Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's in Store?

Yeah! Finally I could smell the weekend already. Mmmmmm...The uncles in my bus were joyful just like kids having their holidays. Chirpy instead of silence. But everyday they never fail to talk about Genting's gambling. Haizzzz. Don't they get bored of it? Even listening to them bores me to max.

So what exactly I'm gonna do for the next three days?! Thankfully, he got off tmr so will be catching Wolverine around evening. Yeah! Altho we just watched that Gu Gu last weekend. I thot of going to the palace. Well alright, the Istana I meant. But no one, yes, no one wanna accompany me.. Haiz. So sad. :(

On Saturday, I have nothing planned out but hopefully will be resting the whole day. I seriously need to start wiping the dust off in every corner of my room. I could barely see my photos as they're covered with dust. Yes, it's that bad. Yikes.

And on Sunday, we are going out as a family. Complete with dad. Heading to JB to get some stuff and surprisingly dad wanted to tag along. Bro has got to fetch him from Kranji though as early as 830am. Well, he goes out to work every morning at 530am so it's not that early for him. I can't wait for the outing cos it'd be so nice to go out as a family in which we rarely do so. Except for bdays feasts perhaps.

The 05 students will be POPping real soon and I kind feel emo abit. I guess cos I've been with them since the day I joined the school and one kid actually said bye to me. He said that when I joined the office, I had added sunshine to it. Ermmm wateva that means. And at that, he snapped a photo with me. I was at my most fattest. urgh.

And bos came up to me to verify a word. And I could clearly see URTI. *Bimbo alert. I told her it must be Urinary Tract Infection. But bos decided to google instead. When the results came a few secs later, she covered her mouth, face turned red. And laughed her heart out. I can't help but to laugh with her (suddenly like so contagious) then she exclaimed, it's Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, That's totally different parts of the body. But I defended myself and told her well, I've got most of the acronym rite still. And my eyes were already filled with tears from the laughing.

Well, now I am required to take temperature daily and recorded it in the system before starting of werk. But when they dun issue thermometer, bos suggested we touch one another's forehead instead. I'm speechless.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last night cardio class was superbly tiring than ever. Teacher was in high spirits and she did a lil change to our routine. She made us use that elastic band thingy and I oh so hate it cos the resistance effect it has on my arms and back was damn painful. I wouldnt wana imagine the cramps that will follow soon.

We walked out of the dance studio with messed hair and shiny faces. Yikes! Felt 'abused'.

Then woke up early this Sat morning just to make it to that 9am appt. No one was there except the receptionist and Mr Dentist walked in at 5mins past 9. The asst called my name and so I settled in the adjustable chair. Mr Dentist asked me what he can do for me today. I briefly told him that I have a shaky tooth. And so he began his examination. Soon after he suggested for an injection for the minor gum prob. And so he took out that HUGE syringe (YIKES) and poked me twice. Aft that he asked me again what else I would want him to do. Told him to do the scaling as well since I am already here.

After the injection, I had a hard time keeping my mouth open. The numbness has taken in. I was told to rinse my mouth ocassionally and once, I did a Merlion. How am I supposed to gargle the water with half of my mouth numbed? The water spouted out of the sink onto the floor. haha! The asst quickly sprayed some disinfectant I believe and wiped it off. I sheepishly apologised to her. heee!

When I bid Mr Dentist goodbye, my whole mouth felt numb. So I just smiled and grinned at the receptionist while making my payment. Made my way to the ladies and threw out all the contained saliva in my mouth. heee.

Upon reaching home, I could barely feel my cheek. Felt so swollen and Mr Fiance just had to make his call. haiizzzz.. I struggled trying to speak to him and he still asked me whether it was painful. Thanks. Instead of empathizing with me, I was laughed at by him. He nagged at me for the sweets I have been taking. Sweets?! Never since I dun like sweets. Chocs?! Maybe. Ice cream?! Absolutely!

Thankfully after an hour, the swell seems to have subsided. Managed to bite a pear just now. Now that mom's porridge is all ready, I'll have my brunch now.

I simply don't like visits to the dentist cos I will not be able to enjoy my food. The last time I had that surgery, I took chicken wings 2 days after the op when I was still supposed to feed on liquid food. And so the thread came off easily. hee.

What a way to start the weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Congratulations to babe for grabbing her house keys! Woah. That's scary. To make the biggest purchase of your life that determines your future.

Congratulations to partner also for her convo tmr! :P The slogging sure has paid off.

I'm already having butterflies in my stomach for the date with Mr Dentist tomorrow. However, i am rather looking forward to it. So that the ache will go away. Then to meet up after 3 long weeks of not seeing the pole. We have to complete our mission by tomorrow. No matter what.

On sunday since he's off, he may wanna bring me to Hort Park. Yeah!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Oh did u feel your window grills rattle last night? Aha. The curtain above my head was flying off and exposing the opened window. I just had to wake up. Then mom kept all the shoes outside our home from the expected typhoon and the door slammed behind her. haha. Even the neighbour thot that our blk was experiencing some turbulences. hee

Since I came back from the trip, I've been so occupied with meet ups and such and suddenly there's a lot and I mean real lot of events coming up. Gosh! I have not really stopped and able to smell the roadside flowers yet!

Since the rest day, BFF came over to collect her things and chatted with her tog with the parents. Then work as usual with new things or maybe the annual events coming at one go. Seriously. Although I know I am going to enjoy the happenings yet to come. Presentation, BOE, training, party, planning and grad. Putting them in a sentence already makes me pant. hee!

The first weekend yes was spent with mom to Tamp 1 then Geylang yet again. Sunday sent him to work. Monday went to meet the other besh fren at JP. Already made plans with her for her big day and I am really utilising most of my AL this year. Oh my!

Yest, met with the babe and thot the COACHie was my final bday present for this yr, I thot wrong! Babe gave me my present sheepishly cos she bot it in Jan only managed to pass me yesterday. haha! And GUESS what?!? Ya. it's a GUESS super cute small bag!

So I do receive quite a few bags for this 26th bday. Chomel, lacoste, mphosis and now Guess. hee. How thankful seh! :D

Now let's look into the near future. Yup, besides those work commitments, I have another handful of stuff to do. So giving out the souvenirs are almost done. Later yup later tonite babe coming over to collect her souvenir and that will leave me with only one more to give. hehe! Not sure when to pass to BFF perhaps when she starts her work again.

And come to think of it, May gonna start next week. How time flies! Ya, exactly like what you said. Have to get presents for the loved ones, then gonna source for the crafts stuff probably and got ready for another getaway. Hopefully when I'm back by then, will concentrate more on the things that I need to focus. Yeah. Gonna date the partner for that craft hunting.

And of all times, I have to make that date with the dentist this Sat! At 9am to be exact. Hopefully, I wont be dozing off while he does his grilling.

For now, let's just look forward to the long weekend to come. Haaaaaa.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A COACHie and everything NICE

Aha! Got my super belated bday gift which was so unnecessary from babe. Aaaaawwwwww! Love it to bits!!!! Thanks ya! HUGS! ;P
And so did a lot of meet ups recently mainly to give away the souvenirs. BFF was the 1st to come over and collected her bags and so passed her souvenirs as well. Met the other BFF who's bride-to-be and I'm gonna be her (brides)maid in less than two mths. Gosh! That's so quickie!
There's alot of events in the near future such as Mom's bday, BFF's bday, partner's bday and a getaway all in the month of May. Gulp!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Affair

Before we went for the trip, we have actually celebrated dad's 60th. Finding hard where to eat, we settled at Al-Azhar as recommended by bro. And so we did not give him the Owell until after the cake cutting. We had a feast at the nostalgic venue opp Beauty World. Why nostalgic? Cause that was our Lot 1 and West Mall when we were staying in 6th Ave.

Sis paid for dad's gift while bro treated us to the feast. So I bought a bday cake from the Royals for him. Although I've been dying to try the choc cake, I settled for banana choc in the end. I must say that it tasted pretty good. For a bday cake. So here it goes:

And remember that I mentioned I bought close to 7000yen of stuff from Uniqlo?! Ermmm. Believe it anot, I did join the queue today over at Tampines 1! Yeap! That's right. All the way across the island to the East side. I woke up around 8 and was ready by 9.30am. Told mom since last night to get out of the house at 10am sharp. hee! Uniqlo opens only at 11am and when we reached, 2 lanes of queues have already formed. But it moved quickly. And there was this sweet malay girl who was so polite that greeted mom 'Assalamualaikum'. Masuk kedai jepun pun kena kasi salam heh..hehe! I remembered when I was at their airport outlet, the sales people kip shouting something in which I assumed that they were acknowledging our presence.
The staff at the new outlet here were polite too. Of course they must adhere to the Japanese rules. And I spotted a few Japanese guys as well. I am sure they were the ones responsible in guiding the locals on how to operate the shop. And yes, this time around, I splurged another $115 on 6 tops and one pack of socks (3 pairs). It's so worth it! Their tops are long enough to cover my low waist pants. I can't wait for their other outlet at ION to open!
Since mom scratched my back, I have to scratch hers in return. As we were settled in Tampines by 1230, we took 67 to Geylang. Bot another expensive item there, had lunch and quickly took the draggy bus ride home. Haizzz. I'm so avoiding another Geylang trip!
Will continue with a few meet ups next week! Miss all of them dearly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Japan trip 2009

Truthfully, I did not dream of going to Japan or Disneyland at all. It just wasn't part of my life plan. But then again, you will not believe it until you see it. Hence, I have to thank the sis profusely and endlessly. For sponsoring the $1496 package and providing me with $200 spending spree. :)

I have never read about Japan only watched it on tv ocassionally. So I did not know what to look forward to and sis was asking me to choose either HK or Japan. Everyone I asked told me to choose the latter and so I told sis accordingly.

Upon arrival in Japan, simply has no idea on what kinda weather to expect but I must say that it's pretty cool. Just like in aircon places only this time aircon by Mother Nature. How I wish our sunny island can have that too.

Japan Fast Facts

  • When we were checked by immigration officer, we were required to take a 'neo print' photo. Yes, they are serious about being kawaii (cute).

  • The officers looked like they come out from comic strips with their bright blue uni and oversized berets

  • The country is so clean cause they took the effort to segregate their rubbish (separate the recycled items)

  • There are 3 storey flyovers in their roads.

  • Their toilet bowls equipped with 'cleaning' functions

  • They are so particular about hygiene that they do not hesitate to put on masks if they are having flu/ cough

  • Sex is part of the human needs and they have LOVE hotels whereby couples can book the room through vending machines (without any front desk) and the doors of the hotel will auto open at the end of booking time

  • Their fashion sense is tip top that you won't find the need for any fashion police

  • The men worked so hard and come home late while the women has to be pretty all the time even when throwing away rubbish outside their homes

I can just go on and on about the differences in our culture. But no doubt I will recommend you to one day visit Japan.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shopping Spree

Shopping was insane over at Japan. And no doubt I guess that the shopping spree's damage was the best and the worst (on my $$).

Upon the flight to Narita, browsed thru the catalogue and saw a Silver Tiffany n Co. necklace. Did the conversion and felt that it was well affordable. And so that was the first splurge and my first Tiffany n Co. Was a happy girl landing on the land of the Rising Sun.

Then when we went to shop at Gotemba. GROSS! Can you imagine two streets of shopping outlets inclusive of huge brands such as COACH, BARNEYS, KATE SPADE, GUCCI, ADIDAS, NIKE and a whole lot more!!!?! As we were only given two crucial hours to do the shopping there, we were advised by our guide to aim the shops and find out the location since they have East and West zones. So we headed over to Coach first and bought our first purchase. I bot a bag at half price. Partner also got herself a bag too! Then went over to Nike and Adidas. Bought him a Nike bag and myself a cap. While at Adidas, was lucky to grab shoes at only $30. It was in the clearance wagon whereby only limited sizes avail. So felt Cinderella to be able to fit the red, brown and PINK shoes. Finally a steal for my Cardiomix lesson! hee.

Was contemplating to grab a Kate Spade bag but thankfully managed to curb myself. So made the Gotemba exit with huge paperbags from Coach and Nike. I have however divided my Yen accordingly on how to spend at the different tours. So the next purchase was done at Disneyland. Only bought lil souvenirs for BFF and myself. And I did not grab stuff for myself at Tokyo itself and I still regretted for not buying the pink n black Hello Kitty pouch which costs more than $30.

Disappointed since they dun have it at Aeon, Narita, I went to buy HRC Tee instead. We went to get a MUJI bag too as our luggage ran out of space. Yikes! And even after that, we still had a hard time zipping up the bag. After all the shopping, I'm left with around 6000Yen. So excited to visit the Uniqlo outlet at the Terminal 2. And I spent all of my leftover Yen there. Managed to grab 5 Tees, a 3/4 exercise pants and socks for the men. hee! Was leaving Narita with a huge grin on my face.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yesterday I had no choice but to conduct an evaluation in my Cardio Mix attire. So the students kept asking where I am going and I just replied bluntly, to the TAF club. So that kept them pretty occupied with giggles and doubts.

This year's April Fool was such a bore although I managed to still trick two of them boys. hee! And at this age, saying "Hey! There's something on ur pants!" then exclaimed APRIL FOOL! is already SO yesterday. It's kinda hard to lie when you need to now.

The first attempt to trick the Pole was a failure. No doubt. Although we were almost 90% there. But that did not stop me from lying to him at the end of the day. Told him fishy talked to me alas but when I asked him to guess what she said, I proudly replied APRIL FOOL! What a satisfaction. And he's now regretted in trusting me too much. heh!

Then there's the fiance...Urmmm....What should I trick him this time?! Since I 'initiated a break up' long long April Fool ago and got reprimanded instead for making a joke outta our rship. So lesson learnt and this time gotta think of something more spontaneous. Once reached home from werk, smsed him. Then after bathing, send another sms to him since he's already at work. Told him that I'm gonna head to the clubs that night for a fren's bday celebration. To my surprise, he immediately called me up. Okay hooked him already. And so he started his interrogation like where, what time finish, etc. When I told him it's just April Fool he kinda sighed a relief! Yet he could not get over it until the day we met. Duh!

And this is no April Fool joke! Bro early2 called me out from my room. When I replied he was at the kitchen window. Then he told me that Wira's window was opened. He thot I was the one who used Wira in the early morn. When I checked, it was indeed opened at the pax seat next to the driver. Thankfully, nothing was lost. I believed he must have rushed home last night. Without closing that window. Haizzz. It was such a careless mistake sia. Wira might have been gone when we realised it.

Tour Guide Gay has called me finally. What took him so long? He called me twice in fact today. The 2nd time he said Assalamualaikum and blur me I replied him. How would I know that it turned out to be this Gay! I thot someone wanna ask for donations. Since I saw the false alarm news at CNA this morn abt NK launching the rocket and may cross over Japan, I took the chance to check with Gay. If it's gonna affect our tour. And guess what he replied. Not to worry cos he'll be there to catch it. GREAT! Just GREAT! I guess the name's says it all. What a five day trip I'm going to predict. By the way, he mentioned abt 4 things to take note.

1) Time to report

2) Foodwise

3) Moneywise

4) Clothes to wear

And he mentioned that the weather gonna be 7-17 degrees and I'd be so dead. Cos I dun have any warm clothings and the only thick jacket I could think of is my SCBE's. The big boss ought to thank me for free advertisement at the Land of the Rising Sun. :(

Tmr I'm supposed to meet Nian but due to dad's bday celebration, I had to cancel. Gonna be having family dinner tmr evening to commemorate dad's 60th Bday. Ordered Banana Choc from the Royals and will only collect it on his actual bday on the 6th.

And haPpY 23rd Bday BabE!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Five Days To Go

On last Sunday, sis (as the GPS) and I drove parents to Punggol for their wedding invite. That was the first time for me to drive to the North East other than Lorong Ah Soo and Airport. It was indeed a long long one as I drove through BKE, SLE and then TPE. Thankfully, the venue was near to the TPE exit although we all thought that I made the wrong turn which eventually turned out to be right. The roadsigns were saying EdgePlain for both right and left turn but then mom insisted that Allah showed me the right way for sending them there. Sheesh!
We went out at 12pm and was home around 2 as they had two places to go. Then sis suggested to get dad's presie cos she won't be free for the rest of the week. Instead of going to BPP immediately, sis napped while I updated my blog. Soon after, we got ready to go out and it was pouring heavily. We were at the bus stop when one cab driver honked at us thinking that we would wana get his cab instead. But I was hailing 190. In the bus, the rain splashed on the windows like the bus being washed. Upon reaching BP bus stop, we took the sheltered bridge but was still drenched. So much for the SHELTERED bridge. We walked over to BPP despite the heavy rain and flooding roads as we saw a few aunties bravely doing so. And my beige pants got splashed by my own walking and almost made it see through. Haizzz... Was worried if it became revealing by then and so we quickly made our way to BPP. For the aircon to dry us up. However, it was so FUN to be walking in the heavy rain sharing the brolly with the sis after so so long. I mean when was the last time we played in the rain?! heee.
Sis treated me to Wang's and I had my MILO dinosaur! In my drenched clothes.

We checked Owell bracelets for dad and got him the cheapest range avail. That is $198. The titanium watch costs $998. Gosh! I rather get a branded one. Nevermind the health benefits that it's bringing. I could forgone that for such price. And yup, we did not mention to mom at all cos she's a wet blanket. Always telling away my secrets. Especially for sis' bday last time. So till now, mom does not know if we've gotten for her husband any presie yet. YEAH! ;P And u bet the presie is well hidden in my drawers of undies. heeee! Hopefully it will not magnetise my wired bras.. hehe!

Yesterday was the day that I TURNED TO SHREK according to someone. Thanks to him two of the babes have nothing much to eat. If it's for me I won't be so petty but for those two, URGH! I scolded him really seriously badly for the first time and his eyes kinda turned red. You know like the Puss in Boots. And I thot that I really gave it to him this time cos he was feeling so guilty that he kept drinking and biting his straw but not touching his onion rings or burger. haha!

Here's the bday 'cake' cookie doux!

From the Icing room. I kinda love the way they package the items. In a simple white box but decorated with a tiny bit of ribbon and PINK sticker on it. Perfect!

Glad though that we managed to give the bday girl a surprise altho the 'cake' was not lighted up when we went into the dark pantry. She obediently collected her own presie from our cabinet and brought it over to the pantry. hehe! And relieved that she liked the presies. So we had the most intimate bday lunch yest cos five of us shared four chairs and 2 sets of lunches.

And I fallen in love with Artbox at JP. They do not have the Singapore website yet but the items are very similar to the ones you can find in the UK webbie. So check it out.....

And so i bought the fiance this kad cos I din get him any for the Anni. He even asked if there's any vouchers included in the envelope. GROSS! So now I know wat to get him for the next celebration....Which only will be in Jan 2010! sheesh!

And for the Japan trip, YIKES I havent plan anything yet like what to pack and such. Although I roughly have the ideas on what to bring. Still unsure how cold it's going to be. Gonna do the preps this weekend! Pretty pretty excited!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boys will be Boys

OMG! Why can't men listen to girls PROPERLY? When we want our order of Chicken Tendergrill, it means the bloody burger! Not the 6 pcs lil thingies for kids. And here they are saying that they don't understand what girls want. Cos they HEAR our wants NOT LISTEN.


Next time when it comes to food, shall order ON OUR OWN.