Sunday, October 30, 2011

tHe BeSt freN

It's funny how sometimes Life bites u in the ass.
After so so damn long, I cldn't bring myself to slp last night.
There's just too much playing in my mind. s u x

Worst, I dreamt of work 2 nights in a row. Oh Oh!

So I was thinking hard on whom I shd harass in the middle of the night.
At that awkwardly hr, who cld still be wide awake?
I didn't of cos go tru all my contacts in Ip but someone crossed my mind. Almost abruptly.
Sent an sms to her and didn't have to wait long for her to reply.
Msg her in the day, chances are u'll get her reply either much later or a call the next day.
Weirdo. But she's my best fren. heh.

After a string of exchange of msges, we reminded each other to grab some rest in order to face the brand new day. But aft that 'conversation' I had with her, I realised I've been too uptight.
In my life. Everything abt my life.
I shd learn to ignore more. Care less.
More knowledge/ info about some stuff u dun wish to know doesnt equate to happiness.
Becos some words are better off unsaid.
Some stuff are better not known.

Anyways, I'm thankful that I have her in my life still. Till this very day.
While others have simply given up on me.
She may not always be ard like I wished her to but I knew I cld count on her for a hug or two.
AND I'm happy that I got to meet ex partner even for less than 5mins this am.
I MISS U SO. I miss quite a number of pple in fact. :'(
I know u know there's alot to catch up on. We'll do it real soon. ♥

Sheesh Emo Freak... Pls get the hell out of me.

"It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
- Abraham Lincoln

Let's all look forward to the next PH! Can? Hee.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


It was a mixed feelings experience yest.

Altho the massuese was petite, I could feel her pressing all her energy onto my back. >.<"

Oh happy eh? Sengih mcm Mam besar.
When she got into a separated 'tent' from me, she was petrified.
Cld hear her calling out to me lo. tsK.

Got to know that Masego is actually under Mary Chia.
Anyways, what's a trial session wout the Push for packages?
So the sales rep was introducing me to all kinds of packages.
She was recommending me the 5 sessions package which wld cost me $400+.
I told her that I'm not interested.
She added another session for the same price.
Told her the same.
Then! She came back to me with another deal.
Thinking to myself, she's not gonna give up on me till she closed a deal (any deal that is) with me.

So... She told me abt this 'For Her' deal.
1 massage, facial and foot soak session.
PLUS! Agnes B pendant/ chain set.
Alright...I'm SOLD!

Today went to MJ to grab sis' presie!
B r o k e!
On a happier note, I cld join the Club 21 card! ;)
And they gave us a freebie just now. hee.
Believe it or not, we spent less than an hr at town cos we went to MJ at Mandarin Gallery and Taka only for Burberry and KS.
Happy cos we got a seat to n fro in 190. hee!
Loves early shopping!

Dragged sis to watch this army ghost story.
Cldnt rem when was the last time we watched a movie tog. :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


1 working day to go for the week! Oh weeee.
And when Fri comes, gonna head down to the Safari Spa.
Wonder how it'd be like cos finally like really really finally found something interesting in the West. Least need not rely on that bitchy place at JP anymore.

It'll be a date with mom.

I'm so excited. Already.

Can the hands of time move faster so that I get to meet Mr G and JT?!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty Saturday ♥

Went out in the noon to visit the new babe!

Requested the big sis to pose with the cuppies and smile, she gave me a half grin instead.

And then the Mummy made her pose.

Xtra sweet cuppies from House of Mini.

Us three! hee. With the big sis making herself comfy on my lap.

Baby Arlyn and me. arlyn's head tilted backwards..

Altho it was chaotic and noisy, she still slept peacefully.
Surprisingly, she didn't even whine once. :)
Can tell she's surrendered tho! hee.

Ended the day with Popeyes aft watching Paranormal 3.
Loved my Sat which was filled with my fave girlfrens!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

All in a week..

Love how the week turns out.
Cos squeezed in a movie in midweek and a Lil India trip!

Had to do a phone booking becos the GV web was down up till 4pm+ and only to find out that the booking was cleared since we didn't collect the tics half an hr before showtime. =_='
Told her I wasn't informed and she allowed us to buy over the counter.
Thankfully, there were still gd seats avail.

For Chris Evans' sake, it's all worth the trouble. :)

The authentic Nasi Briyani..
That's not it..
We persevered and ordered this.

The even more authentic tosai!
Check out the gravy!
Power or what! hee.
Nak lagi....

And I so itchy had my leg done up.
Shd've done it on my left instead. hah.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A feel good Saturday :)

Had a belated birthday meet-up with Songe.
He was ultra late and we were almost smoking the food away before he joined us.
Still can stick out the tongue when he saw us.
Some pple NEVER change. >.<

Went to Seoul Garden for the birthday lunch and thanks to Shortie we had a $10 off! Yay.

But they are having a 3+1 deal now. :)

Can tell lo that he's happy to rcv his Denizen jeans and belt!
Songe... U looked old! :)
Ur new job must be stressing despite the caroms and such. hee.

I seriously think he likes PINK so I just had to use this wrapper for him.
U better FIT into the jeans else it'd be a shame if u go beyond that size.
I'm FATTER than u hor.

If Songe's a girl, he cld easily be my BFF.
Becos I feel that he has a soft spot for ribbons!
Any typical guy wld untie the presie and dump it inside the bag but he tied it back and proudly parade it all over town. :)
Efforts appreciated.

On our way to PS for our Real Steel movie (Hugh Jackman was SLURPS and I dun mind having a furry wolf like him anytime), Songe challenged me abt our so overdue Dare.
Yeap! We conquered the roof garden at OC. Hee. No tops torn this time. :)
Saw these leafy trees and the wind was blowing and the leaves dropping onto the ground.
Felt HappY! hehe.

So we reached the top and I was holding on to Ling esp when we okay I was tiptoeing at the edge of the gdn. There was this big man out of nowhere commented that they shd bring me to MBS Sky Park instead. It's on the 57th floor while this is nothing cos just like our hdb flats.
HellO! Hdb flats dun have glass corridors lo. Hmph!
That aside nvm, then as we explored the gdn further he asked me abruptly Y eh I scared of ht.
Who are u seh?
And FYI mr Big Guy, I've been to Sky Park eh...

Anyways I signed up for the BIG WALK for the 1st time EVER!
The route's kinda simple from vivo to USS to Siloso beach.
I'm kinda EXCITED! Already.

Alright gotta get ready to meet the love of my life... ♥

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blessed. Truly

I could not be more thankful for all that I went through and for all the people I meet in my life. Of course some come and go while others chose to stick around a little longer or had to.
I am definitely gonna treasure all the memories that we shared. :)

Met the psbf last night to have a simple Bday dinner.
Grabbed a mini cupcake from House of Mini at Lot 1 (Gong Cha and now House of Mini?! gonna pile on those pounds....again) and rushed over to Sinaran.

Belated Bday girl with her lighted cuppie! :)

It's slightly bigger than the ultra mini cupcake and costs $3 each.
6 for $15!
And this one's named Chocoholic. No doubt abt it.
Shortie! I wanna grab the cuppie Kit already laaaaah! hee.

Simple dinner becos we had Chili Crab only.

And of course what's Chili Crabs wout the buns?
But these round things tasted more like fried pau rather than fried mantou.
I had 3 max.

Partner gave us a sweet lil treat! Mini magnums! Heavens!
Just check out all the smiles on our faces.
No prizes for guessing who took the pic. =_='

Snap snap snap snap! ♥

When I asked her what she would like to have as a farewell gift, this was what she requested.
Oh those memories. ;)

The impromptu Japan trip.
The Hen's KL trip. Awesome 3some ar.
The crazy Lalala session abt 2yrs ago.
Our 1st convo.
Our final convo. Together.
She was happily glancing through all the mini pics. Immediately.

i LOVE the keychain!
How can u be disgustingly sweet and cute at the same time? haha.
The card in that pink polka dot handbag.

U know me best as my sidekick.
Becos u were there when I cried in the toilet.
U were there when I got bored peeing alone so came the 'soccer matches'.
U gave me Cheer Up notes when I was going downhill.
U were tolerance when I had to break wind. oops.
Most imptly, U WERE BEHIND ME all these yrs.
I am so thankful, Thank U. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

tHe rOse VeranDa

Offers 128 premium tea blends, ur definitely spoilt for choices.
Love the ambience! ♥

After much thot, settled for Weekend in Casablance.
Tasted mellow. tho. hehe.

Don't be fooled.
There's more than 5 varieties of cake and these were just 3 from the dessert corner.
The creme brulee was HEAVENs! ♥♥♥♥♥

Love their plates!!
Mr Gee take note eh pls...

Just check out partner's smile!
She SMILEd till she can't SMILE somemore.
♥ S H I O K ♥

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


If our dp cld talk....

DraC: I'm gonna get U!
Fiona: Oh Drac, trust me I'm a Princess...

My first ever Conf.
Pondering why I had to be there, I realised it was an eye-opening and fruitful sharing sessions with engineers from all over the world.
Cld only thank God that I was not an engineer. hee.

So after all the hearty meals served at the Conf, we had a healthy dinner. :)