Saturday, February 23, 2013


 Was on half day on last Tue cos brought mom to massage.
Then met him to go over to his Bro's for the niece's bday.

So here's the snap with the girls!

A re-stock on my socks! Love the combi!

Got caught on cam during ABT from the gym..tsK

Andai ku tahu

Ish. Cld it be cos of things in my head right now? Feels weird when u shd be looking forward to some happiness yet it made u feel that ur just heading towards some sorrow or mishaps. Probably it's just cos of the java chip frappe i had today. How?

The week's been real packed and cld not thank more for the back to back activities. Hope i cld cope and manage well in the coming weeks. Weds to be put aside for weekly ABT sessions with Bff. Totally forgotten how torturing they cld get. Was alr perspiring in the fully aircon blown room just aft a 15min warm-up. Gasps! Missed those steps learnt from kickboxing though. It was luckily still easy peasy for me. Heh. Macam betul. Already looking forward to next session.

Alhamdulillah our first kuliah started last nite. I felt that I was the luckiest in the whole wide world to have someone cared so much to the extend of arranging for a course tog. In Shaa Allah. For a better future and for a much better prep, we will learn tog. Lapangkan dada dulu ye. It has got to be a memorable 1st lesson too cos we took the wrong bus and had to walk in the end. Yet, everything seemed to be in control still. Alhamdulillah. Glad that I saw a familiar face. Can't help to think that my parents wld have been so thankful of him for being able to guide me this far. And of cos more to come! And somehow I believe it cld be due to their nvr ending doa. Parents wld only doa the bestest for their children.

Finally met my busmate for a brisk walk at brickland! Aft failed meet up plans since xmas mind you! And didn't realise we have walked and walked till almost 1.5hrs. No wonder legs began to ache. It was a great catch-up too. Hope to be able to keep to this regime for at least the next 10 weeks and to lose some. But the intake still the same so... Hee.

Aaah now the tummy's growling. How? Shd force myself to zonk out cos gotta sloth tmr halfday. Weird. Looking forward to sunday but it just gonna mean wkend will be over soon? Let's not worry abt things that has not happened. Right? Sometimes i think abt things too much when they turn out to be just fine in the end and that i had worried for nothing. Hope it'd be the same for you. Let's doa instead than to think and think and think and think and think. Ok let's slp! Or i wld scare the girls with my panda eyes tmr!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It was all so fun till sunday but yest was so bleargh!
Haiz. Let's don't give a damn about that anyways.

Fri went on a shabu2 steamboat. Only 4 of us kecoh nye Masya Allah.
Long time no see ma esp them frenemies. hee.
Thank U shorties for the sumptious dinner!

Ready, Get Set....Throw!

Thumbs up for the presentation!

Went for his cousin's E-day on Sunday. Also kecoh. hee.
Dragged him to WCP after that to grab my new sporties.
Hmm doesn't look as attractive in photo but I love it!
All ready for tmr's session. Been ages.
Excited cos gonna go with bff for the very 1st time. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So I've got the midwk blues today!
Not a very gd feeling.
And the weather cldn't decide to either rain or shine.
Which resulted in a bit of rainbow at the end of the day.
No doubt made me smile a lil. To myself.
Dragged myself home and then saw uncle sitting at the lobby.
Said hi and checked my mails.

When I turned again uncle was clasping his hands and Gong Xi x2 at me before passing me a red packet.
I didn't even know his name but we always hi at each other.
May he be blessed with great health and lotsa happiness! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb's fast!

Almost mid mth now.
Unlike Jan. :)
But then again, erm I havent write down the resolutions.

Sis made pancakes!
Got no honey or maple syrup so gotta make do with butter and blueberries.
Not bad though. :)

He came over yest for dinner.
Dear Moss, pls grow well this time.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flower fest!

It's such a long long day and I did enjoy my 1st day of the long long wkend! :)
Collected my new IC and we went over to Sentosa for the annual Flower Fest.
Didn't know what to expect except to enjoy sniffing the flowers.
This year, the fest was held at the beach!
Must be quite a challenge for them cos they had to cordon and control the number of pple spilling by the beach. SO here's some of my fave snaps!

We were tagged!
He took the pic after grabbing my hand abruptly.
Kinda electrified me for a sec. Haha.
Da tua2 pun... hee

Somehow always attracted to the non focus of the events.
Like at the zoo I wld be attracted to the soft toys of the animals...
And here was attracted to the huge lady bug!

Made him pose for this...
Sometimes in life...gotta stop and smell the roses orchids pe! :)

I love this combi!
Soooo preeeettttty!

styrofoamed flops!

couple shot!

And another one! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

That strange feeling...

Without a doubt, I wld have definitely ordered blended frappe from Starbucks.
But not this time.
Aha. Somehow was craving for the hot mocha instead.

Is it just the age? -_-

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great minds think alike!

Had dinner with bff over at Clementi.
With her almost-2yr-old in tow.
And cldn't believe it when I felt the presie she gave me.
Felt something similar.hee

The leopard print from PSBFs and the black from BFF!
Can't believe I have the exact same VS bag in different colors now. 
Thank You! ;)
hhhhhmmmmmm can smell the freaking long wkend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yum Yum

Had a very super duper late bday dinner for bff.
Better late than never!

lousy quality pic but precious quality time! :)

Just look at the spread!
Feast at cck park.

The cakes which I've eaten for the past weekend. Gulps!
2 red velvets on the left, Fish n Co's tasted alot better than CBTL.
The rest from CBTL and the top red cheesecake from Swiss Bake.

Went into a baking frenzy on Mon's off resulted in topless cupcakes and walnut brownie!
According to him, the topless cupcakes are naturally sedap hence no need for artsy toppings. haa.
Can't believe the gantry showed Overstay when I tried to exit.
Was in the mrt from 1615 till 1815. Haha.

Monday, February 4, 2013

the BIG 3

Staycation was wow but at the same time drained the energy out of me.
Waited for sis at the station when she suddenly appeared with my presie!
The most expensive ever which cld get me a trip to Japan (again!).
Gulps. Didn't peep till almost 12 at night but I felt it and told her my guess.
Which was of cos right but slightly wrong. Hee.
Amidst the excitement of complimentary upgrade of deluxe to a suite at Hotel Michael, it slipped my mind that becos of me turning 3 0, that we were there.
Glad that Unkle came over and the bro and his in laws as well. 
So the huge room was not that empty after all, not till the night crept in.
I thot I was lucky enough for the upgrade but as bro left the room, sis heard some loud noises.
Which turned out to be FIREWORKS! Right at our window.
I was a really happy girl woman on that eve! :)
It was indeed a long wkend for me not becos I am off today, but the days were stretched.
Cldn't slp and was really chatting abt almost everything at that odd hour with bff.
Crazy but I love her to bits. still.
I dozed off at 3am only to wake up at 5ish in the morn.
Took my morning shower and ordered pancakes via Butler.
Oh yes. We were taken of by a butler at our service for 24hrs.
Cool. She (I was really expecting a guy, u know the sturdy2 uncle smartly dressed up) came to show us how the Steam Bath works, called plumber to repair our showerhead and lastly called her again for matches.
But nothing beats the gathering of my loved ones at the end of the day, having a tiny prayers and dining in tog. As a family. :)
So here's some of my fave pics of the day I left my twenties.

This was just one side of the huge bathroom!

Complimentary TWG!
Had tea all wkend!

View from our 11th storey balcony!

I watched sis' fave Taiwanese drama while soaking.
In the bathtub!

My first and definitely last LV.

Fiance came over and sponsored 100 satay! For the whole family.

Our first Pic! :)

My ONLY whole cake for the year.
Thank U gfs!