Monday, October 30, 2017

Hungry at 0106

Can’t sleep still. Seems like I’m excited for something but unsure of what is that something.. 😓 and then thinking of these at this hour.…

Old school cakes from 1983. 🍰😍

Think it’s about the Nov party. Or is it the anni?
Perhaps it’s the husband’s AL? Maybe it’s all the excitement around me such as new house, new baby. But then probably just excited waiting for sis’ return.

Anyways, checklist for the party!

✔ Cake ordered
✔️ Decor idea
✔️Goodie bags (prepared by bday lady)

Time to sleeeeeeep now! 💤

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Potted 😻

Went to Ikea yesterday to grab the gold pots! Such a hot day but loved the bus rides.

Now it’s so much better for the eyes!
Love decorating bits and pieces but gotta get my fat self to love to dust the house too. 😂
Cannot wait for November to come!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Changi Airport

It’s definitely one of my favourite places in SG. We would have staycations at the airport, hearty family meals or just hang out there. Just sent the sis off to Taiwan so had the opportunity to go over at night. M’s more excited jumping and running around past his bedtime.

The floral wheel spins and there’s light too.

We took a family pic with Hello Kitty which was made from flowers.
So proud to have one of the best airports in the world! 💕

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Duck tour

As the past Jul holiday fell on fasting month and Syawal, we did not go for any short trips. However, the husband took us for Duck Tour and luckily for M, he was only needed to pay $2 whereas we locals had 20% off. The weather wasn’t that hot and we got really nice views of the Domes, Merlion and ASM.

On board the Duck, making its way out of Suntec.

Merlion from the Duck.

Pretty sight with the bumboat in front of ASM.
I’ve had a lot of memories with the bumboat as I was attached for almost half a yr with the company. Although I did not enjoy the office job, I was glad that I could once ‘work’ in the bumboats and even got to sit on their trishaw.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New plant 🌱

I was skeptical on having real plants indoor cos the house is easily invaded by spiders so any other insects or bugs are definitely not welcomed. But the husband insisted on having MIL tongue since it has air purifying qualities.

Definitely need a new pot rather than this raw boring one.
An excuse to visit Ikea this weekend! 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Backstreet’s back! Larger than life.

‘BSB larger than life’ concert was my first in National Stadium. Green Day was at Indoor Stadium 7 years ago. We took Grab over and it was convenient to walk over to our gate until we saw the winding queue for security checks. It was so humid and upon entry, we bought drinks. I chose bottled water and thay had to remove the caps for us so our bottles became capless throughout the concert.

BSB appeared almost on time at 8.30ish (with no opening act guests) and ended slightly after 10pm which was alright for us to take the mrt home. Just that the walk to the station seemed so far. Reached home 11.30pm. It’s really convenient to commute to stadium now with the circle line.

The concert’s quite simple and straightforward with each of the member said their hi to us fans. Nick mentioned that we’re the best fans in the whole wide world but who was he kidding. Mommies made up of 70% of the fans and I bet Nick would or might say the same at other concerts.

Gotta thank the husband for allowing me to experience this down-the-memory-lane gig singing (screaming) along their emo songs.

It was even hotter inside the stadium cos it wasn’t fully covered so you can’t really feel the aircon.
Luckily it wasn’t stuffy.

From our seats. Gosh they used those conference-like chairs and obviously we didn’t have the best of views as the chairs were on the same level ground.
So some views were blocked by tall heads.

Must be tricky for them to be dancing and singing on steps.

Liked this picture cos there’s Brian and A little bit of Kevin.

Nick Carter! Da gemok eh. 

Brian and Kevin again.

Kevin, Nick, Brian, Howie and AJ 💕
We were so hot and they all in their kilat jackets and all. 

The end of the concert. 

I only paid $50 for tix while the rest sponsored by sis. 😘

The only pic of me and it was blur.
Sis accidentally deleted the front view pic.
Loves how flowy my Rania instant shawl from the back.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Getting Organized

Just had siew mai and pau and kimchi noodles. 😬
I’ve been thinking of getting this acrylic organizer from Japan Home but refrained. Then today i bought it without any discount. 🙄 I think the other time they had at least 5% off storewide. Anyway, glad that I grabbed it! Now only need to worry about the dusting. 😂

With this organizer, I could tell how much body mist I’m left with, the number of lippies I have and I could reach my toner easily. All it lacks now is a tiny mirror which I saw from Typo. 🤔

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sweet treats

The husband had a seminar today at the HQ so I told him to grab the cafe’s cake home. The husband being THE husband got me each of the available cakes left. Couldn’t ask for more. And not only that, we took the draggy no. 50 and he bought me Gorpis Choc and Cheese. Yums!

This was a very flavourful carrot cake!
Looking so good against my granite kitchen top. 😍

This is the 2nd time we had Gorpis and we would choose this over Pisang Keju.
You can taste the bananas, the cheese and the choc.
Pisang Keju’s was too crispy and some had no or lil bananas (only crumbs).

Life is sweet when you’re thankful and grateful for the things you have and own instead of wanting for things which you lack of.

Friday, October 20, 2017


1 day to go before my approved timeout of approximately 5 hours! Yaaaaaaas! Had no prob coming up with the following combination for tomorrow’s BACKSTREET BOYS gig!

1. Schmiley Mo pink top with ruffles pocket (Fashionvalet)
2. Schmiley Mo Henry The Chicken and Egg embroidered jeans (Fashionvalet)
3. Keds x Kate Spade glitter shoes 💕

Thursday, October 19, 2017

What is this?

I’m thinking of bags right now. Why? I mean it’s almost midnight and I’m still in lotsa perspiration. Grateful that the delivery of the dress is here and the wait for the outcome of the claim is over. Alhamdulillah for the amount received for the delay of baggage experience.

But still I feel that October is a long way to go.

M is so fortunate to receive so much love from people around him
These were the toys he picked from Toys’r’us with the $50 gift card from Aunty Sally. 💕

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

8 years ago

FB reminded that he added me 8 years ago. I broke up in Sep 2009 and got to know him in Oct. He asked me to be his gf in Nov. 😂 I’m not good in remembering dates.

Alhamdulillah. The end is just a new beginning. Syukur for being blessed with someone SOOOOOOO MUCH better.

This was our very first photo taken at SG Garden Festival.
Was thankful for the nyonya who helped us snap this by instructing strictly on where to stand.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

One more month

I did not have a wedding ring. BUT he bought the most expensive ring for our engagement (more like only sarung cincin cos we didn’t invite anyone and there’s no majlis). He asked me before which ring I would like and I remembered telling him about a white gold piece ($2k+) from Mauboussin. After a few glances, he rejected it. We even went into Tiffany but they have limited yellow gold range. Ended up at Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz 1876 at MBS. Sadly, the shop has closed and nearest outlet is over in Japan. 😭

A customised wave band (priced 2.5x > Mauboussin) especially for my left finger.
Couldn’t put it on when I was pregnant and had to resize (up 3 sizes) to re-fit.
Luckily though it didn’t cost much to do so.
This ring is so precious as it matches the husband’s wedding band in palladium.

Looking forward to November for the birthday celebration. Thankfully a PH this midweek making this month a little bearable. Can’t believe the sis is going to Taiwan, Batam then our trip,  Phillipines and her major trip. Let’s just wait and see all the souvenirs she gonna get us. 🤗

Monday, October 16, 2017

5 days to go! 💕

Anxious. Excited. Looking forward to the concert this Saturday. Erm didn’t realise that I went to watch KRU only last year August. This better not be an annual affair. 😬 I’m actually scared if I might sleep in the concert (getting old and time away from M could mean precious opportunity to catch a wink) and the return journey. For Green Day, we managed to squeeze into the bus and catch a cab at City Hall. But now with the mrt just a stone throw away, hope it’d be a smooth ride home.

The only concert I went to with not only my siblings but with bro and sis-in-law as well as cousins whom were seated right behind us coincidentally. 
But till today I regretted not getting their T-shirt sold at the entrance. 🤣

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sephora Private Sale 2017 - Oct

I’ve been holding back, staring at the page, held back again and then finally gave in. To Sephora Private sale 2017. So now that we know Sephora would hold 20% storewide, all brands during their sale, I should  replenish ONLY during sale.

$43.20 for 6 mini nude lippies!
A Total steal! 😻 
I actually contemplated to buy and thought hard before deciding to grab almost at the last hour.
After reading the useful reviews, I got my hands on them 6 days after the online order.

Another plus point and contributing factor, would be it has Kat Von D!
My fave by far.
So with this purchase, I shall not buy anymore lippies.
Promise. Not. To myself. 😹

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The best man 🙍🏽‍♂️

Alhamdulillah... today our best man came to visit us. We ordered maki-san and nene chicken for dinner. Told the husband to grab a cake cos he just gotten his new place! So that calls for a celebration! We didn’t meet him for more than a year.

It may not be the yummiest or pretty looking cake, but glad that he was touched.

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow with 3 invitations to go with the full complete family (sis included!). All 8 of us! 😫 From northwest to northeast. Wish us luck! But i’m still going to love my weekend cos expecting a ninja tomorrow and awaiting for the result letter. 🙃

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Learning to say NO

So I watched Aida Azlin’s video on how to be productive each day and she mentioned 2 things.

1. Schedule your activities around Prayer times
2. Learn to say No

Which I guess it really applies to me. Since married and pregnant a few mths after, I had to say No to gatherings after work time or be selective on weekend meets-up or events.
I’m also the busiest morning till Zuhur when I prepared meals, did laundry, vacuumed and planned the rest of my day. I cooled down after Zuhur cos it’d be M’s nap time so cannot afford to make him active. Sometimes, I’d do my ironing after Zuhur. Then I’d join him for naps.

After Asar, it’d be M’s shower time and I’d prepare dinner. All would be done just in time for the return of the husband from work. If he’s early, we would have dinner before Maghrib. After Isyak, would be the best time to wind down with my little family.

But I gotta learn to say No to activities which do not bring me closer to Allah. 😬

Insha Allah, with these guidelines, I’ll be better focused and have a better direction in life.
Of course, weekends would be different with less housework to do and more family time. 💕

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Almost that time of the year 💑

When the husband asked for your wishlist for anniversary... 🤔

Haha. Nothing particular of a need anymore but just want to create more memorable moments together. Always a busy November cos of the siblings’ birthday but so far no holiday or staycations been fixed.

Today he was being odd just like those dating days.
What he didn’t know was....
I washed the bedsheets today, hung them out, cooked lunch, fed M lunch, folded the sun dried laundry, heated up food, showered M (x2) and fed him dinner.
Not to mention vacuumed the house before breakfast, cleared the rubbish, cut Rock Melon and washed the sink. Watered the plants too.
Already too long to put into words but that’s practically my usual week day.

I think I miss seeing emails all day and doing nothing much else, a little more today.

Monday, October 9, 2017

FIXing the future 🏡

I’m proud of my sister. She’s the most intelligent (the only NUS grad) and risk taker among us. She’s the one who had put on braces, insisted for mom to give her money for Take That (VCRs) cos she wasn’t allowed to go for the concert, brought the parents to Umrah and today made the biggest commitment of her life. I love her cos she sponsored my first ever flight and brought me to Disneyland Tokyo, bought me my first Burberry handbag and Louis Vuitton speedy! 😍 💕

So I accompanied her to the appointment (moral support eh) and witnessed her signing. After that she dragged M and me to walk in the scorching sun over 2 non-sheltered bridges for lunch over at FIX. I am never a hipster cafe fan cos I’d prefer good old Swensens anytime. The cafe was empty when we reached and I had no idea what to order. But here goes!

Ondeh-ondeh cake! This was yummy.

Waffles with fried chicken.

The restaurant was by the pool.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

M’s maiden flight ✈️ Jan 2016

We actually waited for M to turn 1 before making him a passport. We dare not bring him overseas before and even for his maiden flight, we brought along a strong support. Parents and sis. The unexpected happened instead. Parents got temporarily lost in KLIA (now I realised we have such memorable moments from KLIA) after hitching the buggy ride upon arrival. After almost an hour, Alhamdulillah we found one another again.

We clothed him fully fearing that he might be too cold up in the sky.

We had this and I cannot forget how crispy the duck was. Yums.

After the annual gathering for his 2nd birthday, the husband brought us for a staycation at Siloso Beach Resort. We had a great deal cos 2 night stay was about $300++.
Really love the lush surrounding. 
And the pool was huge, we swam for 2 days straight!
If you want free fireworks for your special day, you can really make use of Sentosa’s attractions.
They have 2 fireworks nightly.

Bro ordered these olskool ice pops for M’s party.

These siblings’ Tees were gifted to my annoying but precious siblings.
For their celebration at Crowne Plaza.

2016 was also the year I managed to go for a spa day trip to Batam with the bff.
We went early morning and returned evening 💕


2016 was the ONLY year I did not post even a single entry. 😬
A big day for sis tomorrow.
Must Bismillah more!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin

This lunch buffet was since forever. Can’t remember when was the last time we had special buffet except for the breakfast spread we had at KL. Anyway, this buffet vouchers were given by husband’s best friend. 🤗

This was my main. There were 2 duck dishes but I tried the one in apple sauce.

From the japanese corner.

This was supposedly my desserts plate.


Soft serve yogurt.

Husband’s desserts plate.

And my closing plate.

I actually went to the ladies right after the buffet! 😬

Friday, October 6, 2017

M’s 1st birthday party

The 2nd gathering at our home. We took the opportunity to invite friends, those we did not call for our housewarming. Did not have any dessert table cos wanted to have more eating space for the guests. But the cake so deserved one! M was in his crying phase. See stranger cries. Stranger said hi, cries. Stranger carry him, cries. So when everyone sang him his birthday song, he was holding it in before crying again.

His OMG 2-tiered cake.
Even we did not have any for our wedding (sis’ bff in charge of desserts provided me with a 2-tiered cupcakes instead, Alhamdulillah although initially I wanted to do away with a cake).

Balloons a must for his party.

The favours which we gotten from Daiso.
I remembered looting them from PS and the cashier asked, “A party’s coming up?”
The pencil with eraser bought from a party store at Seletar Mall.

Yummy food prepared by cousin!

His overwhelming presents. And him still being cute.
We felt really blessed by the turnout of guests to celebrate this milestone with us. 💕