Sunday, June 26, 2011


Weekend began at a slow pace for me as I've got a gdn wedding to attend only on the Sat evening. But it's nice catching up with Noelle and witnessing the wedding of Ven. I made a run for the taxi queue at Vivo and had no idea or glance at those in line. Cos Noelle had joined the queue earlier and that it moved quick. Reached the venue slightly after 6 and apparently the bride n groom were held up in traffic. Anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the set-up.
Simple yet lovely!

This was accidentally taken by myself.
The deal was to snap a pic of Noelle and me but the cam caught me rolling my eyes at her instead. Haha.

Our PIC!
She's so gorgeous now but dun be fooled.
Cos Noelle's the same kinda girl back to our SP days. Hee.

They had a halal section but I grabbed these desserts elsewhere.
YUMMY! Esp the choc mousse.

Did I mention I SO LOVE her deco!? Haha.
Those flowers were real! And I was so tempted to bring them home cos Ven said we cld.
But of cos we didn't.

One of the chirpy brides I ever met. Hee.
She's ULTRA gorgeous in those gowns by the way!

Her wedding favor!
Yeap u might have guessed it right.
The pack's filled with a mixture of nuts.


Got a naming ceremony to attend just now.
The neighbour's, to be exact! hee.

Baby Ashar (Usher)! With mom.
So he frowned. Hee.
His dad don him the Liverpool outfit alr.

With Dad. He tried to smile. Haha.

The door gift. How CUTE!

And all about him... Hee.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

(B)reakfast at the (K)ing

So they had a new menu and coupons sent out! We took the opportunity to try it out esp when the sis gotta work in the noon today.

I had the BF platter which includes ham omelette (rather milky I find), hotdog, croisson wich, grilled tomato and hashbrown. Served on the cover of the BF plate!
Haha. Tink they ran out of the black plates.

Friday, June 24, 2011


It's going to be an eventful journey ahead. At least from this coming weekend onwards. Gonna be filled with lotsa celebrations! Kinda excited and then gotta look forward to fasting month hah? Probably things does get better after some retail therapy eh. It works! For me. :)

Oh I gave my Watermelon lip balm to PSBF cos she loves it too much.
So there's a reason for me to grab the new MAYBELLINE lippie!
And I SO LOVE the color combo! ;)

And I finally managed to coax Mr G to a play!
I've been dragging him to alot of nonsense places anyways like ASM and Gdn Fest. Hee.
Okays.. So he claimed he's willing to go for this one cos he's curious to find out how the sentence by Hanging will be like. And he got Student's price lo. hmph.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What the FISH?!

PSBF came over before noon to have Mak's mee soto. Yeap no other reasons but that. Then we watched The Ward at PS. Thot it's gonna be something ghostly scary but not. It's more of a psychotic one which got us confused and went Huh? at the end of it. We then strolled over to 313 and went for Fish Spa. For the 1st time ever. Didn't really know what to expect! Got a promo of a combined Fish Spa and a 10min shoulder massage at $33. So we went for that. Nobody was using the Fish Spa so we got the luxury of using any 'tanks' we want. So we tried all four of them. The only diff is that they have diff sizes of fish in the diff 'tanks'. Anyways, it initially felt gross with them feeding on my feet (think Fear Factor, haha) but after a while, it felt fine. Oh the 10min massage was URGH! The masseuse said my shoulder keras like stone already. Really pulled all the effort to the elbow and hit me hard trying to pecah the batu. =_=" But felt gd afterwards and my feet? They're significantly smoother. PSBF wondered if there's any Fish Spa for the whole body.. Haha... Eeeewww dun even wana go der.

GSS Alert! - Finally I managed to shop (as in real SHOPPING) altho it was only at 313. Bot 3 pants from Uniqlo (same cut diff colors). Can't blame me right cos Dad's the same when it comes to shopping. Will buy the same shirts in diff colors. So gotta blame the genes passed from Dad. Hee. Anyways, they're really a steal at $19.90 each. UP$39.90 wor! A whopping $20 disct! And I used Babe's Charles n Keith voucher alr. Got myself a MJ lookalike (yah right!) and paid $13.90 for it. Hee. =)

Better than pedicure? I might think so.
See those thumb size fishies? They're freaky!
They not only attack my feet but my legs too!!

Looking at the pics made me feel them nibbling on me still. Eeks.

Turn-lock baby! hee.
$63.90??? That's an OVERPRICED Charles n Keith!

PSBF bot us TEN sugar rolls and this Cookies n Cream cake!
How thotful of her! ♥

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I love how my life is getting back on track (hopefully) after those hectic hiccups although I know very well it will never be over anytime soon. But heck! I'm just gonna go with the flow and that I realised COMMUNICATION is very important. By telling someone how you actually feel from the heart and being able to communicate that accurately beats anything. Just be honest and avoid any miscomm.

Emos aside, spent almost a day with Mr Gee. We thot we had the day planned so well with initially bf, lunch and dinner. But bf was cancelled at the las min so we're supposed to just lunch and dinner. Reached ASM before noon and we spent like 2.5hrs in that 10-finger architecture. Thot it wld be as vibrant inside but nah. Hee. The main galleries were in the Basement while the upper levels basically consist of the information of the building and some other inventions.

Anyways, we didn't snap pic from Vincent Van Gogh becos photography prohibited and that the exhibition itself is kinda dark. Was reading the story and sadness filled me up instantly. He actually had this mental illness and he took his own life, dying in his bro's arms.

Shipwrecked consists of many2 plates and such from the Tang dynasty while Dali was filled with boobs and more boobs.. Pics were taken mainly by him. Hee. Didn't find any interesting souvenirs to grab by the way.

We had a hearty late lunch at Popeyes and that lasted us all the way till night. Watched Laddaland which got the movie-goers screamed and then giggled. The Thai thriller had a Burmese ghost. Heh.


The main icon for Shipwrecked!

We got a random Maid to help us snap this pic. Hee.

Mr Gee instructed me to pose right there.
Dono wat's his intention.
Dali had a thing with drawers too!

Hanging by a moment here with you?
Literally hanging eh.

If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to find this at RWS.
The bigger than life size.

Mr Hantu Galah.. Haunting. Eee check out his fingers!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Say HeLLo

I can't help but feel at peace whenever I look at her.

Congrats Kak Tini!

Lovely Naimah! ♥

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


YaY! Dad gave us (Sis and Me!!) a Peeza treat! And it was delivered by a cute guy by the name of Luqman! heh. Worth every tip I gave him.. Hee. Made him count the money right there and then just so I cld tell him, U can keep them all. And he flashed me the sweetest smile. Haha...
So where's the Peeza's from?

They came in cool unsquarish boxes!
With cool prints on them of the Xmen!

They do have the Xmen meal which includes an exclusive Xmen glass.
But we didn't get that.

We ordered a large Chilli Chicken on New York crust.
Check out the mid section, it's freakingly thin and not crispy like a biscuit!
So we didn't feel that full from stuffing carbo.

Plus a regular Pepperoni pizza in hand tossed crust which costs us at an unbelievable 10cents!
Yeap! U read that right! Additional 10cents (must use coupon ar)!
We also included the Cheese onion rings as well as the twisty bread.
All in all for $36.50!!!
Will definitely order Domino's Pizza AGAIN!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sophie Baby

Looked forward to the late Sunday afternoon cos I'm gonna get to see Baby Sophie! I was a lil resentful to go initially but got a reminder from the Mummy and thinking of her, I braved through the crowd! As usual, her in-laws were so welcoming that I felt far from awkward. :) So nice of them. Her MIL even packed me so much food. Even Sophie's hip granny Suhaila was der! Yeap. The one who acted in 2 Alam. Funny that I just saw the dvd recently and here's the main actress in front of me in the flesh. She was frenly and warm cos as I was eating she just grabbed my hand to salam. Hee.

Baby Sophie: Mummy y r u behind the polka dot black thing? I can't see u Mummy.
Hee. She's so irresistable.

Baby Sophie: Urmm let's pretend that I'm sleepy. Yaaaaaaaawns.
Maybe Aunty will return me to Mummy..


And thanks Ah Wei and Ah Nian. For the impromptu late Sunday night movie. Been a very very long time since I watched a 9.30pm show. Had a gd laugh too! =)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a wonderful world =)

Happy and contented! Because finally after the exams and such, had a loooong date with Mr Gee. All 7hrs of it. =) He waited for me at CCK then we took the bus to PS. I made him angry somehow before the movie. Like really really really really angry till he went to the side and ngampul. Heh. So we were so in silent and thanks eh. Scary movies helped! I was already moved to the further side from him but this one part scared the hell out of everyone in the cinema, his hands came rambling for me lah. Eeeeyer! Hee. Insidious. The girls hid under their shawls and jackets while the boys (yeap Boys, the men acted macho but i assumed they had their eyes shut for the scary parts) buried their faces in their Tees. There's another part of the movie which had a girl screaming as if she's on a roller coaster I swear. Gosh! And another boy kept going WTF WTF WTF when the spirits popped by the screen. duh. Me? Hee. I did scream at one part but that's becos I was SHOCKED okays? Not scared. hee. I must say tho that Insidious was the best movie we ever watched tog and he of course agreed readily becos the rest made up of cartoons. Mostly. Heh. ;p

I liked everything about the movie. The storyline especially. Where most scary movies came about becos of murders and such, this one's totally different. And the ending was unexpected. To think that everything was settled finally, it wasn't. And Mr Gee was confident that there's gonna be a sequel. We'll see. =)

We had Fish n Co. dinner finally. For the first time since it got Halal. hee. Shared the Platter for 1 and Mussels in Lemon Butter Garlic sauce (I missed u Nian!). Then we headed to Suntec. It's been ages since I last went there. And it appeared to be much more quiet than town despite GSS. I think I rarely go there since Ion opened! Went to LS but cldn't find anything that was attractive altho prices was slashed by half. We decided to walk over to MBS. Just in time to catch the Light show. Watched it for the 2nd time but I was more resting my legs than enjoying the show. The bubbles didn't fly our way also becos of the wind directions. Went to LS again and still abt the same kinda stuff. So didn't grab anything but saw Ecco on the opp.

Oh ya. Thanks to sis I was influenced to grab a pair for myself as well. For the most comfy place on Earth. Hee. Saw a few pairs at Taka but when I saw Mr Gee's reactions, I controlled myself.

And last night he has nothing more to say. Made my 1st purchase of Ecco shoes. Saw his reactions but he let me have my way. OH come on. It's my 1st and probably the only GSS buy. hee. And has 10% disct ma! =p

Okays I was torn between the two colors. Tried the blue at first but as I was wearing my pink dress, he said it didn't match well. And I thot the yellow was not bad either. Anyways, it's not that sooo light blue in reality.

This yellow one matches my MJ wristlet so well! But not my skin color. Saw the blacks on my feet more obviously when I put this on so in the end, settled for the blue one. Hee. Then we took the long journey bus home. hee.

And 2nd round of GSS shall continue later on today. Oops! Will just accompany the sis lah. hee.