Saturday, December 31, 2011

tHe enD is tHe beGinninG

*Takes a deep deep breath.

So another year gonna wrap up in just abit.

And here's what I've been up to on the last week of twenty eleven.

Loves this pic! Snapped on our way to catch Voyage De La Vie.
Not becos of the geek in the pink but becos of my bling2 studs! ;)
And the angin sepoi2 bahasa blowing my lil hair.
Mr Gee no need to smile until like that lah.
Showing off your upper and lower set of pearlies. -_-'

Fried Hotate feast!
The most number of hotate I've ever seen on my plate. hee.

Watched Chipmunks as the last movie of the year.

Whipped Prawn Aglio but doesn't taste as gd as before. :(
Nonetheless, left a tiny bit in the tupperware now.

Dated druggist... And her quarter chicken. hee.

And seriously? On NY eve?
Saw this while opening my box but fortunately, it's a few columns away from mine.

See you next year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rest Day

The only day which I managed to rest fully. Cos got nothing planned at all. Glad that I met up with the babe yest tog with her lil prince charming. He's such an adorable and clever boy. He didn't even cry except screamed when suddenly there's a heavy downpour. hee.

Lil Varun excited to rcv his new toy.

The way he drinks his orange juice.

The babe got me my 1st ever lava lamp!
Which I didn't even know for what ocassion. ;)

How nice to stare at it changing its colours.


Did a lil baking today.
Wanted to bake brownies and saw those cups so put it into them eventually.

This one topped with walnuts!

And this one topped with heart candies!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Loooong break

It's been a great Xmas weekend!! Dated Nian on the eve and we watched Ghost Protocol which got me seated on the edge most of the time. Not before we rushed over to the RWS to grab my tics and to have dinner then to catch the movie. We made it! Yay! Hopefully we shed some during the whole rush cos we walked over the Boardwalk to Vivo. hee. ;)

On Sunday didn't really have any plans but the psbf wanted to drag me to Rex. She even came over to my place just to have my mom's nasi lemak. We took the bus and got detoured cos of the rd closures. So had to walk to H&M. Happy that now I got the attires planned out for the Bali trip. Made psbf walk over to Rex from town. hee. Only to find out that the tics were all sold out except for 1am show. =_=' Craps! So got home instead.

Today had the facial since ages and I totally forgotten how torturing the extraction episode was. I tahan and tahan till my left eye shed a tear. :( But I did enjoy the whole facial esp the massage part. hee. Then rushed to grab a dress and bag for mom before mtg the psbf again for her special mission.

Mom's nasi lemak complete with Paru. FAVE.

Mom grinning before her massage.

Btw my tummy growled during the facial altho I had bf alr.
Happy that I was given this despite the ginger taste.

Mom's bags! Macam Juicy Couture eh. hee.

My quickie lunch before having to stand for hours. :(

Just to see Lelaki Ini. >.<

Psbf even sponsored me his cd. And seriously when I was standing in front of him before he sign, I was dumbfounded while he was speechless. So it was an awkward moment of silence between us. Haha. Will NVR EVER do this again. hee.
Come on! My ONLY concert gig was GREEN DAY and that's incomparable to any other gigs!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A L H A M D U L I L L A H : )

Syukur Alhamdulillah.
The wait is over.
He's finally done with school! :)
He already planned to meet me yest even before the result's out.

Yest was probably one of the best midwk ever cos I get to meet Bff and him all in a day.
Had quality time with the lil babe as well.
Can't bear to see her cry. Full of emo.
It's been a really great week by far and I'm truly thankful.

Shortie and her ideas! Yet again!
Wondered how many sticks she had used. tsk
But imagine the effort she put in printing cutting taping and sticking those props.

Had sumptious dinner at Bpp.
Byknye nak share eh? haha.

Bff and me. :)
Part makan = HAPPY!

Just look at the spread!
Thank u for the treat and congrats for the awards and such. ;)

Lil Sophie stared at me for a whole gd 10mins at least.
Can't help but to snap her.
Loves her curls!

Mr Gee got me TiffY! Unbelievably.
When the lady asked if it was xmas gift, he bluntly blurt,
'Just a special treat."

The xmas gifts of twenty eleven!
Thank you ALL! :)

And of cos the one from EC as well. ♥

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best monday ever ;)

"Its worth de 4-hr wait, train breakdown, walking in de rain, terpelecuk, baju out of stock n lastly.. We totally forgot our ice-cream/dinner!!
We've been thru alot, babe!!!!"

Exactly! I was pretty confident that I cld reach there earliest 6.45pm but I was lucky enough to be stuck at DG station. The doors opened and refused to close while streams of commuters came in and out of the cabins and got me confused. Come on! It's just 1 stop away from my destination.
Just as I walked up the stairs and looked down, the doors closed. Baik ar!
Oh she din include the bird's poo right smack on her head and that she brought home my ultra wet brolly accidentally.

So I brisk walked from DG to OC under my pink brolly.
Reached at 7.15 instead.

Shortie and her ideas.
Pictures were taken separately. hee.

And another of her IDEA!
To wear the same H&M top!
And we din really plan on the rest of the outfit but it was 99% similar! faint
Snapped at A&F outlet.
As u can see, the boutique's very diff from any other shops I've known.
The staff kept spraying their perfume. >.<

In the fitting room.
Locked from the outside.
Yeap I bot this top!

He's malay btw. ;)
Sturdily guarding the entrance.
Sheesh how low can u go?

Their paperbags.
Remind me of GUESS.

And when I got home late ard 11pm at the lift, saw Auntie Filipino.
Called her Auntie becos she married local chinese Uncle. Hee.
She appeared out of nowhere and then took the lift with me.
Commented that my hair's nice like a doll's.
Replied that I've got not much left anyways.
She said it's ok still nice. =_='

Rcved Tiff's catalogue today! :)

Please let the rest of the week be as good! Pretty please.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Friday was so much fun and LOVE! ;) Becos I met him right aft work for the 2nd date in a row. I know no big deal right but it's just so rare for us to be mtg 2days straight. And he gave me the privilege of planning the night out. Initially wanted to go to Farrer Park for dinner but LPS seems to be a better vicinity. Since I had a hearty lunch, I decided to order something light instead. And yeah I was whining to go down to town to see the blue blue xmas lights! And I kinda rewarded myself with Tiffany! For 2011? hee. :) All those shopping, the carols, the street performances and the lights...U can't help but feel the hol mood too.

Maybe just maybe, he was having this brilliant idea to go bf on Sat morn as well! I was rather apprehensive at first but then again gotta grab the chance which God knows when it will happen ever again. Hee. So we wanted to meet early like 9.30am and I just cldnt bring myself to slp aft 7am. So I got ready and waited for the cue to go out. When the unexpected happened. Toa Payoh to Marina train down. Thinking it's not even in my way so there shdn't be a prob. But apparently the oncoming train doesnt seem to come at all and no waiting time shown. :(

After abt 10mins alerted him and he had to come by cck instead. hee. So we kinda rushed our morn. Hey GOOD NEWS! Awfully Choc has opened at JP! Best nye! Planned to actually laze the rest of my Sat off but then sis wanted me to come along for her meet with her fren. And they're heading to a place called Rochester. Abt 500m from BV station. Dempsey-like. After which we went south to Vivo and then finally home. Gotta send the parents to Jelapang and yes! Now in my PJs alr.

Just realised that LPS had a variety of satay from duck, babat, turkey, mutton etc.
He settled for Turkey and mutton. While I ordered for wings.

And maggie goreng. Alamak tak sedap.
Nothing's nice at LPS actually.

We jalan2 at town and saw this Tiff tree! :D
Becos we wanted to walk over to OC.

The blue's mine! Cotton Candy.
His was cheesecake.

Self-reward. Kesian eh?

RED RIBBON in collab with Xmas!
While I'm superb happy with my new studs, can't help but feel low as I had misplaced my Swarozski pink studs yet again. :(
Pls pls pls reappear again will ya?
Searched all my pouches and bags but to no avail.
They're my fave studs.

The biggest Creme Brulee EVER from Play House.
Not so sedap cos I tink Creme Brulee are meant to be tiny. :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back at one ;)

Parents are back! YaY! But before that, I had the golden opportunity to have a decent dinner with sis. She instantly suggested Fish n Co. Yummy! Been so long since I las had a meal there.

The waitress brought us mag to kill the waiting time.

Sis ordered the Winter set for sharing.
Consists of fish, salmon chips and chicken!
Very filling and costly at $25.90. ;)

I was expecting souvenir T from mom n dad.
But besides that, they got me this T from Body Glove.
U.P at RM85+. Thats ex. And it felt very ah lian.. hee.
Oh dad. Hancur.

Finally after 2wks of not being irritated by him, met mr G.
And he bot me AC from vivo. Baik ar. :D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Home alone

So the parents are safely in Penang now.
They survived the 9hr bus ride.
Fortunately, there were 2 other familiar faces and they were seated right in front of mom n dad.

Mom got worried abt our food and so she stocked up on MSG loaded stuff into our drawers.
And I proudly did not touch them yet.

Dinner at Furama was yummy. And funny.
Happy that we continued the tradition.
Thank you for considering the venue for me.
Much appreciated.

Bro was kind enough to have slept over the wkend. :)
Least the house is not that quiet.
He bot tauhey. Stroberi flavoured!

I whipped Sambal prawns on Sat morning.
Bro bot the $14/kg huge prawns.
Initially tasted slightly salty but later on it was Sedap!
And none left!

Had pizzas with Nian!

For the 1st time, I prepared Cream Sos pasta.
Bot the turkey ham and throw some chunky ones on them.

Psbf dropped by to taste my pasta. And sambal prawns. haha.
She took the job of clearing the dishes as well.

Well cos she dragged me to Geylang.
In search of her AZ cd.
I got mine too. but hesitated to grab initially cos even the group's name is wrong. tsk.

Bali's trip confirmed!