Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twenty Nine Feb 2012, it's a LEAP

That once in 4 years date.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Head's throbbing like mad... Must be the alcohol today.
Did 1 round of the pathetic track, 100 twists and 50 leg pushes.
Eh plus run up the stairs to my 8th floor and i thot the lights were playing tricks on me...
Wanted to chase the blues away but i got another blues on the way instead.
How ironic life can get! -_-

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Never never never give up

A lil disappointed that I didn't cycle this wkend. But it has been fruitful.

Well, simply becos I had retail therapy.
On mid week to be exact.
Shorties booked me on that day for our H&M shoppin.
Pls dun make it a regular cos I be oh so broke then. hee.

Which I confess that I alr am right now. O_O
Makan roti je la till the next pay.
And impt bdays coming up too.
Anyways I was pretty contented cos I got 5 tops and 1 pants on that midwk.
All under $130!
Which also means that I should nvr buy anymore dresses clothes bags and whatever that falls under the category of shopping.
Gotta start the savings. Seriously!
Scrimp I MUST. Starting from tmr!
Gotta have free lunch tmr cos of mtg. :)


Had the regular Fri date with him and I must say that the dates get better over time. :)
Sayang awak.. hee.
We were honoured when the theatre man offered us his seat at Popeyes.
He actually drank his last sip and asked us to take his place. :)

"Thank you Najib!", I said to him shyly. hee.


Met up with GF on Sat morn for BK bf unbelievably cos first thing, she's not a morn person.
Secondly, we rarely meet on wkends.
We do have impromptu meets ocassionally like at BPP for a fast fd crave and tat too happens out of the blue. So the nearest BK was at Yew Tee.

Which offered nothing else except for food.
Headed to Cosway pt and I bot a polka dot leggings at Uniqlo for $9.90.
Not only that, was tempted to actually have my nails done.

No i'm not married (if u tink i am like 4 pple who did) but do check out the pink on the nails.
Hee. And the reason I put that ring there was to 'slim down' that gempal finger.
Really! My right hand one is way slimmer than this left one. It works u know. At least to me.

Loves how the tiffy shines by the way. hee.
Rushed home to send parents to 2 wedding locs and then I hurried to get ready to meet the rest for a colleague's wedding at Four Seasons.

Can't believe I managed to make it all in time.
Had a long Sat which ended only abt 11.30pm.
Got to slp after 1am only. Tired but not slpy.

Posing mentel in the lift!

G.I.R.L.S!!! ;)

It was a cute wedding indeed.


Went to NATAS today and saw the preview of Bibap!
Realised Korea offers such performances like no dialogue kind of shows but simply talented bunch of pretty and handsome people.
Guess the NATAS had evolved too. My last visit was during the Poly days whereby there's mascots and just demos at their own booths.
This time I saw lotsa colorful huge balloons, booths were neatly organised and if only I had the time I wld stroll and find out more abt each country which was promoted.
Like u see Thai pple promoting the land of smiles, indon pple promoting their ctry and the aussies at their booths. It's such a colorful exhibition.

Gotta have a long wk ahead but glad that I'd be on course on Tue so that Thur comes faster.
Cldn't complain now cos the wk after wld even be longer.
Month of May come quicker can?

Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm thankful for having my gfs till this very day.
And even the mummy of 2 spared time for our frenship on every bday wout fail. :)

I told them NOT to get me any bday cards.
Not becos they always buy it at the last min every single bday!
They still wrote on the last min this yr (OMG!).
Sheeks actually did up this card for me just cos I told them NOT to buy.
Thank you gfs! I know u girls are so bz yet still find the time to do the card up.
lil Ally also included her message in the kad. ;p

Girls juz wanna have fun. Hee

There goes all the cycling efforts!
Their eclairs filled with ice cream.
Gotta stop at the 4th piece. :D

My first time here and probably I been to too many buffets that I find this one rather average.
Esp compared to authentic mongolian cuisine over at Sydney.
Sydney's a foodie's heaven! Truly.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jerk it out

"Behind every Jerk, there's a broken heart..."

Erm but ur a jerk becos u break hearts..No?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


It's been pretty packed. This week. But I love every min of it!

Chopped all of 2 inches of my lil crown on midwk.
Seriously enjoying the badminton sessions with Partner weekly.

Cos I always feel so much better aft it!

Alright shoot me! Had this plate of Nachos with her aft the session.

There's just something diff about Fri.
He suggested to watch LOVE when we saw the trailer.
Altho it was a Chinese movie, I gladly agreed cos i saw Cunxi! Erm I mean Ethan.
Juz see that smile up der... *melts
But this time his caterpillar eyebrow was groomed. hee.
Wait till u see his hot bod! Oops.

So u wanna know wat it's all about?
A and B couple, frens with C.
C made a move on B and got preggie.
A and C are best frens mind u!
Haiz. I guess it does happen in real life.
When ur best frens might end up with ur other half.
Not personally happened to me but I do hear stories.
Anyways this was just one of the scenarios in the story.
Just imagine ur other half got ur best fren pregnant.
Yet he still in love with u not with her.
Ur best fren gonna keep the child yet ur gonna marry the father.
Complicated huh?

And there's just sumthing diff with him last nite. :)
Can't help it but the more I stare our pics the more we look alike.

Had a date with PSBF today. Went to Barcelos for lunch!
Then aft splurging $200 (that's me! but hey I got 2 home pants from Uniqlo, Guess sling bag and my shampoo hokay!), she blanja me at Max Brenner.

Hmmm just not gonna go to MB ever again.
They actually served my drink in this cracked mug.
I din snap the crack tho but I was pressing on it till PSBF had to stop me before I crack it into pieces. Bad. Very bad.

We shared this cheesecake crepe!

And okay finally this shd be the way!
Sis and I managed to squeeze cycling today!
We went all the way to Bt Batok Rd passed his blk. hee.
Pancit nak rak!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Do not make an ASS out of U and ME.
Wish cld tell someone that. hee

2-day course added much weight.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tHe pOurOut

Can't help but to feel that this is oh so TRUE.

Had been cycling for 2 days straight.
Cldn't feel my knees at times and has been attacked by cramps consistently.. >.<'
Not tummy cramps but those ehem muscle cramps. hee.
Kept forgetting abt warm ups.
Cycling drains me more than running and it's so much fun.
Going down slopes against the wind and went WEEEEEEEEEEE... Haha buruks.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time after time

So I've met Songe today! Briefly. Nice catching up with him and it's been ages since we went on a date. Haha. Like real. He even proudly claimed that the Uniqlo minah envious of me having a chinese 'bf'. Berangan nye dekni! Hee.

Annnnd... I gotta check my scheduler to actually recap on what i've done for the week. Getting old in no time. Haish. Extremely happy this week cos I got to meet BFF!
For Pizza dinner! She got me a 'huge' gift box which was filled with MANGO wristlet, Esprit perfume and a vintage Casio watch! ;)

On Wed, had the first ever badminton session with my new partner!

It was a exhausting! And FUN. Looking forward to many more sessions! hee.

Friday didn't feel like work cos he came over. For lunch.
He even waited for me to end work so time flew fast.

We rushed over to Vivo for Billionaire. :)

If you're lost you can look and you will find me

Time after time

If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting

Time after time

This is how I feel about my BFF who's there for me through my ups and downs.
She's a true friend indeed and I am blessed.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ride my way..

Thankful. Much.

Blessed that each Bday is special in one way or another.

Dad, Abang and Sis in Law. ;)

Dad got me bicycle (YAYness!) and sis got one tOO! ;p

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Di bulan februari

Pejam pelik januari finally over!

WICKED was great! Altho certain parts were draggy.
Loves the songs and how they rhyme... hee