Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcoming another weekend!

A long one that is!
As funny as it sounds, I can't wait for Sunday to come.
So happy that sis has received her baju!
 Took abt 1 wk.
And I think I have to confess that I'm addicted to online shopping.
Bot quite a number of tuds from Lebanon 2 wks earlier.
Can't deny the flowy feeling when u received them parcels.
This time I bot about 5 + 1 items from Msia.
Really hope to receive them sooooooooon!
Happy and syukur that he called tonight.
Cld hear his tireness so obviously.
It had been a long Friday too.
Work - Bt Timah - IMM
Weekend's gonna packed too.
Excited abt all the plans like even on xmas gathering's up! O_o

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Single time.....Errrr NOT.

Had my off today and it was quite packed still.
That's the reason on why I took leave anyways.
It was a long Tues indeed yesterday.
Work then went to wait for him at BB. Bounced to Pioneer to go to Simei.
Cab to airport then cab home.
Almost midnite when I reached and ended my day.
It was worth it nonetheless.
Every sec of it. :)

The first time that I actually sent him off for his first official trip.
My eyes so small already cos it was my bedtime yet I was still on the other side of the island.
He was grinning so big ha.
Tapi mata pun da merah.
Alhamdulillah that he's safely reached and settled there now.

My midwk began early despite the off day.
Accompanied sis for her registration of the school.
Kasi semangat skit la.
Then went for my massage...aaaahhh now da aching..
My fren wld be coming so I baked brownies and cuppies!
Instructed mak to cook nasi lemak. :)

Some for the colleagues. Packed!

And I got a new flowery top from JKT!

Friday, August 23, 2013

I have a feeeeeling.....

Yay Weekend's like finally here! :))
And I must say it's quite a great start.
Got my lenses, collected my overdue baju, rare dinner with Mom and sis, Satay with Dad and ordered sis her baju! Alhamdulillah.
So much done!
Not forgetting I've received the books!
Can't wait to start reading. :)

They were neatly wrapped.
Received my order from Lebanon too!

There were 5 books in the envelope!!

Finally got my baju... Well now cld wear for the many upcoming occasions!

Here's to a great weekend!
Us at CCK park for our first ever dinner.
Just the three of us! ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Aaaaaaaaah the weekend ;)

 It was a long week indeed and I'm glad that weekend's finally here!
But then I have no plans tmr. geeeeeeez

Gatal kaaaaaaannnn.. With Fakkah Fuzz.
The Mat Stand Up Comedian.

Love this pic with partner.
I feeling2 lychee martini gitu..

His 32nd Bday celeb was a low key one.
No $$ spent on dinner cos he got to feast on Mom's simple dishes.
Like real simple yet his fave.
I knew he wld love his Bday card. ;))

Org bz2 with raya he still selit this hippo for me.
Cute... But I wan bigger one can?
This one can just squeeze with one hand seh...and gone.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Syawal 2013

Syawal's here. So much happenings especially with the new sem starting next week! O_o I'm so not ready. We're SO not ready. Ok let's put that aside for just a bit.
I had quite a 'down Raya eve' this yr. :(
Mom called the tailor last weekend and she was told that our baju wld be ready on Raya eve (sounded quite ridiculous but gave the benefit of doubt). When the day came, tailor called in the morn only to tell mom that her machine was spoilt. Already a lil blown but even more ridiculous when she said not even a single baju (mom's 3 mine 1 top and 2 bottoms) we sent was ready!
It's not as if we sent our material last min but back in May.
Anyways, lesson learnt, not to send materials to home-based tailors anymore.
What made it worst was he has bought matching colors with mine. Which we have never ever planned in previous years. Felt so pissed.
Thanks to bro, dad, sis and sis-in-law who accompanied me to grab my last min baju at Geylang.
It wasn't easy to have the need to choose a baju on the eve but thankfully, found 1 not that matching with his but I love the cut and trusted the shop (we bot from that Chinese auntie before). Dad even was sweet to grab mom a baju as well. And it didn't come in cheap for him. Mom was delighted of cos but she didn't wana wear for Raya but for another occasion instead.
So it was the first time we celebrated as fiancé/ fiancée. Didn't know what to expect except for the visiting of his bros' places. Thankful and so glad that we prayed at the same mosque this year. The feeling of performing your prayers in the same mosque is priceless. Cos u were on that 2nd floor, knowing that your other half is physically with you one floor down. After prayers, he came over for breakfast and we made our way to his 1st bro's as well as his close neighbor. Kind people they are. Pakcik also gave fruitful advices and doas to us. Alhamdulillah.
By 1230, we were done with 2 houses! Bro and the rest fetched me and managed to squeeze him in as well. We then officially started our annual visiting. Usually we made our way to the direct family's places but this time, we managed to cover TEN houses within 1st Syawal! He was really shagged cos he has nvr done this before. hee. Ended the day close to midnite.
3 houses at BB - Jln Bahar - Clementi - West Coast - Holland - 2 houses at AMK - Hougang
Here's 3 of my fave snaps! 

This cheymong is SO cute! Nvr meow or retaliate.
Aha. That's him tagging behind. :)
And I love my lil glitter booties!

Matching much? hehe.