Sunday, September 30, 2018


Finally! I can breathe. No more thinking of goodie bags la, fillers, food. Gosh. So much effort in inviting about 15 people only. But the week ahead will be rather short with Children’s Day on the Friday and halfday on Thursday. Alhamdulillah his celebration over and done with. Honestly we wanted to forgo the party this time cos his celebration was at Legoland itself. But the Obeks asked about his birthday that’s when we decided to just do it. Pictures!

A really simple deco but those tassels! 
Such a hassle to do them up.
And the balloon’s $7.50!
Really happy that I got them goodie bags and the fillers over af Kaison!
Loving my monstera too!

Didn’t know it was difficult to find Lightning Mcqueen cake.
Had to order from Swensens. 

His presents! Well none from me and husb.
He was really happy to be receiving Lego and Mcqueen toys.
Sis bought him a Nike jacket!

Food from Orange Clove similar to last year but this time we ordered the Mini Buffet instead of the Mini Tea reception. 
October’s coming and before you know it, the year will come to a close. 😳

Thursday, September 27, 2018

JB’s shopping

A little update on what we bought especially at Legoland. He did not want anything specific but we did his ‘licence card’ over at the driving school.
Macam paham betul. Here’s what we purchased!

Husband bought him the brickhead cap because his cookie monster’s a little small for him now. He chose the design himself.
Nenek bought him 2 tees.
Bought for bro a tee too and the sil salt and pepper containers.
The lego playset he chose and Tok paid for it.
I chose the tiffany umbrella cos we have no long umbrella at home.
The boy chose the lanyard for his ezlink card.
Chose the small pink lego storage as souvenir.

We stopped over at Aeon Bt Indah and Paradigm after check-out.
Bought our favourite diffusers from Akemi Uichi.

Next my favourite shop, Kaison!
Managed to settle the goodie bags and glad that everything totalled up to less than RM150!
Happy seh cos I took many locks and tags and the paper bags cost 40cents only.

Yes. These were the only tops I bought at Padini.
These cost a total of S$45.80 (RM137.40).
That’s like S$8+ each seh. 
Too bad I can’t find long sleeve tops for the boy.

Loves buying their Famous Amos cos they carry different gift sets.
But we bought this big container and it’s about S$20 for 360gm of cookies.
Kecoh cos the husband saw them weighing the cookies wrongly but it was corrected after that. It was a tiring trip but I know the boy enjoyed his birthday treat.
Looking forward to anniversary staycation and before that, his little party this weekend!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Birthday trip to Legoland Hotel 24-26 Sep 2018

Reporting ‘live’ from Legoland Hotel. The kid’s been pestering for this trip for his birthday and the dad made his wish come true. Glad that the parents and sis tagged along. 
But honestly I’m looking forward to the shopping day instead.
And for this packed weekend!

Thankful that the hotel managed to do up this fun decor for the birthday boy at the last minute. I have requested for slice of cake but didn’t know that they cld do deco too.
Balloons are such great and simple way to liven up any celebration.
You bet the the kid’s overjoyed even before his birthday arrives.
Dah dapat gi play rides at Legoland then staying at their Kingdom themed room, dapat balloons, gifts from the treasure chest and bought his souvenirs skali.
Another long day tomorrow for him!

Had a hard time trying to crack the code because the questions are tricky.
But hey we did it!

Although we arrived around 11-ish, we did managed to take more almost 10 rides and even watched their main show!
Definitely will continue tomorrow but now already aching.
The rides were interactive because you’re required to shoot la, pump la, hand shuffle la, steer la. Just when I was about to lie down, could feel every fat aching.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Annual trip to Zoo and River Safari

Husband has been given complimentary zoo/ river safari tickets since 2016 (he can send his request and we always choose Aug/ Sep). So this is the 3rd year bringing the boy to see the animals. He sure remembers clearly and kept squealing  “I like this show I like this show’, as we find our seats at the amphitheater’s for the Rainforest show. Alhamdulillah this time around they have new shows for both Elephant Show and Rainforest Show.

 I’ll start to worry when he lose interest in going to the zoo with us. 😬

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Small Big Dreamers at National Gallery

Been wanting to visit National Gallery but never got the chance to. Planned to go for some sand play today but it rained way early in the morning so the National Gallery idea came up.
It was fun for the boy when he got to touch and get involved with some of the installations.
And today they’re giving free activity kits as well.
Only thing was we missed the B1 exhibition. Oh well.

The area less explored. This was part of the fencing of Parliament.
Really pretty.

They having some touch-ups for F1 hence, the mess there.

Grandma tagged along but not in picture.

From Level 2 of National Gallery huge window.

This really pretty huge door.

Rainbow passage made up of colourful ribbons. 

One of the installations. 

The free activity kit was really fun! 
Hope the kid enjoyed his 1 week break to Gardens by the Bay and National Gallery. 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Birthday celebration

The sil wanted to treat us to Fatpapas for her birthday. She wanted a surprise present instead of telling me her wishlist.
So here’s what happened.

The parents wanted me to buy on their behalf.
Really had no idea but surveyed online first.
Remembered that I bought her a Guess bag for the parents last year and decided to get Coach wristlet this time. Was torn between a wallet and the wristlet but settled on the wristlet instead.
Was just about to make payment when sis tried the perfume and decided to grab for sil as well. So her presents settled.
Then nearer to the day, felt kinda incomplete as she would be ‘redeeming’ Coach only.
So went to get that stuffed bear and wrapped the cookie monster storage.
Haa meriah skit. Got a balloon too today.

Husband chose the balloon and bought the cake for her.
Quite a matching theme.

Although there was a minor hiccup in ordering the cake, glad that it got customised.
We didn’t pre-order but thankfully the outlet acceded to the request.
Hazelnut ice cream cake.
She’ll be getting a surprise tomorrow and just hope she liked all the presents.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sunflower 🌻 Path

We had staycation at Mom’s and decided to go see the sunflower display at Gardens by the Bay. Went out later in the afternoon and it wasn’t that crowded yet.
So here’s the pics!
That annual visit to Flower Dome.

One up-close.

Since it’s the 2nd day of display, probably some have not bloomed but we saw some dying too. It just reminded me of Okinawa.


Wish I could have my own garden so that i could smell flowers every single day.

Just realised that my straw bag is huge.
It’s not heavy too and very cheap (<$20) from Bed Bath And Beyond.

It rained quite heavily when we completed the tour.
Alhamdulillah managed to find Texas Chicken and so had our early dinner there.
Glad that I could grab the Bath and Bodyworks fragrant mists at $8.
And CottonOn delivery has arrived!
Unboxing videos up next! (Naaaaa for my own viewing only)