Sunday, January 28, 2018


Less than a week to go but feeling so neutral about celebrating cos the sis will be away... meaning no surprise flowers or delivery. 🙄 But the husband had planned the day and both days will be packed. Tsk this weekend is yet to be done with but already talking about the next. Heh.

Another quality time spent this weekend with dinner treat from sis. Glad that I managed to grab Uniqlo drape pants although it was packed. Being a Japanese brand I’m so appreciative of how efficient they are at handling the crowd especially at the payment. It was swift!

Supposed to attend 2 weddings today but had to skip one cos M’s pants was drenched at the 1st wedding. 🤣 That became our saviour of the day cos we got to chill longer at Mom’s.

We were too lazy to go out for lunch so I cooked western for the husband.
That fish was yummy (bought frozen from NTUC la).
Stir fried the broccoli with a dash of pepper after the fish.

Shared Seafood Army Stew from Hotpot with sis.

M had his first Carousel ride too! 🎠

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hey Sugar

Sad that the weekend’s almost over. Glad that we spent quality family time together.
 Sis treated us to waffles last evening.

Such a pretty ambience with pink walls and cute chairs.
Just see them lights on the ceiling! 💕

Bro bought us popcorn.

My charcoal waffle topped with rock melon ice cream. 😍

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lunch date with the Ex

Looking forward to this lunch date cos the last time was during the open house in Aug. So thankful that could squeeze the meet in between M’s school timing. The Ex even took half day off to meet. Am blessed that all 3 of my Exes are very much still in touch with me.

Even when you’re no longer together but still think alike.
Having similar wallet. 😍

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Enjoyful weekend

A little sad that the weekend’s almost over but glad that I managed to do what I wanted. That is to check out the newly opened Kate Spade outlet at IMM and to get my Apam Balik! Alhamdulillah. Had quality brief outing alone with Mom (gosh when was the last time I did this!) on Saturday. Happy that the sis dropped by for lunch and the husband finally agreed to go get Apam Balik today. I’ve been pestering him since Friday. M was delighted too for having met his favourite dinosaurs over at Uncle Ringo. He’s still not into rides yet but he loves fishing frogs. As we had some balance from previous round, M did his round of fishing and received his huge Rubble balloon. The last we got Chase balloon, it lasted for months till I had to get the husband to throw it away without being deflated. After watching the Carnival games hack in Youtube, I tried ‘throw the ring into bottles’ game. Applied the strategy and was lucky to have successfully threw into one of the colored bottles. However the prize wasn’t that cute but M was so happy to win it.

A medium sized Uncle Ringo for our first win.

Bought this for dinner besides Kway Teow Goreng, Double Beef Ramly burger, Takoyaki and Apam Balik. So filling!

Gonna start preparing for wishlist! 😍
Hoping that the sun will be up tomorrow!

Friday, January 12, 2018

So much to be grateful for

Alhamdulillah, 1st full week is over! How heartbreaking when he entered class crying but always smiling and cool when I picked him up. And so grateful for this cold weather that got me shivering in the bus. Excited that it’s less than a month away. Double excited that Kate Spade has an outlet in IMM now. Looking forward to next month’s long weekend break although nothing planned.
Now that my days are pretty packed up but could squeeze precious catch up sessions or dates, I’m ready for 2018. But I still dread January cos it will seem forever to reach February. 💕

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sweet weekend

I enjoyed the weekend although it was not about having fun outside (raining kan). Went to the BIL yesterday to pass the ole2 and then to parents’. Was just chilling with the siblings till night. And today went to nephew’s engagement. Alhamdulillah. Such an intimate affair.

One of the many desserts. Cousin is so talented that both of them cooked dishes such as cereal prawns but the main food is Nasi ayam penyet.😋
I was most touched when I heard the nephew saying the Azan.

I love Msia Famous Amos cos totally different from SG.
Got this for RM39.90 ($13.30).

New glitter case from Typo cos my Kate Spade cover broke. 🙄

BISMILLAH to the full week ahead! 😁

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pulau Pinang, 1-4 Jan 2018

This is our 2nd time to Penang. The last time was back in Jan 2014 when I did not know I was pregnant (about 1week, gosh). It wasn’t sunny at all this time around and more relaxing as we did not have much planned. But here’s the itinerary!

Day 1 - Arrival at hotel and met the relatives. They came up to our room as we had a living room in our suite. Headed to dinner at Newton-like hawker centre.

Day 2 - After breakfast, we went for a swim at their infinity pool. Went to nearby Gurney Paragon then Plaza for lunch at Dome. Returned to hotel and went to have Nasi Kandar for dinner. Cousins brought us to chill by the Esplanade. M and his little nephew played bubbles.

Day 3 - We took Grab (RM11) to Penang hill. The only place for souvenirs as we did not go to Chowrasta. After that, sis suggested for Hop On Hop Off bus around the city which brings us back to our hotel. Lunch was at Chili’s. Dad and husband went out to Gurney Food Centre to takeaway Pasembur and Chicken Rice in the heavy rain.

Day 4 - Last minute shopping at Paragon then transfer to airport.

We stayed at the same G hotel.

The viaduct for the Fenicular train.

One of the many street art captured while onboard the topless double decker bus.

One of the roundabouts with the clock tower.

Should try to take this next time!

A pretty post box at the airport.

This was just the 1st round of shopping at our fave Padini Concept store.
RM400 only which breaks down to about $9 each item.
You can get jeans at only RM59 ($19) and M’s shorts are like $5 each. 😍

Till the next trip (Insha Allah)! 🛫

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Food trip Jan 2018

Alhamdulillah back from Penang trip. Gonna be a short update dedicated to what we had during the 4-day trip. And just realised that I have grand niece and grand nephew there. 

Here’s what I could recall on what we had!

Cousin brought us to this food place that looked so much like newton.
I had Penang Char Kway Teow the wet version.
2nd day lunch was at Dome.
Dinner at Nasi Kandar next to Line Clear.
3rd day lunch was at Chili’s and dinner was bought by husband and dad at nearby Gurney as it was raining heavily.
Chicken rice and pasembur!
In between sis and I had our fave sushi!

Electric blue drink, Beef Ribs, Nachos with chicken and Fajita with chicken and prawns.

Happy and contented that I got to try both Magnum (RM9.90) and Godiva (RM23)!
Insha Allah update on the itinerary next!