Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long 2009

It's been indeed an indescribable 2-oh-oh-9 for me.
I can nvr be thankful enough for all that has happened and that I am blessed. Truly.
With a super great family, the bestest circle of BFFs/ frens/ partner/ sidekicks/ khakis/ boss and Mr Gee in tow, I am looking forward to a much better 2010.
Bring it ON now! :)

Yesterday had an impromptu meet-up with the two BFFs.
And I missed Sid so bad. Baby Ally was there too! Can't wait to see them again soon. :D

It was a superb threesome. Yes Sheeks! I'll c u next week.

Auntie Sidah with 'wat u tryin to do' Ally...hee

And I'm relieved to have found someone chubbier than me! Phew

Let's just end the year with a beautiful song from Green Day!
Do listen to the lyrics attentively.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here's what happened over the last Xmas week.

Snapped with Ah Pa while he's in a serious discussion with Ah Gong. Hee.. Chill ar Ah Pa!

Ah Gong was teasing Songe so badly that he has to grit his teeth..That's not a smile FYI.. Our last lunch tog..Don't u dare forget about me!

Sweet date with Ah Nian at WM. Ended with Toblerone Cheesekek from Kopi Bean.. :)

The Xmas gifts received on the eve.... :) Thanks ya!

A pleasant surprise from Boss... Agnes B la sia...heee

A gold coin purse... Yummy!

A pink Princess Mug!! From TDD.... I so love it!! So syg wana use...

Boss bot log cake but was shared by many others... as well.

Chipettes Movie date! Yipeee...

Pastamaniacs on the loose... :)

The Xmas walkathon with the cousins...truly

This pic was taken voluntarily by a small indian boy...
We giggled as he took sometime to actually click the cam...hehe...So cute!

And sis BOT me Agnes B bag!!!!!! Yeh!

I enjoyed the Morning Date thoroughly. Thank you!

Monday, December 28, 2009


On Wed, Ah Gong treated Songe, Ah Pa and I for lunch. Yummy! The last lunch tog before Songe dumped me for his new love. Haiz.

Oh yucks! Xmas eve was chaotic cos somehow I lost my left lens in the blink of an eye. hee. And till today, I still could not recover the loss and probably Auntie has already vacuumed it this morning. And so instead of spending longer hours at 313, I had to rush home to grab the new pair of lens and took the draggy 190 to town. Sweetly, the girls followed me when they can just choose to head straight to town without me first.

But fortunately, we've got time to visit those shops that we wanted to despite the crazy crowd. Unluckily though, Shorty discovered that her F21 sensor tag wasn't removed. Yikes! So lessons learnt here, please check your bought purchases before heading out of the stores. So after F21, New Look, we walked our way to PS for the movie. And then head home via mrt. :)

On Xmas morning, Mom nagged to go for brisk walk. So we went and came home surprised cos saw a lot of strange footwear outside our home. Hmmm. Only to find the Ipoh cousins gatecrashing us on Xmas. And I took a short nap before Mom woke me up to fetch one more cousin on her way here. She was unreachable at that time so we have to liaise with the one back at Ipoh. Sis and I waited for her at the Wdlands check point for about an hour. We took the cab home. Later that day, went to Bibik's place at Hougang and Bro had this crazy idea to bring the cousins out to Orchard. Orchard? On Xmas??? Oh gosh. Anyways, was the first time all the cousins went out on our own without the parents. Kinda cool. We had a walkathon from PS all the way to ION thronging the Xmas crowd. And finally headed home from Orchart mrt.

On Sat the cousins were on their own. They went to Snow City and Sci Center as well as Esplanade while Sis and I met her Aussie fren. Sis bought me Agnes B bag! Yipeee. Becos of her bonus. :) Mom is so jealous I tell u. hee. Her fren treated us to Marvellous Cream. So yummylicious! Saw Riz Sunawan again. Wonder if he finds me familiar. Haha. Dropped by 313 again.

So there you go Thur, Fri and Sat in town. Sunday was spent sending them to Bugis St for their souvenir shopping. And they should be heading home now. Phew.

I hope the new year weekend will be less chaotic. And we're left with 3 freaking days to 2010. So, if you have not done what you wanted to, please do so within these few days. :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Will be catching the Munksters later this evening with the four of them....Definitely will be the CHiPpEttEst DaY of mY LifE

Hey look Mr Gee! Theodore's my fave and he's in your fave color! Slurps :D
Have a Merry Xmas to those who celebrate it!
To those who are not, just spread the love around...
.:HaPpY HoLiDaYs!!!!!:.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts and such

And so the Xmas gifts started pouring in and I kinda felt bothered that they're taking up my desk space. So today I brought home two small bags of them.

Partner has asked me in advance for my wishlist. I only gave her one item. A bath towel since my current ones can be used as rags already. A pink bath towel to be exact. And a pink polka dot bath towel filled with cupcakes I got. It's super cute loh and the best part is, it's from aussino KIDS. Thanks hor! Lucky can wrap me although very challenging enough for me to do so.

EC passed me his present today. And it fits me to a T. Seriously. The word diamonds got lost in my chest. Duh! Obviously, he underestimated my size. haha.

Yup got this much for the gifts and it's not even Xmas yet nor my Bday.
Shiok ar! hehe.. Thaaanks all.

Thanks Mr Gee for accompanying me the whole day.
Now I know what you mean by being closer.... :D

Monday, December 21, 2009



3) This pretty not so little piece of silver costs more than $300

2) My BB is so damn black now that I can't stand looking at it already.
I need to pinkanized it badly. I dono how much it will cost though.

1) I'm dying to get this lil piece of power cream for my dark eye rings (from the late nights), wrinkles (from the tonnes of laughter) and such.
It's $98.

So sis, let's go shopping!! Hee.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The completely perfect bf robot

Yeh! Finally I managed to complete watching all three dvds. hee. Can u imagine? All 11 episodes (ard 45mins each episode) squeezed over a weekend? Last night I completed the first dvd from 10pm to 1am. Gosh. And today finally completed everything! Mom survived Episodes 1-2 and 8-11. That's quite surprising cos she's the kind who's not really into dramas what more a Jap one.

Thanks Mr Gee for the dvd. No worries okie cos I did not take down notes on how The Completely Perfect BF Robot behaves or shall be. Heee. But u better keep your promise of getting me one...from Japan eh. Thankies! Slurps.

A short Xmas week awaits! Yeh!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busted..Totally busted.

Songe dropped by office to pass me the xmas gift. As u can see, it's obviously a box of rochers. But he included in the tag, "Don't judge by its cover." Okie fine. Suits u. But I know it's still a box of rochers. Urgh.

Nevertheless, he painstakingly wrapped it up with the Ikea wrapper he got the other day.

And not only that, a trace of pink was included. How sweet altho I am still pissed with the Rochers.

Hence, I opened the box and found one of the green rocher missing. Cutely, he stuck a pair of horseshoe studs from Perllini on the empty hole. Not only that.

The Hello Kitty card holder was stuck on the cover. Melts. I knew he went and bot all these stuff when we went to catch the Couple Retreat. So I guess he learnt a thing or two from the movie. Haha!

X'mas Chicks Party was noisily crazy and we had the whole cafe to ourselves. Nice!

And guess what? I got the exact same pair of horseshoe studs from partner. And the butterfly pair. Yipeeee! Thankies ya. Altho my ears can only have one for each. Hee. And I think we looked good together. Haha!

Anyways, went out early today. To have KFC bf with Mak finally. Then met Babe and off we go to 313. Gosh! We went awe at F21 and scrutinised every floor. Then I bumped into Mr Dec. Only recently got reconnected and then now saw him in person. I was too shocked to converse and catch up. Anyways gd to see him again after so damn long. Ten years? Oh no. That long ar. Gosh.

And as we made our way to Taka, saw a familiar face. EC!!!! Heeee. Of all pple. And babe was trying to run to nowhere cos he saw her flaming. haha.. Try harder next time ar...hee..Anyways, no more shopping till next year. :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jacob - Slurps

Our movie galore.

New Moon @ JP last Friday. Not bad cos we managed to squeeze Ed into the pic BUT hey! where's my Jacob ar??? The pole just had to block him. Urgh!
Oh gosh Joce! Look at that cheeky smile of urs... Faint...Ed is not even looking at u.
Songe happy eh? Finally can watch movie with Sharky. Tsk tsk tsk

And we girls just had to take a snap with the munks. hee.
So u bet who has to do the snap for us. Thanks Songe!

Theodore has the same exact look as me. Pls tummy, dun be the same as Theodore's.
Pls pls pls pls.

I love my life right now. And the people who are in it. :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Halloween on Xmas

This is what we called, " Halloween on Christmas.."

Supposed to take a pic of the xmas tree but some pole just had to block it. Thanks hor.

The three of us went throtting to Ikea. Songe got his wine rack while Ham2 and I got the wrappers. We went shooting in there. And Ham2 just had to grab the hotdog altho we juz had KFC. Songe survived on his large whipped potato and my burps. hee. And while she squeezed her sauces out, we heard a loud MOO and that got Songe to turn red. Woa 1st time see u so red knowing that ur so tanned alr.

Here's the best partner I could ever ask for. Nvm she eats and munches aloud. Nvm she always scolds the kids and say "What's ur prob?" I still love her to bits.

Songe and I took 61 home and out of a sudden, he insisted in sending me home via Londa. So he smuggled me into Pine Grove, almost met Mami and sis and before I knew it, I was home. Yes. Our houses are linked by one straight road. I think the perfume which I sprayed on him werked. hee.

Today after work went over to Lot 1 to get the BB. But ended up in WM instead. Waited for abt an hour before getting it settled. So Mr Gee, will u syg me more aft I got hold of BB now? hehe.. hmph!

I had a hell of a gd time this week. :D

On Monday, gobbled BK before Planet 51. I especially love the antenna part! haha. And I bet partner's loving it too. hee.

On Tue...Ermmm Confi but I had a great time too! It's one of a kind. Really.

And yest, had so much fun at Ikea. We even saw the Yoga Teacher lookalike from Couples Retreat there. oh wow!

I am oh so packed this week and I still need to find the time to watch The Completely Perfect BF Robot. Oh Yes. I'm gonna use that for the criteria okie. heee..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

ODDEST Weekend

All I can say is ODD. Yup Odd.

We went to catch New Moon on Friday after work. Songe oddly fetched me at bus stop with his Lexus (are u sure it's lexus?) and off we went to JP. We survived on popcorn without proper dinner. The movie ended abruptly aft Ed asked, "Marry Me." And the lights went on.. Everyone went HUH? hee... Songe sent me home for the second time but I preferred the first send-off cos that's by foot.

Leme ask again? Are u sure it's Lexus?

Sat turned out totally unexpected. Due to an unforeseen circumstance and a dilemma for me, I ended up watching Couples Retreat with Songe. So hands filled with Ice lemon tea, Popcorn, Kacang Putih and a choc brownie Ben and Jerry's, we walked into the cinema oddly like as if going for a course. The movie was so-so and more appropriate for those 'old married couples' - like us. haha... Yah right.

Went to meet the girls at Vivo and swiftly grabbed presents. Proceeded to Keppel Club after that. Most of the Profs were already there and we started dinner quite late in fact. Halfway through, Prof Kyu interrupted with the lucky draw.

Big Boss had to scream "MARIYAM, WAKE UP!" And that got me startled. Firstly, I wasn't sleeping. 2ndly, pls wake me up only if you got my name for either Ferragamo, Prada or Mont Blanc vouchers okie. Not for the ten dollar NTUC voucher. hee. Nvrtheless, oddly, it was my first win in my whole four yrs. Not bad huh. hee.

After the dinner we took a cab home and I had the oddest cab encounter. The cab driver stopped by the bus stop at Bt Batok Road and excused himself cos he need to wee. huh?!? I was too shocked to react. Dono should SPEAR him or get out of the cab and run to the nearest HDB. But I kinda got stucked to the seat. Upon reaching my car park, I handed over to him the fare and asked him to keep the change cos I dun wan anything from his hands. Yucks!

This morning woke up early and went to sis' fren's solemnization. It turned out pretty well and I kinda missed my bridesmaid duties. BFF Sheek, please let me be ur bridesmaid ya...heee!

The room was cramped as norm and I ended up sitting on the bed oddly with the photographer seated in front of me. Ish. Thankfully, it was only for a few mins. hee. When all's done, I excused myself and walked over to the Admiralty station. Oddly, there's a pakcik who walked past me and said "Slamat Pagi Permaisuri (Gd morning Queen)." Queen? Eeeks.. I'm Princess Fiona eh... Not queen.. U bet he's not that ok I think. Probably my hot pink baju kurung got his attention. heee.

I just had to steal the pink roses even if it's for a sec.

The pretty pretty bride. CONGRATS ya!

.:A new beginning:.

Mr Gee the ODDie, u've been a great influence on me. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Friday, I'm in LOVE

I don't know what I'm doing but I think I'm going crazy. Here's the thing. I'm gonna catch New Moon laters. Edward or Jacob? Obviously gonna be Jacob. Why? Cos Ed's too white.
White guys = not macho (at all).

And then tomorrow I'm gonna catch Couples Retreat. No. I dun like the leading lady but Vince Vaughn.. He's such a natural. And no I'm not gonna watch it with a date. But with TDD. She's the one who wana catch it. So treat me to B&J's tomorrow okie? hee.

And come Mon, Partner and I will be watching Planet 51 @ Grand Cathay. I simply love the tagline, "Some Aliens can be very Human." But I think "Some Humans can be very Alien" suits us more. Right? Pssst... We've got ourselves couple seats.. Haha!

So am I crazy with the movie marathon or what? Nevermind about that.
It's FRIDAY! And Friday, I'm in LOVE....

Monday, December 7, 2009


Ah Nian booked me to accompany her to......PIERCE her ears like finally. Altho I thot that it may not make her any less feminine than she should be, I still gave her my support by being there for her. TKD guy oso got piercing u know. Duh! Hee. And yes she could easily get it done for a mere ten bucks But settled for the one that costs $148 instead. At least it came with 6 weeks of follow-up. Then dragged her to town and wanted to try to just curl her lashes but FAILED. Damn! hee. I'm gonna tie you up the next try. Oh she got her brows done too! At Far East! Yippeeee...So what's next? Thrill me Nian! heeee... ;P

Aawwww... Ain't that pretty lil studs? hee... Thank God it's over cos ur hands were so wet..While gripping onto mine. You're not even in labour loh...hehe...

Thursday, December 3, 2009


One of my (and EC's) FAVE things :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reality Bites

Oh wow! Dec's here. Somehow I just can't wait for 2010 to kick in altho I have no big plans watsoever for the year.

I had the most tiring weekend ever. I just felt exhausted no matter it was supposed to be a long break for me. Yah rite! Hari Raya was visiting one of the Obeks and only us girls. But I did get to eat the Kambing collected by bro. I think 70% of it was consumed by me. Oh no!

Sat was shopping with the Babe at Vivo and I got 4 items at a total of $119. Cool huh! And I'm loving F21 jeans' cut. The best part is there is no need for alteration. Yey! And babe, u know 313 @ Somerset gonna have a multi-storey Zara, F21 and the biggest Uniqlo store!! I'm SO going there!!!!

I was dragged to a Sexual Assault self-defense workshop on Sunday and it took my whole Sunday cos 10-5pm. Of all places, it was at Aljunied. Luckily Mr Gee was there to 'accompany' me cos this bimbo had reached way earlier. And that place is just so indescribable. It seems hard to spot a Sporean there and there's NOT a single shopping mall in the vicinity. Gosh! I will nvr ever get down at that station again. Ever.
I was proudly wearing my new F21 jeans and by the end of the workshop, it became a size looser. Damn. The workshop was cool despite only 6 of us girls in it. Learnt the technics on how to tackle rapists and the trainer sacrificed himself or rather voluntarily wanted to get hurt himself. He put on his protection gears so that to minimize body contact (according to him lah) and tried to hug each and everyone of us and see how we gonna put in use what we've learnt. When it comes to my turn, I think he had a hard time trying to hug me cos I pushed him with the spear and muster all my kickboxing skills into use. And suddenly came a loud whack on his back from my kick. Oops. He said he could feel it despite the guards. There was a time I almost wanted to sit on him but he was touching the top of my head and time suddenly stood still. hee...

The next day when I woke up, my neck, bum and legs sore. Worst than kickboxing sessions. Now I have to thank mom for forbidding me to join TKD lessons. haha.

Try me! Anyone?

When I came back from leave, saw this choc on my table. And till today I donno which student actually gave it to me. Whoever you are, thanks eh...for having the intention to increase my waistline...heeeee