Monday, October 29, 2012

the mad rush

After a relaxed PH and Sat, didn't expect Sun and Mon to be..a rush!

This was what greeted me on the early Sun morning.
Right in front of my door.
Such a pretty flower ironically next to a dried leaf.

Nian was excited to boast to me about the new route cos of the logs!
Aha. this was the 1st one we stumbled upon.
However, we had 2 choices to tackle it.

And then came the BIGGEST one. Must pose first. hee.
When we were there, 3 uncles came from the opp direction.
Asked if we could make it over.
Behind that smile, there was a long line of black ants on the log!
Of cos aft the pose then I saw. Else I wld have jumped over in no time.

So this is how we do it!
Nian showing us. Oh sis came along this time! For the first time.
If u missed that grip on the log, down u'll go!
And when we reached decent steps further front, a huge signage of Warning we faced.
Only then Nian explained that the route we took was 'illegal'. Eeks!

What a nice Mon morning and beginning the day with this porridge!
Made my tummy warm.
Came home then had an impromptu brunch of hotcakes with Sha2.
Past noon sis called to have lunch with her. So I walked to Lot 1 again.

Then came the real plan.
To visit Gardens By the Bay with mom.
Lucky got 10% disct.
Sadly the cloud forest was closed.
Good thing we managed to avoid the peak traffic.
So here's a few of my faves from the gdn!

Thot mom looked nice with this whitish plant.

A bigger than her face Bunga Raya!
Love the color!

Cute chick!

Another fave! What a true beauty!
Just look at the colors. Masya Allah.

 Flowered leaves... Pretty!

Overall, we spent less than an hr in the dome.
Didn't really fancy the smell that greeted us near the entrance.
Smells like dried broom. hee.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Special Aidiladha :)

Simply becos....

And I had an awesome Kinect bonding session with my sis-in-law! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The wait.....

I wonder...Who likes waiting?

But his thingy came last Tue all the way from USA. Was given 2-3wks and it came after 1wk+.
Mine was 3-4wks so can I expect it to be ready by next wk then? Hee.
Anyhow, got 2 more things to wait for.
Hopefully I will get 2 of the things next week!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Additional day off today and was contented that I cld complete all that I wanted to do.
Usually altho it was meant to be an extra day to relax, it's always the case of being additionally tired instead.
Adoi. Now body aching alr.
Managed to slp again aft Subuh but only till 8+.
Prepared the ingredients for sarang semut and fridged the dough then began preps for the cupcakes.
This time wanted to do the vanilla instead of chocs.
But with choc toppings of cos! hee.

Aft all the baking, almost noon alr.
Had early lunch with mak at home and then went to send the cloths for tailoring.
Quite convenient at BP and hopefully the turn out will be sedap.
So can depend on auntie je.

Reached home alr almost 3. Rested for abt half an hr then got ready to fetch him.
ALL.....the way to Simei.
Lucky got seat halfway. And I was early.

"Awak memang takde keje dtg all the way here..."
Thanks eh.
Had dinner at clementi aft playing with his thot of dropping by Geylang for dinner instead. haha.
He and his air jagung.

So here's his cuppies! M J failed this time. haha.
I think the M&M looks gd as the topping.
Anyways let's look forward to the 3day work week and a 4day wkend! YahOO! ;)

Then he msg 'Terima Kasih TEMAN pulang.."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A lil something....

When the mood comes, then the oven gets heat up.
Gave a tiny box to him with a lil bkmark.
Must be green lor. 
Tmr planned for another 2 recipes!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


What a chaotic Sat! Oh boy.
Just after the routine marketing, of all ingredients  forgotten about the M&Ms.
So went out again to grab them. Dah tu mom asked to buy 3kg of sugar.
Started the mixing of the ingredients when bro n sis in law came.
Opened the fridge when suddenly the house tripped.
Didn't even realise till I saw that the fridge was a lil dark.
So figured out which appliance that triggered it and unfortunately, it's the Oven! Oh oh.
Just done the 1st tray. Still 4 to go! Haish.
Mom had to go out and I had to wait for Dad to return.
Did other chores which included reading the papers, rested and settled the dried laundry.
When Dad came home, hurriedly over to Gain City and Courts.
GC's was slightly cheaper and so we settled for this...

$189. Duno wat brand but will make do with this.
Dad was acting macho ensuring me that he cld lug it home.
But the rain was dropping so I told him to cab home instead.
Joined the queue and altho it was a line, taxis came as the security was doing his extra mile when he kept waving at any approaching cabs. Thankful.
And was lucky that the cab is changing shift and put CCK.
So we hopped in when I realised that uncle didnt on the meter.
Instead of quickly turning it on he replied "Aiya nvm la. So near only. Later see how."
Then when we reached, he said whatever u wana give.
I passed $4 to him. hee.
Had pasta twice today!
Carbonara macaroni and aglio olio spag.
Prepared by me! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Macam mana? How like that?

Dad bot ice-cream! Not only that ripple but after much whining he got the corn and choc chip as well.
The early Thur morn, bro suddenly appeared. Nasi lemak on the table!

Sekali sekala sumptious bf like this. Sedap pe!
Then followed by vanilla cake from partner.
Lunch was nasi with sambal grg and telor.
Rice balls for tea break.
Home was roti prata with sambal.
Ended with ice cream. My oh my.

Today mom returned from JB with loads of food.
She bot 2 boxes of J&co. Sapa la nak gi makan?
Erm that hole there, it was me. hee.
And already another hole next to the yellow with white ctr. hehe.

hmmmm 2wks to his thingy.
HMMMMM 3wks to MY thingy.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

the Hunt

You light up my world like nobody else....


An EVEN date for an ODD person like YOU ;)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


 It was a long Sat indeed. Began early with the climb date with Shortie.
It was filled with bright colored wild mushrooms amidst the fallen leaves.
Such a pretty sight. 

Altho I've climbed a few times, nvr once we went up the track.
Today, we braved the short steep slope to reach.

Showered briefly and drove over to Bibik's!
She has 2 new cheymong! Hitam and Putih.
So cute, right?
Oh dun worry. Bibik put them in cos they got very agitated when there's visitors.
Look at their aaaawwwww eyes!

See! As they're young, they're very active and playful.
Dun need ur attention, just kept on scratching these leaves till it dropped on the floor.

Aft Hougang, Mom made me drive to Geylang with bro as the gps.
That's like having TP tester next to u.
He even had to comment, "Woa passed alr ur slopes!" while I drove up to the parking lot.
He shd have seen my licence which I attained back in 2006. >.<
Aft a brief grocery shopping there, he drove me to meet BFF.
Hee. Was  quite anxious cos not sure if it'd be a wasted trip.
But we did it and it was rather a success.
They had changed the screening to a much bigger theatre and we even managed to catch the 4pm show.
However, I've nvr enjoyed any of the movies there.
The storylines were just plain boring and unrealistic. Really.
Aft the movie, we walked over to DG. Had an impromptu buffet dinner and glad to know that Sakura's offering BnJ ice cream now. W O A. hee.
Then we walked over to H&M so that she cld do her exchange.
Finally, I'm home! :)
The day I didn't take mrt and not eaten at home.
Bus - Wira - Cab
Thanks shortie for the BF treat - Lunch at Bibik's - Buffet Dinner (Thanks BFF!)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's get Kinected

Despite the threatening sky, we went ahead with our brisk walk.
And we completed faster than usual. Probably we're competing with the clouds.

Anyways, plan was:
Brisk walk - home - shower - drive and fetch sis
Executed plan:
Msg him - Advised to collect it otw home - worried need to take cab - he came to JE - helped carry home -waited for 17min for 985 - home

Sometimes...these times, I kinda felt weird with him.
The expected reply from him was "BYE!"
But he instantly agreed to assist on a Thur. Aft a long day at work. hee


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A date with...

Please don't ask me why...
He saw the poster and kept persuading me to go with him.
To the extend of putting up in his calendar for a reminder to grab the tics.

So till then, I've gotta bear him humming to the tune with his own lyrics.
Mengapa dewa dewi mengapa???

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our break

Planned for a 3-day date and contented that most of our wants had been met. :)
Went to the zoo at almost noon yesterday.
And the sky was so threatening.... Passed the first trail and it poured! With strong wind.
Lucky us got a bench to sit on and had our homemade beef wraps there.
Soon after the sky cleared and we continued to explore.
Watched the Rainforest show, Elephant show from far and the Splash Show.
Took the tram twice and the boat once.
Here's some of my fave animals (not all!).

Macam on the hunt but was actually lunch time for this big cat.

One of the 2 Giraffes. Busy eating.

The restless white tiger. The other one was busy taking a dip in the water.

The elephant show was something new at least to me.
And the space for the audience was really constraint so alot of others were standing to watch.

Found this on the road at the zoo.
Thot it looked quite pretty.

Our only shot and purchased it at $30!


Watched Taken 2 today and had my 1st Rawon rice.

I'd still prefer my mee soto!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mixed Feelings

Another goodbye.

Somehow felt immuned. But believe that things happen for a reason.
So looking forward now!

This lil one turned a yr old!
Glad he tagged along. :)

I miss my best frens! :(

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fat Bald Kurang Ajar

That's what I am!
Thank you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Somebody I used to know

The last argument we had was kind of serious.
Till he had to mention the past. Yeah. That bad.
I'm the sort that can't accept scolding. Or perhaps just took a lil longer to absorb.
So there I was keeping silence. Or just directed my attention to the opposite.
Not a gd memory to keep but I shall learn from this and keep it as a reminder to myself. Hopefully.

I did accept some things and yet sometimes I can't believe how I've managed to accept them.
Like how ridiculous the situations could be but I always try to tell myself positively.
Yes I did. The whole thing actually shook me up last weekend.
And now that he's 'away', it'd be good for me to reflect.
On how things should be. 
How I've managed and pulled through the initial rough start and ended where we are now.
Disliked the thots. Disliked how things are.
Wish I cld know better.

Boss bot us Mocha today and I had a hard time finishing it.
She asked if I drink coffee but I kept grinning till she 'forced' me to DRINK LA.
Head spinning now.
Hope I cld slp tonite.