Monday, April 30, 2018

Early birthday meet-up

Her birthday is almost 2 weeks away but got to celebrate early cos Ramadhan’s coming. Last minute plans always the best because no time to cancel or postpone. Luckily for me, she could come over nearer to meet and I only managed to grab her and the kids’ presents yesterday. So glad that she liked the flowers. I was contemplating on whether should send flowers to her house or buy them before meeting her. I reached slightly before 1.20pm so I decided to drop by the florist. Chose 2 stalks of sunflowers for her, should have chosen gerberas instead and got it wrapped. It was $50! Quite pricey but kinda worth it when she told me it’s been so long since she received flowers. Besides that, got her Sephora gift card so that she could stock up on her make-up for Raya!

My bff since 2001.
Only both of us know what we went through together.
From studying at Harbourfront Centre then cabut to Sentosa beach instead and the different guys we met throughout our friendship till she settled down and 4 years later me. 
Alhamdulillah definitely friends for life this one. 

A meet-up’s only complete after dessert.

Family Quality Time

Such long and eventful weekend! Syukur that the weekend was spent with family. Saturday started early for us as the husband had to work. Baked pizza for breakfast and we had quite a brief breakfast date as M was still sleeping. Went out to go to BIL’s house then to Mom’s. Bro came to fetch us to bring us out to Changi Village for dad’s craving of satay. Husband ordered 80 sticks!

It was a brief supper of satay and then bro drove us to Changi beach to see the planes.
M was still so active and did not nap in the car at all.

Sunday was early too! Had ordered Mac breakfast at 12-ish in the morning and received a call before 7am that delivery was at door.
To my horror, I realised that I had selected the wrong address for the almost $50 worth of breakfast order.
Had to cancel and re-order and luckily, no extra charges was imposed.
Silly mistake and I felt really bad for the food wastage and for the delivery guy. 😔

That was breakfast story. After Zohor, bro drove us to Westgate.
Managed to settle the presents for BFF and the kids for their birthdays.
Can’t wait to meet her up later.

Bro’s driving plan for Sunday.
My house - Kubur - Mom’s house - His house - My house - Jurong - His house - Jurong - Bt Batok - Mom’s house - Woodlands Waterfront - Mom’s house - My house - His house
Typing it out already tires me out what more driving. 😆

Dinner blanja by sis.
- Satay (again!)
- Cereal Prawn
- Fried Oyster Mushroom
- Tom Yam soup
- Assam Nyonya Style Fish Head 

Thankful for the packed weekend filled with delicious food and family love.
Pretty sure that the parents enjoyed it much.
The long drive and sumptuous dinners. 💕

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Yay to the weekend! It’s going to be a long day with the husband already out for a little bit of work. Excited to have the family supper later tonight! And I’ve finally done up the unboxing videos of the London souvenirs. So I could kemas the stuff away. And here’s the pics! Loves every single one of them!

So so glad that sis bought me this coin purse in Fuchsia.
It’s £235 but after tax refund it’s below £200 and that’s more of $100 price difference if you were to buy in SG. 

Pleasant surprise from sis which she bought from London Heathrow Airport.
Loves the pretty classy packaging.
Can’t wait to get their diffuser soon.

This is a layering set whereby the 3 items come in different fragrances. 💕

Another surprise would be this fluffy bear!
And of course loving the Huda Beauty liquid matte mini set in Power Pinks!
Can wear for Raya soon. 👄

Selit my Mother’s day colorful bouquet too!
Haiz cannot get over the gifts I’ve received.
So blessed and thankful. 🤗

Friday, April 27, 2018

He’s done it again!

What have I done to deserve this? 😭 Been having quite a challenge of late with M throwing his tantrums and being cranky. And I’ve just listed down the endless stuff that I do on a daily basis. Then today, after witnessing the ever beautiful rainbow right out of the living room window, a Ninja came to deliver this burstful colours of flowers bouquet. 😢 I am blessed beyond words.

This is such a beautiful bouquet for Mother’s day (sometimes I still forget that I’m a mom).
My heart swells with gratefulness.

It comes with my favourite but too expensive Pusheen. 💕
Thank you husband for always always giving me the best of everything.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


“Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”

When I looked out from the living room, I smiled to myself.

Allah’s creation. 😍

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Typical day

5:00 = Wake up and prepare bf for husband
5:45 = Solat and see him off
5:50 = Return to sleep/ surf
6:30 = Sleep

8:00 = Vacuum, laundry and prepare bf
9:00 = Hang out laundry
9:30 = Cook rice, prepare lunch
10:45 = Feed him lunch
11:30 = My lunch
12:00 = Prepare for school
12:30 = Send him to school 
1:20 = Back at home

1:45 = Solat
2:00 = Iron clothes
3:00 = Rest
3:30 = Go out to fetch him
4:20 = Bathe him and give him milk
4:45 = Solat
5:00 = Cook dinner
6:00 = Shower and bring in laundry
6:15 = Fold clothes
6:30 = Dinner
6:45 = Feed him
7:15 = Solat

8:00 = TV time
9:00 = Solat
9:10 = TV and rest

10:30 = Sleep

Uhuh. A typical day of mine looks like this. Does not include ad-hoc events such as lunch dates or grocery shopping. Like today, after sending M to school I quickly fried some potatoes to make begedil. 

The list remains even if I’m unwell. No such thing as MC or annual leave. But if you ask me, I’d choose this over any 9 to 5 job ever. Although it may look a little mundane, I look forward to short trips, PH, or even times when the siblings go for their trips cos when they return, they would get me alot of stuff. 

I’m not over the stuff sis bought me from London. The seashell bookmark was attached to my Little Mermaid ruffles PJ pants. 😍

Loves the ice cream prints on the foldable Cath Kidston backpack!💕

Let’s plan for Mom’s celebration next! Insha Allah. 🎉

Monday, April 23, 2018

Super Happy! 😁

Sis called to say that she wanted to come back to my place instead of mom’s. Finally, Alhamdulillah she’s back safe and sound with all goodies for us! So excited because she bought so many stuff for us (especially me and M!). Was contemplating to fetch her at the airport cos I know she won’t be able to handle the baggages alone. Didn’t help that it rained quite heavy too. After sending M to school, I briefly cooked green curry for dinner.

Packed a backpack with extra T-shirt for M but forgotten his milk powder. Swiftly took the cab after signing him out from school. He napped a bit and fortunately despite sis’ flight being earlier than scheduled, we managed to reach before her. M was happy of course to reconcile with his number 1 frenemy.🙄

For M!
Guess he loves the planets the most.

Look at how many stuff she bought for us!
At least 3 Tees for M, the Little Mermaid cute pants for me, PJ set, Cath Kidston foldable backpack and wait there’s more alright!

My fave of ALL the ole2!
My rosalie coin pouch (this one I kirim and paid her okay!), Huda Beauty lip matte set and surprise surprise Jo Malone travel set and that cute bear!
So happy that sis remembered to get me soft toys. 😍😍😍
Can’t wait to do unboxing videos next! 🤭
So lucky to have the bestest sister in the whole wide world. 🤗

Saturday, April 21, 2018

T e m p o r a r y 😬

Someone lost the husband while another had a newborn. Got to remind myself again and again and again how temporary everything in this world is. So gotta love the parents more each day. Spend more time with them. Appreciate and treasure my close friends. Gotta be less angry with M each day.

Everyone’s journey is different. Sure I had my heart ripped before but it’s nothing compared to the challenges and tests I’ve witnessed. Their strength to overcome and get through life’s tests is admirable but truly only Allah knows how they feel deep inside.

So thankful and joyed that the parents had slpovers. Helped me pull through the week easier. And bro had been buying and delivering breakfast past few days. Looking  forward to next week when the sis will be back. From London. Can’t wait.

Learning to slow down and appreciate nature too. 🌴

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Being grateful over and over again

It’s not easy being grateful and feel contented with what we have because we as humans always want more than what we’ve been blessed with. Must try hard to be a minimalist. How do I start (thinking of the hills of clothes waiting to collapse in the wardrobe)?

At least I’m starting somewhere like the kitchen sink area. Urgh. I find it hard to even lift the dust off everything. Now the husband and dad planned to repaint the house. 😭 I hope it won’t be as hard as I imagined. Next will be those tupperware!

So blessed that the husband replaced my lost bangle. And mom gave me one of hers too. 😭 Felt emo receiving it. But will try to put them on more often. And yesterday husband treated the whole family to Chilli Crab and Satay dinner in the park. We staycay(ed) at Mom’s since sis is away at Scotland (can’t wait for her to be back!) now.

50 sticks of satay. 

Chilli crab at $60+ so yummy but the belacan overwhelming.

May Allah bless husband with abundant of rezeki and good health. 💕

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rezeki comes in many forms

It’s been late but -ve. Undeniably disappointed but had to push it aside because there are alot more to be thankful and grateful for. Today, the husband had announced my increment and got me my bonus too! So let’s look forward to all the excitement in days to come. Insha Allah. First up, the exercise plan! Got to schedule my days better especially after this week. Went out everyday after sending M so not much got done.

The week to come! Will consistently put in Dance Central at least twice (for now). Oh dear but the week ahead still no sis but that’d give me time to plan for things to do before Ramadhan kick in like getting Mom her gift! Probably ask the husband if he would like to see some tulips.

My life may not be going the way I planned, but it’s going Exactly the way Allah has planned it.

Just like these sunflowers. We were looking for Crave Nasi Lemak at Changi Airport transit area but got lost and stumbled upon the beautiful sunflower garden instead. 😍 So gotta stay positive. 
Insha Allah. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Lunch date with the Ex (again!)

When the Ex suggested to meet (again! we met back in Jan), I had that strong feeling that there’s something important! Important it is! So happy for her and may all goes well! What’s more exciting is that, it’s going to be same month as M. So cool! Anyways, today had to crash the crib.

Had chicken tacos and it wasn’t nice at all. Firstly the tacos were not those crispy ones like Taco bell and the chicken, adoi, just like the way mom made hers using NTUC chicken. The service too. Haiz. There were so many staff yet the cashier was using her hp while I waited to make payment. She even had to pull her colleague to collect the payment from me as her hp rang. Teruk seh. 🙄

Meantime, 70 days and counting. 😬

Monday, April 9, 2018

Masih Aku Terasa

“Akan kusimpan kenangan cinta kita
Yang tak akan terpadam selamanya
Kehangatan cintamu masih aku terasa
Seperti baru semalam kita berpisah”
                                       - Gersang

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Village Hotel Changi

So dad’s birthday staycation happened at Village Hotel Changi. We hesitated alot to stay at this hotel due to its location and the neighbourhood. We loved Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and the price of the rooms are very similar. But this time, we decided to try.

When we arrived, there were queues formed at the front desk. However, it cleared up pretty fast. The rep told me about moving the extra bed from duplex room to the twin room which got me really confused. So once in our room, I checked my bookings again and realised that we were supposed to have 2 extra beds instead of just 1. That got cleared up and settled after our dinner. But the wifi oh my gosh. We couldn’t log in because there was no prompt at all. So we had to use the free wifi which was so so slow.

The room was old and the bathroom small. But thankfully it was just for a night. Pictures!

Did a simple deco for the birthday staycation.

Prepared prizes for the family members.
Not easy to get general gifts suitable for all so I had to prefix the ‘lucky draw’.

Dad’s $38 fruit cake from Bread Garden.
Loved the presentation of the fruits.

The infinity pool was tiny. Really.

His bathbomb which was used for 2 sessions.

Alhamdulillah for the dinner spread.
Bro’s treat.

And we saw wild otters during our morning walk. 😍

Friday, April 6, 2018

Dad’s birthday

Alhamdulillah. Bought dad a small cake for M’s sake and happy cos managed to get the Minion block cake.  Hope he’s a little surprised and there’ll be more tomorrow. With a real cake and a huge present from the son-in-law. Can’t wait!

I don’t know why everytime I go to central I’d get stuff till my hands are full.
I dropped the cake at the bus stop while seated, hence, the ‘sengetness’.

On a separate note, I am trying to organise the things in the house.
Started with the bath and laundry items under the kitchen sink.
Inspired by an Instagram account to be minimalist. Hah.
Then I moved on to my bedside drawer.
There’s this sense of fulfillment seeing your stuff get organised.
And those VS products were all gifts!
I bought none for myself. 
There’s more perfume and make-up in the drawer.

I’ll move on to the kitchen again like the snacks corner, teacups and plates.
Don’t even mention the tupperware area. Pengsan.
Now there’s too many to clear. 🤷‍♀️

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Around 40days left to Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah this time managed to finally tailor our wedding gift songket from bro-in-law and sis-in-law. Yes the songket which we received back in 2013 after our wedding. We went to our direct relatives’ and siblings’ houses to formally introduce each other. I bet you didn’t do it because oh well. And I didn’t know that those visits were meant for the uncles and aunties as well as siblings to offer us fruitful advices and even present us with gifts. I think the Malays called it ‘sembah-sembah’.

I remembered fondly of some advices till today such as to always pray together, inform each other if coming home late, avoid too much jealousy and to be patient with each other. Of course, I remembered the gifts too such as shawls, cloths and even telekung. And this was touching.. One of his Bibiks even gave us bedsheet (which wasn’t planned) although she had bought it for herself. She was not at her best of health to go out. To receive many useful words of encouragement was fulfilling enough but here we were, blessed with gifts. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Yes! We’re going red this year! Insha Allah.

M is lucky as his Tok and Nenek will always get him his baju kurung according to THEIR colour theme. Aha! You read that right. So for these 4 years we never matched as our little family but I don’t mind cos even I didn’t wear same color theme back then before getting married. What matters more is I match with the husband. 😋

So glad that sis-in-law got me this tailor’s contact near M’s school. And the price was really reasonable at $38 for my not so mini kurung. 🤗 Will ask mom to try send hers next time. In the meantime, so excited for this weekend! 🎉

Sunday, April 1, 2018

It’s back!

Can’t believe it’s back! The crayfish pasta at Swensens! Yums.

I hope I’m all geared up for a busy Monday tomorrow! 😬