Tuesday, August 31, 2010

aLL thinGs beautifuL :)

I'm so glad that finally school has started. Means WORK! YaY!
But seriously, the new kids all looked so young. Tsk.
And now that Mr Gee has started his new Sem too, I've got the time to slow down a bit. Hee.
Anyhows, some of the things that made me GRIN anytime of the Day.

ThanKs partner! For the ShReK magnet!
I cld easily imagine myself bringing back tonnes of USS plastic bags filled with ShRek stuff.
And I'm glad that Partner managed to help me get MerLy!
wHich was sold out eventually all over the island..

a wHite motH visited our door @ work.

A miNNie from tOkyo on the leFt and miNNie from HK on the rigHt.
tHanKieS gOO2! :D

anD pooR mR gEE got to look out at tHe pretty sUnseT to check for his break-fast time.
aNd worSt of all, had to breaK-faSt in NTU. SheEsh! Hee ;p

Sunday, August 29, 2010

tHe white fLag

Today marked the 2nd of cookie-making and I would like to announce that I'm hanging my oven glove for the yr. Sis and I started abit late cos of the morning rain (yah! blame the weather!). First on schedule today was the Hazelnut scroll. But as we did not have any hazelnut, we replaced it with almond.

I must say that it looked pretty BUT when I tried it just now, it didn't taste as gd as it looked.
It's a lil bland.

Will skip it the next yr I guess.

As the Hazelnut scroll needs to be fridged for abt half an hr, we decided to clear the balance cornflakes.
So swiftly we melted the butter and mixed honey into it.
Poured onto the flakes and there we have it!
Simple but not my fave. At all.

Before we started on the flakes, I had done up the dough for the Choc Fudge brownie cookie.
It needs to be fridged for an hr.
The outcome of the cookie wasn't as nice but it tasted much better than the scrolls. :D


Anyways, READY or NOT, here comes the first day of school!
I seriously hope for a smooth new Acad Year. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

tHree rounDs..

Yup! Three rounds or rather 2.5 rounds of cookie-baking done today! Started early almost at 8am and fortunately, managed to escape from driving sis to work. hEE.

The 1st we did was the almond cookies. They wld be covered with choc tmr only.
Here u cld see how messy my kitchen is..tSk tSK.

the 2nd was mom's new recipe which she got from Bibik.
Altho it looks pretty, I have a feeling that I'm NOT gonna like it.. One bit.

the 3rd is a repeat recipe..which sis didn't favor at all.
She claimed it tasted too sweet (consists of choc chip, white choc, icing sugar).
This time I reduced the icing sugar by three huge spoonfuls.
And it didn't taste that sweet anymore but a lil more crunchy than before.
Due to the cornflakes. :)

Well, after measuring three diff recipes, I came to conclude that Hari Raya cookies cld simply add the kilos for you.
Why? Becos the ratio of the Butter and the Sugar VS the flour is either 1:1 OR 2:1...
How freaky is that?! goSh. (^___^)"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

bOn VoyaGe

I just bot Agnes B bag yesterday then when bos came in today aft her HK retreat,
she passed us our souvenir.
At 1st glance I thot I saw a shiny choc wrapper. But it wasn't.

At closer look, I saw the white wordings. hEE!

It's NOT only from Boss but also from EC! ♥♥
Hee. Now I can declare I've got the DRIVE to start the new Acad Year!
Boss did not let us choose the color but she just randomly passed it to each of us.
And I LOVE my color cos it looks pale pinky!! THANKIES ♥

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Indeed tonite was SPECIAL...

NOT becos of my new polka-dot Agnes B casual bag
NOT becos of the beautiful full moon
NOT becos of my black skirt
NOT becos I had rice for break-fast
BECOS of Mr gEE sending me home

Monday, August 23, 2010

bE my babY..

Didn't expect it to be quite a meet-up cos Fai cld make it the last minute. :) YaY!
When we reached the house, Baby Ally was bz shaking her booty to a Siti Nurhaliza number. EEkS!
Met Fai and had dinner at KFC. :)

Ally was squinting her eyes at my BB's flash.

And still cldn't get used to it!

When I off the flash then she was gleeing...

And waving her spoon away!

And then we started goofing away.
Gosh! I din know I have BUNNY tooth! YIKES! Haha.
And she hasnt learn the peace sign yet except the pointing Up finger..

Making a Classic expression while on Auntie FAI's lap!

Here she was focusing on the BB right in frnt of her.. :D

Last but not least a pic of the ALL girls' dinner.. But too bad it came out real Blur. Hee.
Sidah and Dyan, u girls have to JOIN us the next time okays.

Fai actually successfully made a Cheesecake but it turned out very sweet.
She even tapau-ed a slice for me... Hee. :)

Altho the meet-up was under three hours, I really appreciate the time tog cos it's hard to meet due to our own commitments. But no matter what happens, we have to remain frens till FOREVER.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

LoVeS buKe...and an uninteresting story..eeKs

Waited patiently for Thurs to come! Cos it'd be the day to break-fast with mR gEE. Hee. He wanted RICE while I wanted noodles. We initially decided to dine at Ernie's (Dhoby Ghaut mrt) but I whined at him of my cravings for Waffle Cheese fries from BreeKs. After waiting for at least 45mins at Pioneer platform (since his OT ended at 3pm and he's willing to wait for me and make me feel bad.. ;p), we headed to City Square instead. There's so many Halal eateries and there's no crowd at all. It's our fourth time there if I cld rem accurately.
And Waffle Cheese Fries I got for break-fast! YaY! ♥

Heeeeee! ♥

And I had the crabmeat with smoked salmon for the 2nd time.
The 1st was at Marina Square.
But I dun rem they included a dash of mushroom sos in it....

Mr gEE actually was abt to snap a pic of his free salad and his
Ocean drink when his main course was served.
Chicken parcel and there's rice underneath that huge piece of chick.

If you dined at Breeks, u shd nvr forgo their Brownie!
Warm on the bottom served with freezing ice cream...
But we were too full to finished it up. :(

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Friday came and it was time to iftar with Sally!
She was abit late and we reached Kintamani at ard 730pm.
But it was crowded this time compared to the last Fri.

There's no Satay but roast beef instead.
No cendol also... :(

Then I made her pose at the huge stairway.
Thx Sally for the treat! Heee. ♥

I dunno if I shd keep a record of this but he wanted to add me in FB again.
With a message saying he has moved on and found a nice girl and wld like to stay as frens in FB.
I simply ignored the request and the msg.
Abt half an hr later, another msg was rcvd saying to forget abt the whole thing and that he wished me and the new LUCKY guy all the best. I guess some pple nvr change.
And if u've moved on like totally, y wld u still wan to be part of MY life??
Isn't it funny how easily u crushed my world last fasting mth and this fasting mth u thot it'd be okay to stay as frens?
But of course I've long forgiven you and in fact was very thankful that it happened. Seriously.
And hey, ur alr engaged now AGAIN right? For the 3rd time. So be happy.
U've got what u wanted. :)
A young girl with a BRIGHT future and I'm sure u cld handle her excess baggage issues easily.
The only scenarios I cld think of for ur msges are:
1) U wanted very much to know who's the new LUCKY guy and how I am doing.
2) Her ex still harassing her and u thot why not a tit-for-a-tit and a tat-for-a-tat so u went ahead to msg me.
3) After getting the feeling of being ignored, u quickly chg ur mind thinking it was a bad idea afterall..
(like DUH)
4) Ur mind suddenly thot of me and so thus the msg
U need not worry a single bit abt my life right now becos somehow u made me stronger. Really.
And I need not know how your fairy tale gonna end this time round.
Becos I dun care anymore and u shdn't. Too.
If u must know, I've CHANGED. Yes I had! *ROLLS EYES

Monday, August 16, 2010

On the 6th day of Ramadhan :)

Alhamdulillah we've reached the 6th day of Ramadhan. Nothing much has been done though in the first weekend of the fasting mth. Well Sis has cleaned the fridge whereas Bro has helped in vacuuming the rooms. Well, I have done ermmm nothing? Hee. I've helped mom source out for offer items especially the main ingredients for her kuih making. And so over the wkend, managed to grab for her the following items.

  • Plain flour at $2.25 (it's a STEAL)
  • SCS Butter 3 at $9.95 (it's a STEAL)
  • Baking Soda
  • Baking Powder
  • Vanilla Essence
  • Icing Sugar
  • Hershey Semi-Sweet Choc Chips

And of course the above are still very much incomplete. There's still plenty to buy. Oh gosh! Besides that, we had came to the list of the cookies we gonna bake for this yr. Sad to mention, we'll be skipping Biskut Milo (the recipe was accidentally thrown) and M&M cookies (everyone just got sick of it). So here's the list by far.

  1. Sempret - Mom wld bake this especially for Dad cos the texture's softer than usual cookies
  2. Choc Hazelnut Scrolls - wld be our first try
  3. Choc Fudge Brownie - wonder if it'd be nice
  4. Cocoa Diamond Cookie - a NEW one
  5. Choc Chip Spotties - with cornflakes and white chocs
  6. Cornflakes - the ultra simplest one
  7. Rempenyek - Mom's fave
  8. Bidaran aka Cili2 - This one I'm so lazy to assist cos one kg of dough takes forever
  9. Kachiputan - not confirm if Mom gonna do this one
  10. Pineapple tarts - My sis' fave and so every yr she wld do despite how leceh it is
  11. Kuih Makmur - Gonna steal some for Mr Gee

OOOPs! After typing out, saw that there's 4 choc cookies. Of course the list wld be subject to changes. Haiz.. I cld feel my body aching already now... Hee.

Friday, August 13, 2010

mR gEE's 29th GraNd Bday (according to him)

"Where are we heading?" asked Mr Gee.
Ok he so gonna pissed me off already cos he asked like a few times. Gggrrrr

The dinner was kinda last minute and I thot might as well make it a special one (although seriously I didn't do much). My initial intention was to just buy him a cake and probably send it over to his place (since he mentioned he only got two cakes so far in his life). He sure deserved to have a third one. :)
He even said he got the feeling that I'm gonna do just that.. EeeyeR. (^-^)"

Thanks to sis' DnD, I got the idea of dining in at Kintamani - Furama Riverfront.
He has no idea at all. Clueless.

We took the mrt and got down at Tiong Baru.
He's like "What's there at Tiong Baru?"

I knew we were to take 195 but I was really not sure of the exact stop.
Took the cab and we reached close to 7. :)

Here's ALL his pics..

Hope u had the best final TwentieS Bday, mR gEE!
And hey! It's Friday the 13th.. So u know what it means eh? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The Cookie cake from Famos Amos.

The DIY card which took me about three wks.. Haha.

That's just his first plate...

And I had THREE of the above satay.. Guess who gobbled them to the last stick? Hee

His brownie cake from the restaurant.
The candle was accidentally blown off when he laughed. (^__^)"
I din even get the chance to snap a pic first.

8 pcs but we had two only and the rest packed for the Bday Boy. Hee.

Besides just calling to reserve our seats, I've requested for a Bday cake as well.
Not an amazing one but it was kinda fun!
Cos the staff sang "Panjang umurnya - repeat like ten times..." to him.
But I was more mortified cos the crowd turned to look at me instead as his back was facing them. Sheesh.
The BEST part was the buffet was one-for-one with my UOB card! Weeeeeee. Hee.
So the total bill was under $50 for two of us stuffing ourselves with the sumptious buffet spread!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tHat patriOtiC feeLinG and of beinG prOuD

Unbelievably, I managed to drag sis to watch the NDP at Lot 1 after much whining.
As we doubted if we cld just watch the parade there or we needed coupons, I simply wore my blue FBT shorts
(not those running shorts eh) and HRC pink Tee.
It was scorching hot under the late noon sun and I brought along my Trucker Cap. We took our seats at 4plus and waited while tanning at the same time. Kym Ng and Rafi (DJ from Oli) came on stage shortly with performances from Bellydance grp (duh!), modern dance grp as well as Paul TwoHiLL.
He sang two of my fave song - Grow old with you (by Adam Sandler) and Use Somebody (by Kings of Leon)!! Cool!
Altho we din get the Fun Pack, we got ourselves the SG flag.
And I must say it's pretty fun to be part of the nation's celebration.

The SG flag which made up of thousands of origami hearts....

How pro can CCK area be?? Got live telecast over to PadanG.

It was really really HOT.

And the VIPs included Mr Gan Kim Yong, Halimah Yaacob, Dr Amy Khor and Mr Zaqy.

I was standing next to the TP bike to catch the parade of the tanks and such.

Ah Yes! CCK was invaded by military tankS... COOOOOL!

I was bz waving my tiny SG flag at all them heavy vehicles and got the attention of this one soldier. Hee!
Most of them waved back and one guy from the fire engine mimicked at me to give him a call.
Well, I will call 995 when I've got the time ya... (^.^)"

Sis and I were abt to walk home when fireworks filled the night sky!!!
As I was busy wowing at them, I din even capture those beautiful moments...Hee.

It's nice to have fireworks at near ur home.. :)

And we sure went home as contented girls after the tanks and fireworks display..


Alhamdulillah, first day of Ramadhan has completed. And it rained today! Kinda looking forward to this Ramadhan somehow. Mr Gee will be rather busy preparing his own Sahur and such. So last night he cooked Sambal Chicken. I have no idea how it turned out or tasted like but here's proofs that he made it.

Frying the chicken cutlets...

And of course cooked the rice as well...

And then he sent me the pic of the chicken again.
He claimed this one cooked alr.

The final product.. hee.