason why.
Well, probably becos he hates it everytime I flutter my eyes (in irritation) at him! Hee.
Thanks Mr Gee. How come ur so IRRITATINGLY SWEET!?! ♥

Saturday, October 30, 2010




Sometimes U just wanna break down & cry
Sometimes for no reason & U juz dunno why
Sometimes U wanna run away
Sometimes with nothing to far far away

Sometimes U feel down & out
Sometimes all U wanna do is shout
Sometimes Ur heart feels heavy
Sometimes U get hurt easily

Sometimes everything seems upside down
Sometimes U want to turn things around
Sometimes U dunno what Ur getting into
Sometimes U just feel oh so blue

But other times I just wanna crack a smile
Even if it's just for a while.. :D

Loves the gLoomy clouds - KJE 5.29pm, 29th Oct 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'd like to think that you'd sms me every time I cross your mind.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

maD weD

Yest Nian smsed to meet up for dinner! YaY! Finally aft her Tibet trip got to see her.
So took the draggy 174 to my new port, Bt Timah. hEE!
Had our usual at Al-Azhar.
I used to favor Al-Ameen more before but it kinda changed and has even shrunk in size now.
Anyways, most of the time I'd be flipping and flipping the thick menu book before deciding on what to have. This time ard, I've already made up my mind earlier in the day.
Roti John and Sea Coconut dessert.
Since I fasted Mon and Tues, I've been having weird cravings. tSk!

My first time trying the Chicken Cheese Roti John.
And I forgot to check out the price. hee. Main order jek.
Was looking forward to a Beef Roti John but they had chicken, mutton or sardine.

Besides that, since Nian had only roti prata kosong, we decided to order Satay as well.
Erm 10 sticks of them!
Yay! So we need not go to Lau Pa Sat to enjoy satay!

ThankS NiaN! For the expensive Magnet! It's up on my fridge already!!


Thank you to mS LiL NewLyweD for the Maldives ole2!!
So sweet of u to grab them for us on ur honeymOOn!


Dear night sky, please do not shower us with rain tonite.
Poor mR gEE has been sleeping in the rain for the past two nights.
Please spare him for his final night in his 'grave'.
Thank You.


Monday, October 25, 2010

tOOk me by SuRpriSe

Poor me had no plans on Sat. How bored cld that be?! Supposedly hunt for sis presie with her but she gotta work full shit at the las min. So once up, instantly I grabbed a cloth and wiped the fridge magnets. Came to realise that it's full of rubbish like those pizza flyers.

So...Ain't it prettier now? The magnets mostly bot by sis while others were gifts.
There's ctries like Vietnam, Mauritius, London, Bahrain, Down Under, Korea, Las Vegas, Great Wall of China...Just to name a few.

After all the cleaning, went to market.
Oh gosh been so long since I las went there.
A mth exactly.
Pestered mom to buy Bananas!

And fried them into Banana Fritters.
It was a heavy thunderstorm and Hot Banana Fritters was so perfect. ♥
Anyways, it's a sweet Sat with just the parents altho I cldnt get the chance to nap.

Whipped Aglio Olio.
Freaking simple with plenty of garlic, dashes of olive oil, prawns and most imptly Cili Padi!!!
But I missed out tiny cubes of tomatoes. hEE!
And it was SOLD OUT.
The pan was cleared.

The other half of the bananas was made into Palak Bechak.
According to mom, it's a Boyanese kuih.
Fry them with just oil and shower with sugar while hot.
Sadly, I didn't get the chance to eat it altho I was the one who requested for it.

PSBF smsed me on Sunday morn itself for a short meet-up.
Yay! Finally gonna pass her the Betty Boop presie. ♥
We decided to head to town for Wendy's. hee!
Ordered the Chili and Cheese as well as the M&M frosty. yuMMy!

Had an impromptu meet-up with Bday girl.
poor bday girl got no presie from me.
All I did was bringing her to eat and eat. Haha.
Had Kimchi at Breeks. Not NICE!
Then to Swensens for her Firehouse and we cld take no more but to head home in a cab.

♥ mr gEE ♥

Thursday, October 21, 2010

fUn faCtS of USS

Oh yucks! The haze got worsen and poor Mr Gee is out in the greens now..
Hopefully, he'll be fine. Friday evening, come quick please!


Now the top ten fUn faCts of Universal Studio Singapore..

1. We went to a total of 11 attractions which include Enchanted Airways (mini roller coaster But our 1st ride!), Shrek 4D (sat in the first row and had neckache), Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round (carousel with some tiny seats), Accelerator (round and round), Revenge of the Mummy (the most terrifying ride by far altho in darkness), Waterworld (stunts!), Rapids Adventure (soaked badly cos I felt the whole pail of water splashed onto me), Canopy Flyer (53sec swing-type ride with legs dangling in the air), Treasure Hunter (slower than I drive Jeep ride), Donkey Live (very kiddy Knight Club) and Lights Cam Action (Steven Spielberg storm)!

2. There's 6 Halal cateries but we settled for Mel's Drive-in.
Paid $6.90 for the lunch cos of the meal vouchers.

3. Seven main themes which are Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi City and New York.

4. Shrek ran away from me just to say Hi to a kid outside his Ogre's home.
Or probably becos I bumped into him. He's BULKY i tell u.
Not the frenly ogre I fell in love with. ^_^"

5. Puss in Boots wld be the most darling mascot becos he was so sweet to an Auntie.
And we snapped with him twice. Hee!

6. The queues were not that long being the longest waiting time at 30mins.

7. Donkey Live Knight Club was busy calling people in.
Think cos it's located too corner.

8. Shocked by Kungfu Panda while we were looking at the pic we snapped.
He was standing right behind us and that gave us a shock.
No wonder others were staring at us. Haha.

9. Entrances to some of the attractions were quite a long way in.
I believe to keep the people entertained should there be a snaking queue.

10. Spent 10am to 7pm there!

For once, USS made me forget that I was just in Sentosa.
But compared to other themeparks such as Disneyland and Everland, our USS came alot short of the service-wise and size. We could easily make a few rounds of USS but if u were at Disneyland, it'd take u half a day to complete one round. And in USS, u cld easily find staff who's not smiling. But majority of course did put their best foot forward.

One of the main aims of coming to USS.
To finally meet my Ogre but he din really give me a first gd impression.
So I hugged the Princess instead.
Everyone was excited to hug Shrek and Fiona cld be seen as an extra.
When I joined the couple for a snap, I accidentally hit Shrek with bag or bum and said Sorry. Hee. It would be perfect if Fiona is in a huge costume as well. :)

Outside Lights Cam Action!

At Ancient Egypt where I felt tiny for once. Hee.

Stumbled upon Frankestein. In my wet attire.. Yikes!
I looked at him in the eyes and said Thanks.

Bot my What the Shrek Tee at Far Far Away.
My dream castle but it's way huge and I wld get lonely living there.

Told ya Puss in Boots was such a darl.
I thanked him too!

No idea why in the sci-fi world wld he wan to strangle me! Haha.

On our way to shop2 bumped into Charlie.
I think he's skinnier than the real person!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wHat tHe sHreK?!

tHe Day we been lookinG forward to like all month long! Hee!
FinaLLy here! And it sure burnt a damn hole in my pocket!
Just check out the trash I bot!

1. 2 Betty Boop cushions (23.90 x 2)

2. 4 postcards (0.60 x 4)

3. Gloria Clock (19.90)

4. 3 pens (4.90 x 3)

5. Bookmark (5.90)

6. Rulers (6.90 x 2)

7. Shrek magnet frame (9.90)

8. WTS Tshirt (24.90)

Total Damage: (+-)$140

But I definitely enjoyed myself tremendously today! hEE!
ThanK yOu mR gEE for making this 'missing prd' bearable! ♥

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Frankly, I do not have the mood to update anything at all. Altho in the upcoming recess week, there's something to look forward to. But tmr being a Monday and Mr Gee gonna be away for two freaking weeks, dun really help much. hEE!

Since I was fasting on Thur, had a last minute break-fast at Pastamania West MaLL.
1st time met sYiq there and ended it with U.D.D.E.R.S!
Oh now I'm missing Nian!
Come home sOOn...

Watched Eat Pray Love with partner.
Kinda long story but survived it!
And rem the funny parts as well.
"Listen to KETUT..."

Had an ultra long HotDawg from Botak Jones.
Altho salty, still finished it up!

Met Sally and watched the above at Vivo after a Sat's shift.
Had a pretty long Sat!

Started Sunday with Mac (AGAIN!) bf with Mr Gee. ^__^"
He comforted me by saying it's only ONCE a week. tSk!
Anyways, no Mac bf next weekend.
And no Mr Gee for the next two weeks!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MemorabLe 12.10.2010

I did not expect my weekday to be a memorable one. Whatmore on a Tues. And I must say my Tues was pretty long. After work had our almost weekly exercise (like real) at the Gdn. But this time was more special becos SyiQ decided to join us. She cycled all her way here. Touched! Haha. Not only cycle, had to carry it down the stairs behind her as well. Hee.

Thanks Babe! For lending us ur bike and joining in the Badminton Fun! Hee.
Can we do it again?? Please?? Hee.


Got a last minute phonecall from BFF asking to drop by her place at night.
And so there I was taking my own sweet time after the exercise, had dinner at Banquet first and then went over to her house. That was when I realised I wasn't dressed for the ocassion.
So she spared me her brand new XL Uniqlo jeggings.
It fits me comfortably only that it's a lil londeh. Hee!

HUGE congrats to BFF! As a FREN, the LEAST I cld do is to pray for ur happiness. :)
Being part of the special intimate Hari Kemenangan (according to him lah) is such memorable.
Although initially I was feeling rather awkward with my short black skirt and short sleeve grey top and being the ONLY non-family there, I found myself fitting in real quick. It was the day that I conversed with her dad for the first time too. I was told to snap pics and with all the LAST MIN stuff, she gave me proudly her 4MP Kodak Cam to use... tSK!
The batts ran low quicker than my short span attention. (^.^)"
IF only she told me waaaaaay earlier, I cld have brought my sis' 12MP cam. Duh!

Anyways, Alhamdulillah it all went well and everything was done at 11pm.
So I made my way home by cab.
The driver's name got my attention.
Arjunah Bin Atan. hEE!

Yah Yah... Ur first time of putting on those heavy load make-up but u look pretty lor! :)

This pretty lil girl was trying to pose while sitting on my lap. hEE!


Since shorty cldn't wait till Fri to grab Wendy's, we had our meals there today!

I seriously wasn't sure what to have but had the Spicy chicken burger in the end and a DIET coke. It wasn't too bad. We also shared the Baked Potato Chilli Cheese.
That's like a mixture of beef sos, baked beans and CHEESE! YummY

The burger buns was different and it's a lil yellow.
It has a nice shape too!
However, the next time we have to prepare to order take-aways instead as the seatings sucks.
Definitely not a gd place for first dates. Hee!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Instinct is the nose of the mind. ~Madame De Girardin
Isn't it obvious that my nose is rather Stubby??

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.2010 SERIOUSLY

Gotta blog on today's date. Dunno why it's more special than others say 09.09.09? Cld it be becos of the way u say it in a fast manner? Hee. Nvrtheless, been eating non-stop today. Well it actually begun since yest.

SATURDAY -> Mac BF - Rice with Black Sotong - Indian Rojak - Chicken Rice

SUNDAY -> Mee Rebus - Beef Steak with Salad n Mash Potato - Choc Fondue - MOF Watermelon Sundae - Nasi Briyani - White rice with Omelette n Sambal Prawn

Relieved that I cld fit into last yr's baju.
But this was before the Sunday overeating. Hee!

The fondue spread.
Had two each of the marshmallow and stroberi sticks if I cld rem correctly.

After the beef steak and fondue, we decided to have dessert at MOF while waiting for Shorty to reply. Smangat! In my baju kebaya still.

And now Wendy's finally HALAL.

I owe myself 100 crunches tonite. Seriously.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

EarLier and earlier

Looks like my Saturdays had started earlier and earlier lately. Not that I used to sleep in till noon on other usual weekends but getting home by 1 or 2pm on a Sat still needs some getting used to. It feels rather weird to be home that early on a weekend. And having the other PM half of the day unoccupied. Had Mac BF again (been having fast fd for BF for 3 consecutive wkends now, HUGE thanks to Mr Gee) this morning. Planned to watch Eat Pray Love but I didnt have the heart to bore him with a chick flick screen just YET. Hee.
So we went to IMM instead and gosh, he got himself those sand hour glass. Don't ask me what he's gonna use them for but all I know now, I cld already imagine the stuff he has at home. Well, at least I managed to grab some fave tiny gift cards similar to those I bot in KL's Kinokuniya! Hmmm now I know where to go for such cards already. Yay! :)
Yeah so we met early again this morning besides the fact that I only reached home ard 1215 in the wee hours. The event last nite although short, we were quite drained out becos it happened aft a Fri usual working hours. But then again, why shd I complain when I got the perks of watching free screening of the following comedy! Whatmore, this was the first time in history that we booked the whole theatre and u kinda knew everyone in the seats. Hee! The movie was humorous plus the fact that it does somehow squeezed in a lil motivation (talking abt dreams).
I'm pretty sure everyone had a gd laugh.

I've got Mr Gee all to myself this morning and now I'm not sure what to do for the rest of the day. Mom... I'm all yours! Execute some plans please....

And I think I still got that black pepper on my tooth since bf. hEE!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

tHe tHinGs I did

Oh gosh! :( Pimple outbreak. Altho that time of the mth has past. Must be PostMS. Darn! And here's what I've been up to lately.

Watched tHe oTher guyS with TDD.
Thot it wld turn out filled with crappy humour but I wld say that
I had a gd laugh at a movie aft so long. :)

Before movie, had ChEEsy dinner at Pizza Hut. Cheezilicious!!!

Had a brief Brisk Walk on Tues.
Which resulted in butt ache! urgH
Dun even know How that cld happen....

Seriously, don't u think time fly by rather quickly this yr.
Awfully fast. And my Weekly Schedule gonna run out of pages real sOOn.
Probably will get sis to get me new one from Korea since she gonna go again.

tHe only thing that cld save my sanity.
KoPi beAn moments with iNiN. ♥

aNd the CooL coMic strip to be given on tHis suNday.
aLL wrapped Up. ♥

♥ HavE a gReaT wEEkenD! ♥

Saturday, October 2, 2010

sweaT tiLL i can'T sweaT somemore

Ku ke kiri kau ke kanan
Ku di belakang kau dihadapan
Bila ku marah engkau ketawa
Dengan selamba engkau berkata

Kita berdua jauh berbeza
Langit dan bumi tapi serasi
Ku cintaimu kau cintaiku
Itu saja yang perlu kau ku tahu

Kuharap bicara cinta
Kau cerita tentang arowana
Ku ingin bersiar-siar
Dikau baca surat khabar


U made me sweat..tiLL I can't sweat somemore... (^__^)"'