Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finger Scan

Mr Gee showed me this Finger Scan stuff from his Ip. The 1st time I tried, he kept nagging at me to follow the instructions. Which I did but I missed reading the sentence out. Hee. So he did a demo for me.

And both of us was taken aback when he got a 'In Love' result. Haha.. CrapS! ;p

So Much to Do...

I had a great time yest. Shopping and feasting! I shd just make my blog into a food blog. We managed to cover Mango, Zara and Pull & Bear at the last min. Not only that..We even went to the Cold Storage at Ion and Taka. Hee! In search of the Tempura Flour. But something else caught our attention instead. At Ion supermkt. Mini cupcakes and such! They're so pretty and cheap! ♥

Just take a look at them! Hee. The white is Stroberi Shortcake while the red is A slice of Jolly (something sweet which is filled with colorful marshmallows). Oh the mini cupcakes cost 3 for $1.95. :)

PSBF and I enjoying the cakes! ;p We got home quite late tho and I busted almost $200 that day. At least I got my foundation, 3 tops and a skirt. :) Aaaaah..Shopping therapy nvr fails.

And this morning, bro was out rather early. He came home with FOUR BnJs! Weeeeee! But i'm still a lil under the weather so I'm gonna have to resist. Badly. Ohkaaaaays! I had two spoons (big ones) of the Chunky Monkey alr...HEE

Another week ahead and I got tonnes to do... Like get another set of cloth; send them for tailoring; order cake for Bro; intensive planning for the Aussie trip; the Dad bday, change the gold chain thingy, the Apr bday presie and oh my, guess the list will just keep going on. =__="

Saturday, March 26, 2011

On a Sat morn

Started the day early with Sis whining to go Brisk walk with her.
So we went our usual route as early as 6.50am.
Saw a busmate who's done with her grocery shopping!
Returned home and then Mom asked to go mkt.
Sis put on her (new) jogging shoes again and off we walked.
Finally can chill a lil now.
Can't wait to go meet the PSBF for a pocket-damaging jalan2 later.
Last night, Mr Gee and I had our usual weekly date.
We were alr seated at Banquet, CT Sq Mall but decided to eat at HK cafe instead.

His chick rice that looks not much diff from a Bibimbap in a hot stone pot.

And I managed to snap him unnoticed. ;p
Lovely ending to my hectic week.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MC of the year

Was feeling a lil sick since last Friday but nvr did I expect it to drag all the way till the new week. So I decided to pay the doc a visit at work yest.
Wouldn't wanna wait up to 2hrs cos that's what I need to do if I were to go to the one at Teck Y.

Doc advised me to have plenty of rest, drink lotsa fluids and have loads of Vit C.
Anyways, that wldn't stop me from meeting the babes for dinner.
Dun wana disappoint the Belated Bday girl.
Decided to give a RED surprise but as I was looking out for her on my way to the Florist, she appeared right in my face like magic. Ah! Spoiler.

Thot wanted to cancel the surprise but thanks to quick thinking, I got Shasha to grab it instead.
Hee. Hope she likes all the gifts this time. ;p

Fai with her bday presie and the card I made for her.. ♥
Thanks for the TREAT!
Congrats Fai for the new job and Congrats Shasha for the errmm Achievement! ;)

And I love this pic of us! ♥♥♥

Poor Mr Gee is also under the weather.
He's given the same mixture of drugs as me.
Get well soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I wish I cld

I wld love to join u girls in the pool right now.

Oh but well...Have fun lil' one! ;p

Learning to Let Go (331st entry)

I am proud to say that I'm learning to let go of some things in my life.

And I'm finally letting go this GREEN netball skirt of mine (with waistline 26).
I've been keeping it since about 14yrs ago and it cld barely fit my one thigh now.
Yup just ONE thigh. Hee.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Oh YES! Had a superb time playing badminton on Thur evening.
It's been a very very long time since we did some smacking. hee.

Took time off on Friday and meeting Mr Gee later in the day only.
So I decided to spend some time with Mom.
Woke up only at 9 and then went to Gombak mkt.
First time ever had bf there and I had Mee Soto.

Simple BUT YuMMY!
Now that I kept staring at the pic, woa covered with oil eh.
And after I finished every single drop of the soup, Mom mentioned that she tasted Ajinomoto.
Oh Oh! :(

We watched Gnomeo and Juliet which is cute but not that hilarious nor touching enough.
But thank you Mr Gee! ♥
For accompanying me hunt for the Bday presie jumping from one MNG shop to another.
And For sending me home. ;p

Gotta go hunt for cloths later today altho I'm still feeling a bit under the weather.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still a little bit of you laced..with my doubt

My weekend began with a horror movie with Mr Gee.
He was quite confident that it wld be thrilling but sadly far from it.
To make things worst, we so dislike TB GV now.

Besides a fun date with him, it was weird too.
He brought along worms (which he bot earlier) into the movie.
And yes! They're 'live' worms. Faints.

♥ ♥ ♥

The weekend's been pretty harsh on me too. But of course i can't complain becos besides the negativeness of the weekend (so rarely), I still had pleasant meet-ups with the lovely frens.
Had to work the whole of Sat and it didn't really stop me from mtg PSBF.
I simply felt that I had to be there for her.
It's just at BPP and that we had a simple dinner.
Kinda sad over the msgs which she showed me but I just cldn't portray it to her, can I?
I had to keep my cool.
Never did I expect as I was chatting with Mr Gee over ip, I broke down.
I guess I had an overload of emotions that I cldn't keep in any longer.
It was a nasty cry with mucus and such, that resulted in eyes looking worst
than having styes on them.
But on the brighter side, I had double eyelids. ;)
Nice ones despite the swollen lids. Hee.

Rain or shine, tired or energized, I'll do my best to be there for you.
Cheer up babe!

Yay! I had a taste of the correct thick toast with honey! :)

♥ ♥ ♥

The much-awaited Lion King show had to go on.
Come Sunday, met the babe and off swiftly to MBS!
It was spectacular! Indeed.
So colorful set and they tried to localise the play.
With words such as Merlion, Xie Xie and get over it Lah! Hehe.

So, does my eyes look a little bit more fleshy than usual?
And sis just had to shadow it for me. Haha.

After the Lion King show, so happy to get to meet Ah Wei and Ah Nian.
Awwww so sweet right?
They had dinner at Kraze Burgers and that place full of bacons!
So I had to fill myself up with Vit water. Hee.
Oh and we managed to see the Wonderfull Light and Water show at MBS!
Somehow I still prefer the RWS one.
Cos it had fireworks! ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

Last night I had an intimate gathering with the Poly babes!
After almost 8yrs of not meeting up.
Fate brought Ven back to me at Suntec few mths back.
She's having her one wk break anyways and thankfully Noelle was quick with the plans.
We took like than a few days to fix a date!
Mad Happy!

Here's to you GorGeouS babes! ♥
I'm so thankful for you both to be still sticking ard in my life. ;)
8 yrs of life story squeezed into a night?
Of course, it's NOT enough.
Let's not lose in touch anymore!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thosai Date

It was an impromptu thosai date on a Tue!

We all gotta give in to our cravings most of the time.
Oh well, ALL the time if possible. Right?
Finger-licking good thosai masala!

And an ultra long Paper Thosai which was very much like...erm paper. Hee

By the way, I'm going Down Under end April. *_*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Part of the PLAN

Didn't really have much plans for the weekend but it all went good. Real good. :)
On Fri evening, met Mr G where he accidentally scratched my poor finger. tSk!
We brisk walked (again!) from PS to Taka to FarEast to Paragona and back to 313. =_='
The best part was he accompanied me home. :)


On Sat after sending the sis to work, got home and helped mak prepared Lontong for lunch.
Noon came and met Syiq after almost a mth of not catching up.
Well, she's definitely more tersengih sendri now lo.
Happy for ya!

Syiq and Aufa made me this colorful cheesekek! ♥
.: Thankies :.


Nian msg me las nite thinking of mtg up today.
Was a lil impromptu but thankfully I got her presies all done!

I love this pic cos it has a bright backgrd.
And nian was posing with her presie!
Hope u like them girl...
HappY BeLated BdaY!

And us on an early Sunday noon movie date! ;)
We dun always get to do this hah.. ;p

So we watched this movie.
It was also probably the longest duration that I din chuckle.
Cos the movie's rather serious.
And I kept thinking of Inception. Haha.
The moral of the story, Risk Everything and U might just get wat u really want.
Or is it? hee.

Finally get to eat at HK Cafe @ BPP aft a few failed attempts. Heh.
Recommended thick (really thick lor) toast by Fai.
And Nian & Me kept thinking how can peanut butter mix with condensed milk.
That wld be oh so weird. Somemore Nian was asking for Kaya instead. haha.
But it turned out to be peanut and butter (Separately)..
It was YUMMY tho! hee.

Now that the weekend's over, a long week awaits.