Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Appreciated ♥

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being such wonderful colleagues for the past few years. I have really been blessed by your trustworthiness, hard work and positive working attitude, traits which are hard to find these days.
I want to especially thank you for doing all the nitty-gritty (and often boring!) stuff and helping me with my many last minute requests.

Thank you also for the nice laptop backpack. It is the best backpack I have.

I wish you all the very best in your career, family and personal endeavors.

Nothing beats the feeling of being Appreciated.
Because only then you know that what you've done meant something to someone.
The words above sent to me touched my heart and I was almost moved to tears easily.
Because nowadays, nice people are hard to find. ♥

Thank You.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ouR piNk dAte (to be remembered)

I was wearing my hot PINK skirt and BlaCk cardigan...
There he came in his BlaCk Jeans and PINK Polo!

And miraculously I was earlier than him but although he ended at 7pm only, he was darn early too.

Thank you Mr Gee
For making my PINK Ipod..well, ermmmm moRe PINK. Hee!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pleasant Chaos

I could still hear mom's nagging although my ears had been stuffed with Ipod while the mask was on my face. And I think I even managed to doze off a lil.
Just after she went out, suddenly I heard a loud sound of the water.
Checked the tap and saw more water splashing out.
For once I panicked..all alone at home.
Mr Gee was consistently with me thru bb until one pt he got worried my house turned to tank and GAVE ME A CALL! Yup. He did. But besides asking me to search for the main tap he was also busy giggling at me.

For the record, this was the THIRD phone call from him.
1st becos he was lost finding my location.
2nd becos he wanted to ask me that impt qn.

Although I secretly wished that the reason he called was he scared I might be drowned in the leak but I know the real reason he called was he feared my house might became like his Aro's tank. Hee.

With the main tap looking like this, tell me how I could turn it off.
I did try to use the spanner but it didn't work.
I even scrapped a bit of the metal off.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is this love?

Took half day off on Wednesday to spend quality time with BFF. Since she gonna start her new stint next week, we decided to check out GSS. Been wanting to visit VS at RWS so we headed there for our first stop after a brief lunch. For being the one and ONLY VS outlet in our island (besides the Budget Terminal booth), I thot the collection available there was sufficient. But it lacked of their lingerie collection and their stocks do not have vast variety. But I spent close to 90 bucks on my first visit there. Bought myself as well as sis some stuff which includes Body Mist and a Tshirt. We took a quick round at the vicinity before making our way back to Vivo.

Not gonna miss the chance to snap a pic at the only VS outlet. Hee.

When can I ever go in to play jackpot?? Hehe.

One of the prominent sculptures...

BFF was asking why I didn't wanna snap from the front... Hee.

After Vivo we went to PS. The Daiso at Vivo did not have gd collection of the boxes so went to the one at PS. Got this PINK box for Anjali's stuff. BFF assisted in arranging the items in it.
I simply LOVE the slogan on the tee.

We walked from PS to Centrepoint. Had our tea break at TCC.
I had Mango Diva while marble cheesecake for her.

Just check out her GRIN!
Ppppsssstt... She even helped me finish up my Berry Nutty drink.
Tsk tsk. Hee.

I'm fattening as usual. :)

Anyways, after Centrepoint we took the bus to Marina.
She managed to get her pants FINALLY and then we headed home.
Enjoyed the shopping outing with her altho I didn't manage to shop much.
Hope to be able to have more shopping trips with her.. ♥


Yesterday met up with Mr Gee.
Strangely, he wld always be the one waiting for me although everyone knows I'm nvr late.
But I was alr at JP first last night and even managed to order myself a dress
and so he had to wait for me instead.
He came all the way from Lavender aft his CPR course.
We hung out at Coffee Bean as I passed his stuff from Korea.

Well he knew abt his Ginseng but he din know what else I've got him.
So handed him the Ginseng (he was freaking excited and for once I was invisible in front of him), the Kimchi seaweed, the Doraemon tidbits, the rice cracker from Starbucks, the Devil Tshirt (made in Korea lo) and the Teddy Bear from the Teddy Bear Museum which was clothed in striped T and a GREEN sweater.

My gosh he shocked me with his reaction!
With his evil smile on, he was happily adjusting the ears of the Teddy while trying to nag at me for buying something he didn't ask for. But well ya, his evil smile gave him away. Easily. Chey!
Aft that he pondered on where to place MinHo (he named the Teddy quickly).
Told him he cld place him anywhere except in his tank lo. HaiZ.

Aft receiving all his stuff we made our way to grab a Honey.
He doesnt even want the Market Honey to go with his Korean ginseng but preferred the Wild one which cost him close to 90 bucks. Suka hati lo.
Then we took train to IMM.
He got some stuff from Giant and we headed home.
He was so engrossed in storytelling me about something (which I alr forgotten now) and ended up having to
U-turn at CCK cos he missed his stop. Scolded me for keeping quiet instead. Hee.

He went home a happy guy cos he liked his Ginseng, Honey and MinHo so much.
Thanked me for MinHo NOT becos I was the one who bought it for him BUT becos MinHo's in Green sweater. Hmph! And for that I think I wld probably be the very FIRST girl in the whole wide world
to have bought her bf a Teddy Bear.
He chose to believe 'because I liked him more..' duH

I was so tired last night and cldnt help but kept blinking at BB.
Then suddenly Mr Gee smsed me. Woa an sms after more than 6mths (we survived on BB msg rem?)!
He claimed that BB wasnt working... I think BB slept with me.
But I replied him via BB and slept like a log.

Mr Gee bb me early in the morn cos he went to see the Doc.
No doubt he was the first in line.
Suddenly wanted to ask me out for BF. Aiyos.
Lucky I showered and all but then still rushed cos he's all ready.
So again he had to wait for me. Haiz.
Went to BPP Mac and had our BF.
Oh and Daiso had opened its outlet there (so convenient!) and I bought a few stuff.
Walked over to Sheng Siong to grab his live prawns... Poor prawns were still moving in the plastic bag.

For the record, it was the very first time that we met two days in a row.
Unbelievable becos he usually wld not want to meet me if not once a week ONLY or
the longer we don't meet, the better.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Aaaaaaah...Feels so good to be back home!
But seriusly, I didn't really miss home as much as before.
Probably cos Mak came along this time so her nag's still very much around.
Whereas Mr Gee still bbing me as usual only shorter msges.

Well it's the first time we're going on tour with a huge group.
Not only a huge group but consisted of hmm 70% makciks and pakciks.
But Alhamdulillah it turned out pretty well and FUN!
But of all the DJs only Din was wacky and crazy but sometimes meluat eh ko. hee!
  • Herbnara - garden filled with lotsa flowers and more flowers plus herbs
  • Sheep feeding - they're one herd of hungry sheeps
  • Cheese-making
  • ATV - first try and it ROCKS!
  • Shopping @ Chuncheon - cool shops and the location of Winter Sonata
  • Gramophone and Edison Museum
  • Mt Sorak - cable car ride
  • Fish Market
  • Everland - safari world and i'm in love with their grizzly bears
  • Hanbok, Kimchi-making and DIY bibimbap
  • Palace, Folklore Museum and the Blue House - their govt building like Istana filled with many guards
  • Dongdaemun shopping - lotsa malls but not enough shopping time
  • Namsan tower a.k.a Seoul Tower - freaking steep slope to climb
  • Teddy Bear Museum
  • Shopping at Insa Dong - poo2 at Starbucks Coffee! ultra clean toilet..hee
  • Shopping at Namdaemun and Myung dong street - i love the shopping ambience there
  • Itaewon - for Muslim lunch and Mosque
  • KBS studios
  • Nami Island

    These are the pics which I sent to Mr Gee thru BB.

They have Coca Cola Cherry! COOL

My D.I.Y Bibimbap! Appetizing enough?! hee.

Korean Broadcasting Station!

More pics real soon... :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Beautiful WeddinG

So Sally's sis got hitched yesterday and it was indeed a sweet wedding!
Reached the place and got kissed by her MummY. hee.

And yesterday too I had the chance to meet her in-laws personally.
They're such fun people!
Of course I knew her bro and sis in law alr.
We went over to the groom's side and ate there.
Came back and it was not so crowded anymore.
So I was sitting one side... alone.

Her father-in-law came and sat on the same table, started chit-chatting with me.
Got interrogated (hee!) by him then followed by intensive interview by her Mak Long.
That's it man!
I'm such a dead girl. haha.

Anyways, I'll be gone for eight days.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

CouLdn't Be hAppiEr :)

Mr Gee had been a tad sweeter of late.
Altho it's kinda freaking me out a lil, I can't deny that I'm liking every sec of it. Hee!

And this week marks the first week that we met TWICE in 7days after close to 7mths. :)
Probably cos he knew that he wont be able to see me for at least the next two weeks.
He planned it in such a way that he cld at least spend 4hrs with me today altho he's on nite shift.
So he had to sacrifice his slp.
Told ya he's being sweet. hee.

And this time ard he came down to CCK to meet me so that we cld take 190 to town.
Instead of the usual NOPE upon my suggestion, this time he said OK wout a doubt.
See, it's freaking me a lil here cos he's becoming not him. Erm get that? hee.

Since he's currently obsessed with PT (korean drama) and I found a new Korean clothing line in Robinsons, we went over to Raffles City Shopping Centre. And the prices weren't so bad at all and their designs are cool.
Okay! I confessed. They got cute guys for their ads too! That's the CATCH! At least for me.

Mr Gee got himself a black jeans (Yay! Black jeans finally!) and
his first ever I repeat eh, FIRST EVER, pink Polo!
I didn't force him to take it but he himself said
he looked better in the pink one rather than the blue. hehe.
And I can't believe that Mr Gee was the one who's doing all the shopping whereas I had to curb and control myself not to spend a penny. Well, will endure till at least aft the trip. :)

Thank You Mr Gee ♥ ... You will be missed! (altho I know u won't miss me a single bit! hmph)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SeXuaLLy haPPy


And Mr Gee was glad that I was SEXUALLY happy after the movie..
Errrmmmm (>.<)"

Monday, June 7, 2010

WhoLE aGaiN :)

No I did not went on hiatus or whatsoever but was pretty occupied with tonnes of tasks to do over the long wkend. Yay! Long becos I was on leave today. Hee! Anyways, let's begin with Saturday.

Woke up pretty early cos cldnt get back to slp. So took morning shower at 7am! Went to Teck Y with mom to get her wkly groceries as usual. Then after clearing all the groceries away, we got ready to go to Grand Park City Hall. Quite nervous cos we were carrying huge amt of cash. Upon lining up to make our balance payment, we stumbled upon Bro's Poly Best Fren. The one who nvr fail to come to our house every Hari Raya. :) We will be travelling together with his family as we belong in the same group. Oh gosh! Coincidentally, Mom saw her sec sch frens as well! Aiyos. So many pple now. The funny thing is Mom's sec sch fren is iNiN's bestfren's mom. There u GO! Such a small tiny world. Hee.

We were given this bag of food to pack along for our trip.
Don't ask me why but I myself find it rather weird.
And this does not include the pack of Milo as well as Cereal cos I saved them for dad instead. Hee!
Was whining to Mom and repeatedly saying if we're going for a trip or camping. (^ - ^)"

Anyways thankful that we've made the payment and attended the briefing.
So now looking forward to the trip.
Gonna be an 8-day one so probably the longest trip for the year. :D

Went home after the briefing and got ready for Babe's baby shower over at Clementi. :)
Missed her so much and glad that finally got the chance to see her again.
And I must say she looked like a pretty hot Mama. Hee!

It was a grand event and the place was nicely decorated. :)
They even got him a banner! Check it out!

Little Varun oblivious to the surrounding and enjoying his sleep instead.
He's not giving me the chance to see his smile. Hee.

Did I mention the mom is a pretty hot babe?!? haha.

After the hearty dinner, Sally and Me went over to JP for our dessert.
It was crazy. :D

And that wrapped up my Sat. It was just beginning of the wkend.
And I already went out three times just that day.
Tiring but I love it becos filled with the people I love.
Alhamdulillah. :)

Sunday was more relaxing in the first half. Lazing ard and I think I did managed to nap a bit too.
Went out at noon to meet Ah Nian and I dragged sis as SyiQ cldnt make it.
Oh I almost lost my wallet at PS. :(
Freaked out and almost died of heart attack right there and then.

Aft watching the KILLERs, sis went to meet bf while Nian said she got me all to herself now. (^ - ^)"
Walked over to Orchard and first stop was Taka.
Had late lunch there aft Kinokuniya visit.

And I managed to get the Agnes B bag which I been wanting to get!
Initially wanted to get a new bag from there but nothing caught my eyes.
Stumbled upon the catalogue in Kinokuniya which comes with the free tote bag!

Love Japanese stuff as they pay detailed attention to the packaging.

Thinking of bringing it to the trip... :D

After Taka and Ion, we went to Suntec at the last minute.
Can't believe I spent half a day with Ah Nian which is very very rare. :)
So that's Sunday for me.

And today Mr Gee planned to drag me to Geylang.
In the morning I went out and came back to make the Roti Boyan.
So we reached Geylang ard 1pm.
I think he got mabuk after seeing all the shops and in the end I was the one who bot stuff instead.
Aft that we took Circle Line and headed to Marina Square.

He bot Nitemare to Elm's St (duh!) tics then we decided to go for our late lunch.
He been wanting to eat Korean food thanks to his obsession with the Personal Taste drama now.
I searched the net previously but failed to locate the eating place altho I remembered las time I had it.
But as we were walking hand-in-hand (NOT!) towards Suntec, I saw the Breeks ad!
With the Korean food on it. So we ended up there.
He was a happy contented man. :)

Ended the date around 6.45pm by him sending me to Pioneer for my Cardio Mix class. :)
It's funny how our dates have average of 5hrs duration cos I nvr had such long dates before.
But I've been enjoying every single one of them!
Thank you Mr Gee. ♥

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a sHoRt GetAway

So here's the KL update. After a pain in the A** 8hr bus ride, we finally managed to reach Corus Hotel safely. Yes. We were stucked in a terrible jam at the Second Link for a good 3 freaking hours. So the normal 5hr bus ride turned to be a longer 8hr ride. But what matters more, we reached the destination safely.

After settling down in the hotel, we briskly walked over to KLCC. It was freaking near like 5mins away. Intended to go to Bt Bintang but since we're hungry and tired, decided to hang around in KLCC instead. Had Nando's for our first meal there. It was indeed a feast as we ordered a Yummy platter plus 1/4 chicken with two sides each. Haha. Gluttons!

Walked around and saw the Tanjung GV at the top floor. So we checked out the timings. There's so many timings avail and the gd thing is not many filled up as yet unlike our sunny island where everyone got nothing much to do except to head to the movies. So we booked a Prince of Persia at 8pm! This is my 2nd time watching at KL and I did expect a totally different audience. A group of boys applaused when the kissing scene came on. Hee. Aft the movie rushed back to hotel and prepared the mini hen's PJ party for partner with loud whispers! haha. She was bathing and Me and TDD thot by whispering she wont at least hear our discussion. So wrong! hee. But it took some time for Partner to realise that we had placed the stuff on her bed. I had a hard time trying to lie to her abt the RM10 gerbera which I bot earlier. hahaha. Anyways, she was excited to see the Kama Sutra set and kept on giggling. I think both of us enjoyed tearing the wrapper apart and checking out what's the contents. While TDD busy snapping us away. Haha! In the end, Partner gave up and said He should know what to do! ( * ___ * )

That pretty much wrapped up our first day at KL. Snored till the next morning and we got ready for bf before Kuzzin picked us up to head to Putrajaya! Quite excited for that cos mostly seen on the Msia movies only. We had Nasi Kandar at Selera Putera. The guy asked if I wan chicken and I said yes after which he kept pouring diff types of gravy onto my rice. Jakun seh cos it was my first Nasi Kandar aft all. Hee. And Kuzzin had to use her Smart Tag device which is exactly like a remote control to go thru their toll gantries. Hee.

Kuzzin alighted us at Masjid India and I went on a spree for Mak. Bot her 3 tudungs and 2 baju. Almost hit RM100 aft all the bargaining. We walked to Petaling St by following the signage and I din get anything from there cos it's totally Pasar Mlm. Crossed over to Central Mkt to buy krepek and a few souvenirs. We headed back to Hotel to keep the bought stuff and then took cab to Bt Bintang. Oh the change in the cabs, they're required to use the meters already. :)

Walked around at Lot 10 and we just kinda followed the crowd and there we saw Pavilion which Kuzzin mentioned that it was opened only around last yr. It was huge and the layout was better than ION. Well, they cld afford the land space unlike us. Had A&W dinner and took cab back to Hotel. :) We packed most of the stuff too.

I spent close to RM700..Oh gosh!
  • Lovely Lace cupboard freshener and pouch = RM33
  • 2 tops for myself = RM59
  • tshirt for bro = RM30
  • Harrods pouch for sis = RM48
  • Mak's tudung and baju = RM85
  • 1st pit stop = RM33
  • Mags = RM20
  • Cupcakes = RM9
  • Krepek = RM50
  • Bapak and Mr Gee's tshirt = RM39
  • Nando's = RM35
  • Movie and Popcorn = RM21
  • Food and cab = RM100
  • Earrings at Vincci for sis = RM16
  • Caricature = RM20
  • Songe's KEYCHAIN = RM10 (split with partner)
So here's some of the pics!

Our first meal there! Super hungry!

She was gleeing upon seeing the tiny stuffs meant for her placed on her bed...

Super happy when she saw the Kama Sutra cards and smiled until cannot see the eyes!
tsk tsk

She was saying she got no PJ and she unwrapped her La Senza and found a white one filled with cupcakes!

Threesome PIC! a MUST

No prizes for guessing who set the timer on the cam! Haha.

A shot of her Tiara! :D

My very first caricature which doesnt look a bit like me!
Hokay! Probably just the cheeks...

@ Putrajaya! Huge and super sunny!

Us! Heeeeee.

The new Pavilion at Bt Bintang! HUGE.

Our final dinner!


  • Last night Songe gave me a surprise call despite having an ulcer!
  • Today Allan gave a surprise visit at the counter!
  • And this evening I saw a Rainbow on my way home!

    Tell me they're all gd signs pls :D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a LuNcH sPecIaL

Thank you Mr Gee for yesterday's hearty lunch! ♥
The thot of u coming all the way to campus just to spend that ONE HOUR or so with me...
I really appreciate it truly. Hee. :D