Saturday, March 31, 2018

7 days to go!

Tomorrow’s already April! Where did the time go? Soon half the year will be gone just like that. Because when May comes, it’s going to be Ramadhan. Dendeng! Erm I mean it’s going to be a different kind of Ramadhan with sending M to school and the husband having to work. Last year’s Ramadhan was during the holidays so we had MacD for sahur for quite a number of times.

Anyways, cravings these days got worst! I dunno why I wanted those prunes and finished them up myself. Then salivated looking at preserved mangoes. So I finished them up within a few days myself. I’ve been thinking of cockles and I had them over at Krabi but tak puas! So I whined to the mom and surprise surprise!! She had sis bring them over today. Alhamdulillah! Glad that I shared with the siblings too. Simple meal of cockles and telur dadar.

Alhamdulillah! Finally had them to my heart’s content! 💕
Mom’s always always always the best!

It’s going to be a long full week ahead but staycation awaits! The first staycation of 2018! Trying to reduce staycations and trips though. But feels restless every single time. 😬

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Krabi Itinerary, 4D3N

Day 1 - arrival at hotel and walked to bang boo halal for dinner.. buy street fd at muslim st walked back to hotel

Day 2 - bf, swim, jeep to ao nang, cab to krabi town, explored Vogue dept store, lunch at halal fd duck rice, walked to mud crab sculpture, tesco lotus back at hotel, jeep to ao nang walking street, dinner at la casa, motor ride back to muslim st, back at hotel

Day 3 - bf, jeep to ao nang, 20min motor ride to klong muang beach, lunch at ao nang, walked back to hotel, nap, walked to massage, dinner at ao nang, muslim st, hotel 

The room - spacious bathroom with bathtub, 2 beds, pool access, view sun rise, provide beach bag and can bring towel too, yummy bf spread.

Restaurants explored.

Day 1 - bangboo halal
Day 2 - Krabi Town halal food and La Casa at Ao Nang
Day 3 - PS Cafe and Restaurant

Flight: Scoot ($600+ for 3pax includes meals and total 40kg baggage)

Accomodation: Phu Pi Maan resort pool access room with double bed and separate single bed ($500+ for 3 nights booked at Agoda) 

Wifi router rental: $9 from changi recommends

Spending: S$700

Loves my Puma Basket.

Yes, everytime need to queue in order to fly. 
Here we were behind another Scoot plane and a Batik plane.

Krabi cat! Our resort was near some residences.

A bigger view with the significant Masjid Ao Nang Al-Munuawarah. 

At Krabi town with cavemen sculpture carrying the traffic lights.

Klong Muang beach. 

Taken from Klong Muang beach jetty. 

Halal restaurant in Krabi town which we stumbled upon.

What we had.
Cockles and fried rice with fried shrimps from Bang Boo restaurant.
Duck noodles from Krabi town.
Tom Yam from La Casa,  Ao Nang.
Green curry, Pad Thai and Tom Yam from PS Cafe and restaurant at Ao Nang.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Super short week!

Okay so my back to reality shall start tomorrow! For real. 😭 But it’s just gonna be 3 days and hopefully the husband could end early. But happy that we went for lunch at fatPapas today!

Super full! 😍

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Woa still so tired post holiday. Yesterday rushed to do the laundry and cooked lunch for the boys. Went over to visit the new addition and Shortie sent me home. Rested for a while and went out for dinner before bro came over to collect his ole2. Long Saturday indeed. And today went over to Mom’s then Bro-in-law’s then to see some Dinos and back to Mom’s. Another long day. It’s an ole2 kinda day.

The souvenirs we bought for family and friends.
Should have bought more of the pouches which came in packs of 3 or 4 at 70baht each ($3).
Loves the straw sling bags at 400baht ($16).

The girlfriend gave M and me belated birthday presents.

And this was bought by the Tok from Penang at RM65 ($22).
It’s huge!

Back to reality tomorrow but glad that it’s going to be a short week. 😍

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Krabi March 2018

It was such a long journey home yesterday. Alhamdulillah that everything was smooth for this trip with no delays or much hiccups. I did not plan for any itinerary to follow and it was mostly impromptu. As we did not want to go for island hopping or emerald pool or elephant rides, we explored a slightly different side of Krabi.

Firstly, I’d share about the resort. Most of the resorts in Ao Nang requires you to walk in a distance. Same goes for Phu Pi Maan resort. It’s muslim owned so having your meals is so convenient especially their delicious breakfast which varies for the 3 breakfast we had. We chose the pool access room booked from Agoda for about $500+ for 3 nights. It was worth it as besides the pool, we had breathtaking view of the sunrise and the mountains. And instead of the usual double/ king bed, we were provided with 1 double bed and 1 single bed. Room was spacious particularly the bathroom. The resort provides hourly shuttle to the beach area and conveniently located near the mosque. Probably the only con was that mozzies can be sharing your room and M was bitten quite badly. Oh and on the first night, I was so sensitive to the sounds from next door. There was footsteps sounded as if they were at our balcony area and also a broken glass! Was quite a sleepless night for me. The husband had his fair share on the last night with knocks near his head.

Every evening, we would singgah the muslim street (located just outside the mosque area) for snacks and souvenir shopping. Husband also found a favourite restaurant with aircon so probably he wouldn’t mind to go for another Krabi trip. 🤗

The airport was bigger than Samui’s but somehow I preferred Samui because the toilet was clean and the souvenir shop had aircon. Krabi’s looked like ferry terminal with lack of seats at times and don’t let me talk about the toilet.I dare not pay a visit. Upon arrival I could easily find my nicely printed full name held by the driver.

Here’s the pics of the resort!

This was the 3rd storey of the resort where we had swims and breakfast.

When i mentioned breathtaking views, I kid you not. 😍

And another one. ☺️
From our room.

Just look at the mountains.
Felt mysterious though about what’s happening over at the mountains.
I will update on the detailed itinerary next but for now the huge mountain of laundry awaits. 😂

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ao Nang

Reporting live from Krabi! Alhamdulillah. Smooth check-in at airport and arrival pick-up from the resort. Frankly, no itinerary planned as we did not want to go island hopping or keen to check out Emerald Pool. Staying at Phu Phi Maan resort which is conveniently located near a mosque and with stalls lined at Muslim street selling halal snacks such as Mango sticky rice and pancakes. Shall save a detailed entry for the trip but meanwhile.....

The airport is welcoming with the slogan,
“Welcome to Lovely Town with Lovely People”

The restaurant where we had our first dinner.
Been craving for cockles since so long and managed to eat them here.
Till the next entry! 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Yes, No, Maybe

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to feel. Cos tomorrow means a brand new week of school but it’s going to be the only day of school for M. I must remember to inform his teacher too. So it’s going to be an eventful week ahead!

And I’m loving this customised banner! 
Looks so well with my cactus hook but I really find it a tad too expensive at $65.
Sis bought it for M.
May Allah bless her with much more rezeki! Amin. 🤗

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Another present! 😍

So I was thinking what I should get with the huge amount of voucher from PSBF. Mind you I’m spoilt with choices from Longchamp or LV or Sephora or Zara. And many others. Should I get a pair of shoes? Or clothes from Zara or that expensive serum from Sephora? After consulting the husband, I’ve decided to purchase the serum. Went to Ion and I was lucky enough that the saleslady told me that there’s Estee Lauder boutique nearby. Sephora’s ran out of stock.

Just see the paperbag! So nice! Just like gift-wrapped. 😍
Wanted to get the 30ml so that I only need to pay $2 but the lady said if I were to get the bigger bottle, I’m entitled to get a pouch with 3 items.

So here goes! Happy with the purchase and I can just grab Chanel lipstick at the airport next week. 


I can’t sleep although I have no excitement for the weekend. No plans except for wedding invite on Sunday. Furthermore, gotta cook for the siblings early tomorrow morning as they’d be working. But these articles shared in FB relate to me pretty accurately. That a Study has shown you will love 3 persons (Each with a Specific reason) in a lifetime. With reference HERE.

The FIRST love - while we are young.
- Probably my 1st ever steady whom lasted for a few months. No social media at that time not even friendster. He asked for my number (was it pager number? 😳) when we were in a public bus. As the relationship continues and eventually ends, I matured and had my own identity. Actually after him there was another guy named Reduan Isham. 🤣

The SECOND love - hard love they say
- The one love that teaches me lessons of what I wanted in a relationship and how the love to be. However it was not a happy one. Yet instead of giving up, I hang on thinking everything will be okay. But it was never fine.

The THIRD love - the one I didn’t see coming
- Never dated such a guy before because I thought I can’t. For me it comes after major heartbreak and I slowed myself down giving him and me ample space to know each other. Allah is the Best Planner. With His Blessings and Guide, Alhamdulillah for all that happened. I wouldn’t have holidays, proper honeymoon and LV wants otherwise while you are singing your heart out to happiness and freedom. More importantly, the daily solat jemaah and doa sessions and living like a normal family having home cooked food together at end of everyday. Pretty sure it’s part of the doas made by Mom and Dad and friends that bring me to where I am today.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


So happy and glad that I managed to have a brief tea date with this Busmate/ BriskWalk buddy/ ex-colleague/ friend! We didn’t meet when she changed job and didn’t take the bus anymore. And I didn’t get to meet her when I got pregnant and moved. So almost 4 years and a child later, we met again! So good to be able to catch up with her. And I’m so lucky since young I had friends from all over the world cos of my school. Yes thinking back, hard to believe that I had so many Indonesian schoolmates, Thai, Canadian and even South African. And this lady here is an Indonesian.

Thank you for the shawl and gift for M.
So thoughtful although we didn’t meet for so long already.

And I became pillion on Bro’s bike tonight.
Kept thinking of M and the husband while riding. 🏍

Monday, March 12, 2018

Being grateful

This is so unexpected. 
One of the parents passed husband this for me.

May Allah bless the family and repay their kindness in gifting this pretty Telekung to me.
All the way from Bandung. 🤗

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Treasures of the Zoo

Fetched the parents briefly and had Nasi Ayam Sambal for dinner.
It’s been too long. 
After that went over to see the Balloons as promised.



Panda and her cubs!

My favourite, Hippo!

And the 🦒! 
Loves how colorful the zoo was! 💕

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Such a long weekend

My weekend began yesterday in fact as I rushed to cook, bring in the laundry, prepare M for his nap and had a brief meal myself before heading to the family emergency.
Alhamdulillah it was nothing serious.
And Alhamdulillah too for a very understanding husband who rushed home so that he could help with cleaning up the dishes, folding the clothes and looked after M.
Bought him an Adidas T-shirt as an appreciation. 😁

Meanwhile, something small to cheer up the patient.

And today we headed out early to the farm, finally had Tang Tea for lunch.
That har kow was yummy (compared to the Golden Sand buns - filled with salted egg).
Cannot miss completing my meal with their Super Cooler.
But I still yet to have cockles. 😏

Friday, March 9, 2018

New items in!

I did not plan to purchase anything from 3littlepicks but I bought 3 items eventually! Sis bought for M his customised flag banner so I thought I should look around for a hook. Stumbled upon their offers and I decided to grab the same Cactus Hook from Wood Rabbit, Korea.
And besides that, bought a trinket tray (glad that it’s different from the usual ones cos this one’s deeper) and a rainbow night light (finally!) for M’s room.

I bought only 3 items ($33+ inclusive of shipping) and the box was quite big.
Really happy that they paid detailed attention to their packing.

Was torn between black and white for the cactus hook but hope the banner looks better with white.

The night light’s so much brighter than my Unicorn.
This is more functional than mine and way cheaper!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Live Love Laugh

A long week ahead and gotta remind myself of the following.

Loving the mess on the study table!

Canvas poster from Kaison, MyTown KL,
Birthday vouchers,
Drawers and coin pouch from Klosh,
Gardens by the Bay bear,
Rabbit trinket tray from Kaison, One Utama KL,
M’s sunnies from Padini, Penang. 💕

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Shopping spree 😍 with Great Deals!

Got the chance to go out with sis only without M. So we went to shops which we can’t get to enter with M.  And shopped I did!

Bought that strawbag from Bed Bath and Table at half price $14.95!
Just nice for the beach trip later this month. 
Got that lovely flamingo pitcher jug at $17.95 (U.P $34.95). 💕
Finally gave in to sis to buy that Fit Flop (oh my so auntie) at $119, original price at $169 (ridiculous seh!). And that tiny cute crown pouch from sis for dragging me out today. 🤗