Thursday, August 30, 2012


Tired! But all's worth it! :)

Initially wanted to have it at PS but changed my mind at the last min.
So went to Delicious instead.
Halal food but served alcoholic drinks hence cant halal the whole restaurant.

Me and my cuppies! hee

English breakfast tea! At $5.

The first time I had scones was at Down Under in the choo choo train.
These ones were YUMMY!
Warm scones in the rainy weather.
Served with cream and jam at $3.

Was thinking of salmon the whole morning and I got them in my caesar salad!
So filling!
There's beef bacon, anchovies, egg and generous twists of Salmon. :D

And Nian's (definitely more than a quarter pounder) supposedly delicious Cheeseburger served with shoe string fries!
Aft the hearty hi-tea treat from her, cld feel my tummy's filled to the ribs. Thankful.
Luckily for me and in time, did it at CSC while waiting for him. hehe
Just nice he came down slightly after I settled in the comfy sofa.
Looking forward to the wkend now!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Suddenly got a blow in the morning which lasted till noon.
Then a student called to say he has something to give to office.
Looked up and saw he's holding colorful packs.
"Tissue!?", I exclaimed.
Turned out to be......

CHOCOLATES! All the way from Germany. ;)
Just when I needed lotsa them.

Was abt to go for lunch when this cutie appeared with his bicycle.
I gotta stick myself on the wall to make way for him cos he wana go tru on his bicycle.
Shd have stared at him ar... hee

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lovely Saturday

Somehow we finally made it!
The Bt Timah Climb date with Nian. I was so semangat that I went out at 6.45am.
Didn't know it was damn early till I felt the darkness of the wee morning crept in.

Completed Quest of Shrek! hee.
After all the countless inconsistent steps, we made it to the summit!
And hey, there was no monkeys in view.
They must still be sleeping. 

The trail which we took!
We went up and up and up then down then another steep up.
Cld feel my thighs shaking throughout the climb. haha
And she's already asked for the next climb date. >.<'

Family pic! As in his bro's family pic la.
Amazing that all faces were in when it was snapped in the vertical position.
Last yr it was just us and the girls.
Glad that this time all of us were in.

Snapped with his SIL while waiting for the rest to come back.

And it felt like we Raya for the 2nd time this yr.
Oh and that Raya Blues wasn't even planned or arranged.
But it matched Yuckily. haha.
Worst, kena instructed to sit at this cute chair for the annual foto taking. ;p

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blessed Syawal ;)

Alhamdulillah. Syawal's here!
Everything happened in a blink of an eye today.
And Alhamdulillah for the 1st time in my life [really shame of myself :( ] and after his nagging, I followed mom for Raya prayers in the morning.
Upon reaching home and just about to cool down, Dad came home and rushed us out of the house to begin our Raya visiting! Adoi. I haven't decided what to wear even!
We were out by 930 in the morn!
And so glad that we were done for the day at 1plus.
But not for long. Cos bro and and the ILs came in black soon after.
When they're gone, wanted to laze when Bibik came!
So got to prep and such again. That's what Hari Raya is all about.

He also hasn't confirmed the time he wld be coming over to visit but as per last 2 years, he managed to come   on really early Syawal. 

Was really tired to change my baju and put on my lenses.
So here goes. Our first pic with me in speckies.
Geeks beraya eh?
Dono why our hand pose sama je. Copycat seh!

And we were instructed by the photographer to sit on the floor for the final pic. >.<
After the snap he suddenly asked, "Bila masa awak point ur finger at me?" 

Friday, August 17, 2012

LonG FriDay and LonG WeekEnd

Took leave today to actually spring clean the house but well....
Went to get my hair snipped for just $3.80!
Madness. Thanks to Mom.
It was less than 15mins and I was out of the salon!
We then made our way over to J10 in the heavy rain.
Otherwise we wld have walked over instead.

Hunted for the frozen chkn and finally found them!
Not at the usual fridge.
Then we took the bus home cos luckily for us, the rain has decided to stop.

After lazing for half an hr, we decided to start baking.
She did her marble cakes! Twice! The above was just Round 1.

While I decided to bake brownies...
It's been so long.

Even baked cuppies as well!
So here's the endorphin-filled tupperware!
Brownies and cuppies with toppings. hee.
And it's been really a long Friday cos I went over to TM to meet him then to Suntec for break-fast and we took 75 which went to Outram, Tiong Baru, Tanglin, Holland and stopped by Bt Timah for 985.
Gosh it was a 1.5hr (or 2) bus ride. >.<

Thank you for the card babe! So sweet. ;)
The only card I received this yr.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the 31st

It was his bday yest but the first that I didn't get to celebrate with him.
So passed his lil momento on Sunday instead.

Did a frame with our polaroids.
The first thing he saw was my solo pic and he went "Then my pic dun have?" -_-
This was supposed to be back by the way.

So here's the front! Attached his birthdate strap at the side which I got all the way from Okinawa.
And the date had to be in his fave color. Green!
So ogre. :)

 My first ever try on Tapak Kuda! Horseshoe roll.
Managed to make 3 rolls per recipe.

Sis in law got me this HUGE pink chocky!! hee

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What u've missed

 Almost mid of Aug now!

Sumptious break fast at Hard Rock, RWS.

Nasi Kunyit with beef rendang.

With my dream ogre!

Yummy popcorn all to myself! :)

Shdn't we reach for the moon just in case we cldn't reach it we wld then fall among the stars?

Last min visit to Naimah's.
She's so approachable lah.

Trying her best to remove the contents.

M&Ms done!

Recipe given by sec sch mate more than 15yrs ago.

The cookies did not expand cos I hand mixed the ingredients instead.

Something's not right abt how these tarts look!

Any better?

Had the pre Pizza Hut dinner aft Magic Mike!
The dance moves were so much better (sleek and seductive to the max!) than Thunder from Down Under.