Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Secret Garden

We cut short our badminton session due to the threatening sky. We did feel the drizzle coming and wanted to rush back. Something green and bright yellow caught our eyes! It's the fruits and not one or two but lotsa of them on the grass! We went picking like it's our own tree. Gathered as many as we could into my racquet cover. hee. Here it goes! Hee. :)

So GREEN! And nice smelling! Can't wait to go back der! hee.

Had wrapped one for him... In Pink tissue. hee

Today my Prof waited for me while I attended the counter. He wanted to tell me that he has placed his bag near my desk. So I asked what's the contents of the bag. He bluntly replied bomb. -_-
Added for that, he gave me this Cadbury choc. Fruit n Nut! O_O
Macam tahu je I need doses of endorphins in the morn.
Gotta save it for later cos it's gonna be my only tummy growling stopper for this week!
Using the new blogger and hey look! I can finally strikethrough my words.. CooL. geez

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Nothings... ;)

It's been such a fun week!
We decided to watch Hunger Games and was quite taken aback at the crowd.
The theatre was filled up to the front row.
Ours was at the 5th row from the front. At the left corner. For the 1st time. Ever.
And not only that, it was a 142min show! Despite the duration, it didn't seem as long.
The intensity of the plot but it reminded me clearly of Twilight.
While he murmured Romeo and Juliet in my ears at the part where the District 12 pair wanted to die together so that there wld be no winners.

Moving on to Sat was the shopping date with psbf. She wanted to shop ard for clothes and mind you, shopped she did! Splurging $140+ at H&M (but for so many pieces, worth it!) and $90+ at Robinsons. Thank God I managed to control myself and (okays!) bot a H&M pants at $39.90. :)
Oh we watched tHe Woman in Black at Cine. Surprisingly still have seats and we bot over the counter. Yay. So rare of me to watch movies 2 days in a row.

Then we walked over to OC to check out sis' fren's Bazaar booth.
She's selling stuff from Whittard. And so glad that psbf bot sumting (ex!) from her.
If you are interested in getting the varieties of hot chocs or mugs, do let me know.
Just x3 the prices of those u saw on the webbie.

Yeap she bot the Mad Hatter mug (the holder comes in the shape of a key and there's even quotes on the back of the mug). Such a significant gift it wld make. ;)
And she got quite a hefty disct too!

I got the SKINNY hot choc for myself and sis' fren threw in the easter eggs as well as the Heart shaped Mallows (according to him it's Mellows ;p). The mellows was yummy cos it had that lil tinge of stroberi taste. She gave me a disct too!

Can't believe I stayed home the whole day today!
Forced myself to cycle alone this morn cos laziness got the better of sis.
I cycled for abt 40min at the usual route.
So scheduled my rather boring Sunday with the weekly chore of ironing the clothes.
Thinking I still have some ingredients left from the prev baking, decided to bake another round of cupcakes. This time, I'm sticking to Vanilla.
Showed him my skills and he gave me an 8/10 for the above bulat2 cuppies.

Sadly he gave me a 1/10 for this final cuppie. :(
Very supportive indeed eh. Somemore asked me to put some angry bird figs instead.
I was unhappy of course so I tried to justify to him.

With this. He increased the score to 3.5. -_-
Still commented comot la etc... It's supposed to be artistic ma.
U surely dun expect me to use curve ruler here to splatter the choc frosting.
Wait till he taste it. I'm pretty confident he wld give me a perfect 10!
But too bad for him, I cld guarantee that the cuppies will be gone before the week ends.

So sis dropped by her fren's booth today and grabbed me this mug!
Loves the details by her.

She even put those shredded papers at the bottom of the paperbag to prevent any cracks.
I simply love the dots and the half hearted handle. :)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So we were chatting abt revenge and such.
He claimed that revenge is poison.
I wld have definitely killed him long time ago shd I executed my revenge on him alr.
The conversation continues.....

Still sempat say my hands rough. Evil eh.
Dying alr dun care what, hands rough or smooth.
The quicker the better.
Aft that clever, he decided to chg his statement.

Mushy much? Dun puke now. haha.
Let's have a great week ahead!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feeling Yellow

Been feeling tired more than ever. Wondered why.
Cld it be due to the lack of rest?
Been gg out on the last wkend wout any gd rest.
Didn't feel the tiredness back then cos was excited in meeting the loved ones.
Still excited till today cos Nian's finally back from her Euro trip!
So I owed her a belated bday dinner as well as her presie.
Here it goes!

Havaianas!!! Woa now Havaianas also have add-ons called pin holes.
U cld add those cutesy stuff onto ur havaianas straps.
My dear Nian initially chose a pink skeleton head but she changed quickly to these white flowers which really went well with her pinkish orangy flops! ;)

She got me this GREEN erm is it a froggie, from Scotland!
No ordinary magnet but comes with music.
Thank U Nian! ;p

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tHe tenTh hour

We had already planned the night before on the venue and time to meet. He didn't even msg me on that day if he's out or what. So I just headed out as planned. He was a lil late and thankfully I didn't leave him behind. Else will be a totally diff story.

We watched Love Strikes! at Kallang Leisure Park.
Yeah. Of all places. But ok la at least now know what's there.
Not gonna go back there EVER again. Seriously.

Killed time at PS and went for dinner at Marina.
Sat by Esplanade (for the 1st time ever with him) accompanied by Ska music at the backgrd.
Thanks to the Mosaic Fest.

Then finally the time comes for us to see i Light Marina!
It was a huge event which surrounded the marina bay area stretching from Merlion Park all the way to MBS and to the other side. We only covered Floating Platform area.
Better than nothing! ;)

This is so cool. He shone the torch light at the mirror and this appeared on the wall.

I love this pic. Cos can see the reflection of the helix bridge on the water.

He whined and whined at me cos I wanted so much to see the i Light in the end he was the one snapping vid. Adoi.

Finally some design on ASM. :)
And so our date was from 1130am all the way till 930pm (10-hr date!).
As psbf said..'kalahkan org keje...'
Mana ada... Org keje got 12hr lor..Wait. 24hr also have.

Hey! Easter's coming! Loves all the eggs esp those in Cold Storage. ;)
But I bot the wrong one cos it's not even choc. :(
Malted milk instead.
Now my tongue's kinda heaty.

I'm so blessed too!
Prof's wife baked and passed me (okla us!) some choc banana walnut muffins!
He told me firmly to share with the rest in the office.
I just looked at him blankly before replying 'Am I that obvious?'
He giggled away. -_-
Within a day, we cleaned up that tupperware. Hee.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My fave Girls! ;)

So happy to have received her sms cos gonna get to go out with both of them!

Lil Sophiena's such a sweet girl.
She gave me her toothless smile when she first saw me yest.
Must be thinking, "Aunty's here! So meriah. Mummy sure gonna bring me jalan2 with her!"
She didn't even cry except once when her diapers gone wet.

Just look at her big round eyes! Hee.
She's so full of curiosity when I self-shot this pic with my polaroid. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012


"Ku dah cuba hidup tanpa dirimu,
Terbukti duniaku haru biru,
Mudah hilang punca dan arah tuju,
Fikiran meracau tak menentu,
Emosi terganggu

Mengapa bisa jemu,
Mengapa bisa rindu,
Mengapa bisa jadi begitu"

Friday, March 16, 2012

HappY thOts

The partner's bday just over.

And I am honoured to be her first working partner. :)

And goodies from JKT!
Thankies shorties. ;)


Sometimes in life you feel...

Empty. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sniffing the weekenD :)

Still have Fri am to rush. Now thinking of mom's nasi lemak alr. Thot she knew I was feeling down that she had to whip up a special dish on a wkday. Sekali abang la called to say he's coming. He went back a happy man. With a huge tummy. Hee. Cannot wait for the wkend to come now! Cos having dates with the GFs! Hmmm.
And I'm glad that I've called BFF tis morn to wish her bday!
I think I'm addicted in updating via my Ip now. How?
But sucks cos can't include pics which I had a few to share actually.
Oh March now. Mid march. Nothing March to look forward to.
I'm rather excited for May's titanic getaway. Berangan je.
But will be coaching over to KL (sponsored trip!) in Apr.
Hopefully wont shop cos need to save for May's taiwan trip if jadik.
I feel like wana go cycling to nowhere.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Gone

So it took me 2 days to decide if I should post the prev entry. Becos words are like weapon to some. And sadly words can change a person's life dramatically. I shd have already learnt well enough that I need to think alot harder now before I speak. And consider the feelings of others first before mine. So I have decided to take these few days starting from tonight to be away from you. Luckily for me, you do not read what I wrote here cos if you do, I'll be doomed as you wld have taken all my words negatively.

You asked me a question on why I felt that way and so i reasoned out with all the facts. Yet I was somehow placed at the wrong stand. Telling me it was so damn wrong to have felt the way I feel. I should have mastered the skill of reading your mind and your plans and put all of my trust in it. But too bad for me, I have not acquired such skill.

And if you said that you did or do not understand me, I have to understand that clearly. So let me have this time to Rethink, Reflect and Refigure every part of this.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't ask me if i'm fine

Cos i'm not. Far from being fine in fact. So it hit me today that if things aren' t this way, major changes might have taken place. I have to understand and spare the feelings. Y wld i even consider my own feelings? It won't matter to anyone what more you. I have to be that girl with a smile plastered to her face. I will try to be every single day and save my tears right till the end of the day. When there's nothing much to hold it back, it flows just so continously. Then now it feels like it's all too late. I knew i was feeling it even before the wkend begins. Thankfully i got my wkend filled. Brisk walked on fri evening, worked on Sat, cycled early on Sunday then drove and baked. I'll give that space, that life wout me, back to u. I hope u cld rearrange and i dunno. Just tink of what's best. Who cares what i feel anymore, it wont matter. Cos u know ur right. I'll make it. I'll try to make it. With or without u. And i hope u'll be happy. Wait. Much happier.

Hello slpless nites and puffy eyes! O.O

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Walking Alone

"Come together like a foot in a shoe
Only this time I think I stuck my foot in my mouth.
Thinking out loud and acting in vain.
Knocking over anyone that stands in my way.

Sometimes I need to apologize.
Sometimes I need to admit that I ain't right.
Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut, or only say hello.
Sometimes I still feel I'm walking alone."

- Walking Alone, Green Day

It's funny how one day u cld be all happy and the next u cld be feeling lower than ever.
I guess I talked too much and I kinda regret about it.
Shd've just shut it and not even think of it.
Now things will nvr be the same again.

I thot I had learnt my lesson the hard way but here I am trying to make the grave mistake again. But I'm sure that things happen for a reason.
Allah knows best. I cld only keep on reminding myself that.
I went into a baking frenzy today and so here's the results.

My first try at cup cakes and it wasn't that satisfying.
Lots of room for improvement indefinitely.
Lack of those colorful candied toppings.

And my first ever Heart brownie.
So will splatter the choc frosting when served.
Ice cream will be good too BUT the appetite's gone for now. :(

Thursday, March 8, 2012

h a P P i n e S S

I'm tired alright but happy! :)

Simply becos I've got to meet him two days in a row! ♥
Simply becos he fetched me at Bn Lay yest (altho he was from work at Alexandra) and at sch today (he waited 2.5hrs for me)! ♥♥
Simply becos he sent me right at my lift for these two evenings! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

kiLLer :(

I THINK I stomped on a pair of mating roaches.
Oh Oh!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"...And it takes NO TIME to fall in love

But it takes you YEARS to know what love is..."

- Life is Wonderful (Jason Mraz)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Becoming a Beauty Junkie

Thanks to the Personal Grooming course last week, I can't wait to get my hands on the following:

Dior 'Serum de Rouge' Luminous Color Lip Treatment SPF 20

Hypnôse Doll Lashes

Joining the BB craze and I already bot the tiny bottle of that 1st one in the row above.