Thursday, June 21, 2018

S.E.A Aquarium

Since his 1st official school hols fall during Ramadhan and Raya, we took him to S.E.A Aquarium today. He sure enjoyed himself but was flat out at the end of the visit. Here’s some pics!

Us standing above the sting ray.

Shark seas.

Unicorn fish.


Husband bought the stingray magnet for the kid and the pink octopus for me 
(cos it’s $5 with any purchase). 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Syawal keEnam

Alhamdulillah. So thankful and happy that I got to meet the girlfriends before they end maternity leave and for Raya. Yay finally all 5 kids meet and sure they did not have enough of one another. And it’s been fulfilling after completing the parents’ side and left with a few from the husband’s to go this weekend. Hopefully get to visit the best friends as well. Insha Allah. Next week, school reopens and looking forward to our airport stay! 🤗 Some highlights of my favourite below!

Loves this so much. Bidaran or cili2.

Cousin baked all these and that Ondeh2 rolls were the bomb!

This was unique. Tiny macarons and so colourful!

These meringues were so pretty and had a thin biscuit as a base.

Always looks forward to meet Manja once a year.
Still as shy as ever. Look at those 👀!

Thanks to husband’s bff for these Shanghai Disney souvenirs!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Syawal 2018

Alhamdulillah. Completed Ramadhan without any ‘hutang’. Only cooked Ayam Kurma and Sambal Udang today but macam nak pengsan because did laundry as well. Marinated ayam too and fried a few for the kid. Then pan fry dendeng. Alhamdulillah all done now except for packing the Raya bags.

Husband splurged on this diffuser.
Super love the packaging.

Just look at how it was packed. 😍

While I was soaked in perspiration and hair all messed up, ada orang kasi salam.
And said Delivery!
I thought it was the popiah that the husband ordered but my heart fluttered when I saw a hamper. So pretty!

Can’t bear to rip it apart.

This year’s simple decor.
Loving the carpet chosen by husband from Ling Carpets.

Had to put this up somewhere.

And the essentials for tomorrow’s visiting marathon.
7 houses to go so simple make-up will do.
Loves how pigmented Huda Beauty lip matte are and how non-oily my face stays with Innisfree no sebum powder. Not to forget NYX micro browliner! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


2 days left of Ramadhan Insha Allah. Syukur so much that I only baked Sugee and Mom gave me 4 kuih raya. Tarts, Makmur, Madura and Choc Chip cookies. Alhamdulillah. Was aiming of having at least 4 kuih raya but now I’m blessed with a lot more. Here’s the complete delectables for guests.

Oh yes, Mom made rempenyek too!
So I’ll have a total of 9 varieties of Kuih Raya!

Annual Geylang trip done and dusted.
Too many bazaars and stalls, we only wanted to grab sampul duit and carpet.
Went out at 7.50pm and home by 9.50pm. 😂
Went to TKC, passed by haig road, Joo Chiat then carpet shop.
Insha Allah, Raya decor post next up! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

GSS 2018

Now that GSS has begun, these buys officially started my retail therapy. Managed to drag the husband and M to MBS and drop by JJMMRaya as well. So here’s the damages done!

I missed the $10 mist the last time because I wasn’t aware.
This time around the mists are going for $12 including roll-ons!
So I bought these 3.
Been using Pure Seduction since years ago but I moved on to Bombshell.
Do note that the mists don’t last long like perfumes.
The other Limited Edition was Love Spell.
First time though that I saw this collection.
I still have my Bombshell roll-on but $12 for another roll-on is such a steal.
Furthermore, this one has 2 scents in a roller!
Good for travels!

Moving on to Bath and Body Works!
Their hand soaps are going at $6! It’s really a big difference to use normal hand soaps but I love their foaming soaps. Decided to stock up and so spoilt for choices because there’s a few new collections. Ended up getting exfoliating and moisturizing ones besides the usual foams. Anyways got to keep lookout cos they can be as low as $5 when on sale!