Monday, December 31, 2012

So Long, Twenty Twelve!

Oh wow. So everyone's hoping for a better 2013.
And till this hour, I'm still rather blur of what has happened in my life this 2012.
But of course, gonna amik yg jernih buang yg keruh. Hmm sounds terbalik je.
Before I forget about what took place recently, gotta jot it down now.

Last Thur was FUN! Well last yr we watched Chippettes as the last movie for 2011 so thot wana continue the tradition and try to make it annual? hehe. So we decided to catch Wreck It Ralph this time.
Oh boy. Feast we did! In the cinema.
With 23 hotdogs, 2 pretzels, a box of sushi and after a bag of egglets.

Friday came and I was on leave. 
Met him up for lunch all the way at the East and got my stuff as well.
Went home for a quick rest before meeting sis for her annual shopping!
And shop she did! Easily more than $500 spent! tsk.
She got me Longchamp bag. Hehe.

Was oh looking forward to Sunday cos it's gonna be a cruise day for us!
Thanks to his NS award thingy.
Went to take the Imperial Cheng Ho dinner cruise.
The Marina South Pier was so south. hee.
So surrounded by construction all over.
Didn't even know of its existence!

There's a mix of Indonesians, caucasians and Indians.
We explored every corner of the junk.

Dinner served was average.
But filling.
Sunset was pretty and too bad he missed it.
Fireworks was pathetic but kinda appealing enough to be included in the itinerary.
Was a long but happy ending Sunday.

Finally like finally today I've managed to try Red Velvet from Twelve Cupcakes.
The cakes were so soft and he enjoyed them altho he was the one who's reluctant in letting me buy initally.
Sad that my cupcakes were waaaaaaaay far off than these.

Okays lor. Made with love.
May 2013 be filled with lotsa lotsa lotsa L O V E!

I love you Mr Fiance. ;)

Sunday, December 23, 2012


So much for abstaining from the end of yr sale.
Aft last 2 nights of buffet, I slept like a log till 9am today.
Gotta meet him at 1030 and I rushed my preps through.
Wedding invitation all the way at Simei, walked over to Expo and City Point.
Was rather sad on a Sunday morning when I saw my newly bought Mitju shoes ripped apart at the front. :(
No more shoes from there.
Walked into Crocs outlet and got this. Hee sama. how?
Feet felt so much nicer aft the change of shoes.

 Had dessert at 313 then continued to Taka, Lucky Plaza, Tangs, Ion, Wisma, Lucky Plaza, MBS and walked finally over to Flyer. Shagged seh.
And all in my green Kebaya (with pants not kain luckily).
Anyways, I bot my very first Porter at Tangs.
Quite pricey for a casual bag but it came with the lil pouchie. :)

And according to the girl, the bag is reversible!
Although I checked on the web it didn't say so.
And he had to say that it looked like a brief (as in boxers) in its reverse state. 
Looking forward to the new week! ;)

And the beginning of RW era (according to him!). 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Oh My

December's almost gone. Too soon. Time of the year for some reflection.
In the meantime, I am really thankful and glad for friends who have the initiative to plan for meets-up!
Was planned waaaaay early to cater to 'logistic' needs and it was so much fun catching up.
Didn't realise that it was quite a big group of us till I saw the pics.

Am really thankful for such lovely peeps.
That's me as a shaker (holding those lucky gift numbers), us showing off the BINGO cards and the groupie aft the much filling dinner. Can't believe that we stayed till the place closed.

My gifts this yr. Thot wont get many but look at these!

And unwrapped!
Especially LOVE the handmade personalized photo frame with my name on the side!
Thank you.

Bro said he had planned for a surprise today.
But I gotta drive the parents and sis to his place first. Empty nest that is. hee.
Then we kinda squeezed into Wira and passed through some really freaky roads to reach the place.
By the sea.
Bbq and buffet (again!).

Here's his crib.
Can't wait for the completion. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kini dan Selamanya

Bersama Mu... InsyaAllah. :)
Been a fruitful 2 days spending almost the whole day with you.

No, I did not candidly take this pic but was instructed by him in fact.
For his reddish spot on his face for sis' consultation.
Showed him this pic and he commented,
"Eh macam awak!" then giggled away. -__-
If yes, I really dunno which part of our faces look the same.


Not only he delivered the Geranium over to office all the way from East, he even went on to find Catnip but to no avail. However, he got another alternative plant instead, Lemon Balm.
Oh no, it did not stop there.
He took the effort to pluck the leaves, soaked them with hot water and bottled up into these.

From this.
And it's all cos of the mozzies. :)


*15-16 Dec 2012*

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 SURPRISE!

The final date which we will nvr ever go tru again.
The day was kinda low in the beginning.

Had udon aft oh so long but din finish it..
How cute when I saw a pink ears and eyes panda staring back at me.

The best part of the day and the most pleasant surprise ever (!) was when I read his msg, suddenly I saw him in front of office. O_O
He came all the way from the east with this geranium in hand.
This was especially for me cos I've been whining at him for I have been feeding the mozzies at my cubicle generously. And he's even more paranoid (okays la concerned) since he went for a health talk.
So he banned me from spraying everyday.
And oh my, this green smells real strong!
Thank you dear.. So sweet. For caring for the mozzies cos they deserved better blood than mine. 
Senyap2 muncul. ;)

So we collected his item (he insisted cos of the special date so that he cld rem well) and took the bus home.
It was such a journey! We took 77 and sat in the almost empty bus.
But I so itchy backside suggested to him to change to 190.
So changed we did! And got no seats. :(
The driver was so like )&^*% cos he kept jam braking.
Suddenly we heard a BLUEK! followed by a strong stench of durian.
Complained to him y la someone bring durian into the bus and got everybody covering their mouths with their tops. Only to find out that someone had really vomitted! right n the bus. 
Thankfully the bus had not gotten into PIE.
So we got off. And changed to 700A.
Reached BP I had to change to 190 again to get home.
So a total of 4 buses to get me home!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So not ready!

I dunno abt u but I really really feel that Dec's almost gone now! Oh no.
It's gg to be mid and there's still alot to be achieved and done with! :(
And every wkend's gonna be filled with stuff now.

Anyways, love this xmas sock from Watsons!
With free samples in it!
Aaaaaaah xmas bug, dun bite me yet!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012


I have subconsciously entered as Black Monday for my prev entry.
Oh my. When it was supposed to be a Thurs.
And altho the wkend has yet to start, I'm already feeling too shagged. :(
Wldn't wana imagine how it's gg to be like next week but I just cldn't tell myself that everything's gonna be just fine. How?

Hopefully I cld survive the next 2 weeks.
And to cheer myself up, a new addition to the already messy room!
Pinkie birdie! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Black Monday

FAT to the extreme now.
Scary when I saw the digits on the scale. Sobs.

Didn't bring lunch except for 6 sushi.
Then kakak called and got me a hearty lunch! Rezeki. hee.
So had floss bun in the morn, charcoal bread for brunch, heavy nasi for lunch and sushi for tea. 
Alhamdulillah for the rezeki.
And my tummy is as huge as it can be! eeeks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aeonized.. Again!

Seems like it's gg to be an annual trip north for us.
If I cld rem correctly, this was our third.

hehe.. Carebears tagged us along!

The first meal there.
Didn't enjoy the mee sua much but happy to have eaten the XXL chick. :)

Lunch! This time didnt feel like intention to eat everything. hee

Our final stop! Hehe. That plus coney dog.
Can't believe we spent like from 11am till 7pm at Bt Indah. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Longest Sunday. Ever

Wedding Lunch
Bday Lunch
Life of Pi
Rectify Iphone
Dinner at Siam Kitchen
Collect free luggage
Buy Gift

That's my Sunday in short.
So here's the long story.

He came over for the 2nd time this week. Drove over to the wedding reception at West Coast.
Stayed till the groom's down and he proudly waved at us. Mcm Mr President.
Rushed back to change and went to the intimate Bday lunch. :)
Then went over to PS for the movie.
It was a whopping 2hr show. 
OH and after the wedding reception, my iphone for the first time, went dead. Suddenly.
When I alr saw a few msges came in. :(
Wasn't worried much abt how I'm gonna be contactless rather being able to do what was supposed to be done for the day.
Walked over to 313 thinking I cld get it fixed at the apple store but luckily for me, after pusing2 at the back of 313, managed to find the Workshop.
That was after almost forced open a locked door with the security in it.
Queued at the Singtel Shop but was wrong.
Led to the back down a spiral staircase then finally found!
The young guy plugged my Iphone and yet it didn't show any sign of life. :(
He pressed again. And was about to advise me on the next alternative when the slightly bitten apple appeared. Phew! 
Was alr feeling hungry and decided to eat over at Suntec.
Dun like how it looked now with most of the shops being covered.
After dinner, walked over to Parco Millenia as he was to redeem his free luggage. Cool or what!
And that was the first time we ever went into Parco.
Reminded me of Okinawa. Somehow.
Pulled the luggage over to Marina to grab a last min gift for Open House.
And finally end it with a $28 cab ride home!
So uncool! Sobs.
I cld simply get a nice top or pants or anything else much worthy.
But nvrtheless, loved how my Sunday went. 
Gotta be more packed wkends ahead! :D