Monday, June 29, 2009


I did not brisk walk at all the whole of last week. Yikes! And I am feeling FAT already. Wait a min. I AM FAT. Not a feeling anymore. Looks like it is gonna get busy for me real soon. Got a wedding to attend this weekend at Novotel and parents dragging me to Msia this sat. Urgh! I would rather not tag. Please let me have my couch back with the TV on.

Oh did I tell u the rate of Fullerton's room? Sis paid $450 (triple share) for the one night stay. It's the biggest hotel room so far I would say with a high KING size bed. I so don't miss my bed. Guess where sis slp? The extra single bed. Which was meant for me instead. Now I realised how bad I was since she's the one paying for the room. I love especially the bathroom cos pretty much everything was in there. Mirrors, HUGE ones, packful set of travel accessories including sewing kit, comb, 2 toothbrush, shaver and the colorful conditioner, shampoo, bath gel and even body lotion. Yes. U thot rite. My bag became more loaded after the stay. :) The room has a balcony too! Only that it lacked a view. There is no windows at all. Since we did not have the time to really enjoy the bathroom, I squeezed in the time to do so the next morning. Mind you we only managed to sleep at 3am after clearing up everything. Woke up at 8.30am but the room was still dark. Thanks to the huge curtains.

So I took the chance and filled up the tub while sis and fren still aslp. Once almost 1/3 full since it's huge will take longer to fill up, I quickly jumped in. Almost drowned in there. haha. Ok la no. But slipped all the way in. Waddle waddle and waddle. For a good 15-20mins. Felt so good and refresh afterwards.

Excitedly told sis and her fren about it but apparently they HEARD me already. With my waddle, waddle and waddle. Well I did had a WHALE of a time in there!

Anyways, I think it would be so FUN to have overnight stays at our hotels. It's a good getaway! Furthermore I have never really been to the Clarke Quay area in the wee hours and it's a great experience to have done so. Youngsters would really just sit around and chat until the sunrise. Don't they feel slpy at all?

Given a box of raisins this morning. Guess it's time to convert all the chocs into raisins. But can I have raisins covered in choc instead? hee...

Now now...Where is the Big Boss???

Dear Tues, please end early.... for me

Sunday, June 28, 2009

the Aftermath

It was exhausting on the looong Sat. We went to Millenia Walk to buy the bouquet of Pink Lily and grabbed some last minute items. Before we knew it, we had more baggage than we could handle. So took a cab from Esplanade to Fullerton at a mere $3.80.

Upon checked in, started the decor stuff and got it done by 5pm. Waited for the rest to arrive but everyone, every single one of them managed to only complete the group by 8.30pm. Headed down to the Courtyard for our Choc Buffet and I swore I did not eat much.

After the buffet, we went back to the room and played the games. All ended only by 12plus am. Then send those who were not staying to catch cabs and the owl bus. We walked all the way to South Bridge road after dropping by Mac at Clarke Quay for our supper. Thats probably the ONLY time that I will walk down by that street in the wee hours. And it's not a pleasant sight despite those clubbers hittting the clubs for leisure. We in fact stumbled upon vomit and the smell just conquered the cool am air.

Nuff said, let's just move on to the the pics!


BIG hug! at 2.18am

No leopards were harmed for the parrty.

all in!!! groupies!

the early birds!

all complete!

LOVES the bathroom! mirrors everywer

could lie in there forever............

with her pink lily!

our morn BF view

overlooking the river

hearty BF


Then after checking out today dragged sis to Expo for the Robinson's sale! Finally managed to grab a FCUK top at $29 and an Island Shop skirt at twenty bucks! Yipeeee. Gave in to exhaustion and took cab home...Nid my beauty slp now.....Another busy week awaits....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tonight Will Be the Night

Finally, weekend is here. Our first ever Hen Party later this evening. Was thinking hard the games to organize and such. But we have settled on:

Handbag Game

Treasure Hunt

Q&A for the bride


Will probably elaborate more in the next entry. But I must thank the partner profusely for accompanying me in grabbing the hunt presents. Wout you I think I would be directionless and indecisive thankfully u were there. BIG HUG! hee. And glad that you managed to get your wanted stuff as well. :D

The DIY card for the bride and the Hunt presies!

All complete! :D

Managed to book Transformers tic last weekend for the opening date. He was definitely looking forward to it. Not sure why the big hoo haa over this sequel anyways but I was sure looking forward to meeting Shia again. :P

On last Thur supposed to go for GSS at VIVO but I did not buy anything at all except for using up that ten bucks voucher. And finally managed to get rid of it by passing the other to Inin. The mess in MNG and Zara was totally spoiling my mood to spend while Pull n Bear sale was still too steep. Would probably go down to Robinson's sale at Expo tmr instead.

And on Thur nite too I dreamt about Pontianak at my former house. But the thing is this Pontianak has a sliding fringe instead of one length hair. In the nitemare, everytime she appears I'd be having trouble in chanting the Quran verses. hmmmm. Then this Inin has to scare me that if the dream is about she in our house, that means she's there. for real. Reminded me of Dad's previous encounter at our hall. haizzzz.

Earlier this wk, dreamt of SFTP. Then the following day read abt accident which involved a cab and a Honda. Ironically, he did not log in for the whole of this wk. It couldn't be him right. Sure he's off to reservist or something. Just hope he's doing fine.

I'd better pack my stuff for tonight's stay at Fullerton. Oh so EXCITED! :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's a BridesMaid gotta do?

I haven't really got the time to piece the Bridesmaid's duty I've done like almost 2 wks ago. And now even the newly married BFF already returning from her Honeymoon. The only time I got nearest to a Bridesmaid was when the other BFF got engaged. But that generally, besides driving her Kia and collecting her cake, I was at the Mak Andam's (Make up artist) side. So I was more like the Mak Andam's asst.

And so as mentioned before, I went over to BFF's place on the Thur to help complete the wedding favors to be given out to the kids. We even went over to JWest market to buy additional favors, had a girl's talk at MacD while she lamenting that getting married still doesnt get into her head. Since the Henna artist coming in the evening only, we had dinner first and settled other things like setting up the bedsheet and such. And by the time I knew it, my hands were already stained with Henna. Waited for it to dry up which was pretty fast cos of the fan speed I assumed, seeked permission from the bride to 'punch out'. Got the green light and a cab in a swift. Day 1 done! Yipee.

Solemnization day came and I still managed to go for my brisk walk, had KFC bf, watched movie with fiance and took a super short nap. Anyways, event to start only at 8pm. Rushed over to her place in my pink Kebaya, then changed to my leggings and big T to shred the Bunga Rampai. It was done in no time too. Changed back to my Kebaya while bride was to be dolled up. Assisted in the kitchen for the scooping out of bubur (porridge) and sweat buckets. Kickboxing lessons were not as sweaty as this. When the groom arrived, kept updates to the Bride on what's happening in the hall. When all's done, asked the bride if she wanted a drink. Oh but I forgot that the groom's with her now. So I have to refill the cup for both of them to drink. Seeing them drink tells me how thirsty they both were. When almost everyone dispersed, hugged BFF while she changed to her 2nd outfit and 'punched out'. Day 2 went on smoothly despite the rain.

Saturday was my OFF day.

The real event yet to come and our make up (her sis and I) were settled since the Mak Andam would do for us at a reasonable rate. And even BFF would like to sponsor that for us. But I dare not look at my reflection especially the kening. Yikes! haha. She paid for my Henna too. The perks of being a Bridesmaid! Anyways while BFF was being done up with her make up, I was tasked in...feeding her. Got the food from the kitchen below and fed her a few spoonfuls. When she said enough, I finished up the rest of it. :D And once we were all ready, made our way down to the void deck. Instead of having stressed up faces, we were all giggling and laughing our way to the dais. Funny thing was BFF walked briskly as usual when she was supposed to slow down and be more demure. hehe.

Event came and go and I was basically on the lookout for our poly mates and her friends. Invited them in and informed them of the time she should be back. As she returned late from the groom's side, a few of her friends missed meeting her in person.

When all's done, we went back to the house and they were supposed to continue with their photoshoot. So I made myself scarce not before asking permission to 'punch out' again and hugging the BFF. haiz. Dah jadik isteri orang. That quick!

Went over to fiance's blk to pass him the Nasi minyak and headed home. Thinking of dropping by his place cos it's been some time since I last visited the in-laws but luckily I did not. Otherwise, they'll be shocked at my made-up face.

Even though it was tiring to be a bridesmaid, I felt honoured being one. And instead of feeling all emo and mushy, there were no tears shed. Because the whole event was so light-hearted and happy. I wonder if I'll ever get to be a bridesmaid again.

But for now, it's sis' turn! She's a bridesmaid to her NUS best fren next weekend! Can you imagine FOUR of her close friends are getting hitched this year! I feel her. hee.

Sis will be donning a gown for the church solemnization and a Sari for the dinner at Novotel. Since the bride's like a family fren already, I'll be attending the dinner with both parents. Sheesh. Of course mom and dad are pretty excited since it's been so long they ever had dinner at a hotel. Dad used to have dinners at hotels due to his connection with Union but that was umpteen years ago.

Anyways personally today, I will be catching Shia Labeouf tonite with him. And tomorrow, shopping mission with partner! Yeh! Have ordered VS body mists and lotion even though I still dun get what's so crazy about VS that every minah smells of them now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 for the weekend

Gonna update this quickly.

Went out with PSBF to Arab St, Plaza Sing and Marina! Had lunch at Breeks with brownie per mouth. hee. And played the $2 dollar machine to get the Tinkerbell (and really got it!) hp strap. Felt so kiddy!

Dad bought me the Apam Balik from Pasar Mlm finally. Cravings shall end now. SweeeT!

Can't seem to book transformer for Wed! CRAPS

Image Overhaul

Image overhaul? I think I need one. Badly. But then again, it was quite a mouthful to swallow coming from my self-declared fashionist. hee. Let's take things one at a time. In the meantime, let's just jot down the things I need to buy!

  • new lipgloss to be put next to my keyboard at work for easy touch-up
  • new shoes
  • touch up on make up twice daily?

Well, that's not many and too difficult to comply with but I can forsee that it will definitely take a lot of effort.

Anyways, I am currently using my lappie in the living room thanks to bro's fren. He came yest to fix the router thingy but then again have to plug it on. So it's not like 100% wireless. Only that I could surf in the toilet now! hee. And bro's fren reminded me so much like Abg Min. Wondered what happen to him now since it's been so long. He has long rebonded hair, a true mat rock. And he let it cover his face which kinds of freaks me out. However, he has a soft voice and I believe that he is a geek deep inside. I mean a Mat Rock who knows his IT well. Urmmm.. Never judge a book by its cover.

On last thur, went to get the tiara for the upcoming Hen Party. Then proceeded to Funan to get fiance's $200+ headphones. Yes. After getting his $189 headphones. So much trouble for a bloody headphones. And it doesn't end there. He still need to bring it over to the Service Centre. Thankfully, now it's all settled and he....contented with his buy. While having our simple dinner at Pastamania, he kept looking at my face. Then he said he was reminded of the past whereby he always dines alone. But now I'm right in front of him. hee. Emo la tu...

We bought Andersens and ate it while walking to the Central bus stop. On the way, we saw 190 with not so filled yet and he almost, I repeat eh, ALMOST, left me there with my cone of ice cream to catch the bus. :( We missed two 190 altogether and luckily the next one that came was not packed either.

On Fri I took my tpt home after three mths of going home late on Fri thanks to Cardiomix. So felt funny to go home early on the fri. So I went to go for my brisk walking rounds. Completed another 8 and did 200 twists and 200 push legs. Yet I do not think I have lost a single gram yet. hee.

Had no plans for the weekend. But wanted to drag mom to accompany me to Bugis area to find things for the Hen Party. Disappointed tho cos most of the stuff sold were mainly for kids' parties. Then went to L Senza to grab the bride's gift and it was ultra cheap! They having 70% disct! And thks to the Salesgirls there, i managed to use ham2's members card so additional 10% off. Weeeee. And she was polite enuf to ask mom to take a seat while i did my browsing. Hmm. Wondered why the salesgirls are kind towards my mom. Must be her grumpy face eh.

Drove parents to BP to pass over some used Baju Raya and shoes then dad wanted to drop by 10 Mile junction. I missed a hump and we went bumping over the tiny but sharp hump. Shit loh. the yellow lines had faded and it was raining while parents so engrossed in their conversation. hee. Wanted to get the mangosteen there but since it was raining cats and dogs and the fruits were outside, they were covered by canvas sheet. So forgone the intention.

Today received an sms from Pri Sch best fren. Will be mtg her up and hopefully can get more stuff for the Hen Party! Super excited about it cos we will be having choc buffet and to top it all, staying overnight at Fullerton!!! Weeeeeee. Sis' bes frens are getting hitched and since I'm quite close to them, they been inviting me to their solemnizations. Looks like I'd be a witness to many many marriages this year! :D Amik berkat...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love and Such

We all had the same grins showing only our upper teeth. haha...

Last night marked the day that we had an all girls' movie date. Movie of the night, aha u shd've guessed right, "Ghosts of Gfs Past". If only all the jerks in the world could experience that, the world will be a much better place. hee. But then again all the excitement and the gist of life will be gone. Of course la we all had our past rships. Altho it may not last as long as we wanted it so , it all teaches us something be it good or bad. And we may try to forget all about it and shoved it right at the back of our mind, yet you know all along it'll forever be there. Cause the past is in fact has become a part of you.

Back to the girls' movie date, this was one of the rare moments cos we had the already skinny Mina joining us. And even ham2 too! We watched at Vivo and when the movie ended at 9+, goodness 80% of the food places were closed by then. We had to settle for BK and there, we reminisced our good times tog and had the laugh of our lives. By the time we were done, Vivo has became so serene. Woah I din know this huge mall can be so quiet at night. We parted ways kecohly. heee. I miss the late nights out.

Songe has not been spending enough time with me cos altho I was already back from long weekend leave yet he refused to join us for lunch on Tue. :( And so i whined and whined at him for having changed all this time especially after he got fishy. But today, so sweet of him to pass me the korean ointment (eh?) and the beanbean. hee. Tho I still chose to believe that he got me beanbean cos he dun wana eat it rather than bot it for me. booo! That beanbean will not get you anywer lor. hmph. hehe.

And today I did out of the norm. Upon reaching home, quickly changed to my PT kit (haha!). Did about 8 rounds but I wasn't focussed cos of the many socceroos' distraction. That plus 200 twists and 100 push legs. I STILL wonder if the needle would shift more to the left by now. If bro can do it, so CAN I! Afterall, we do have the same blood pe. hee

To end off, I'm so thankful being surrounded by the frens, BFFs and loved ones. Alhamdulillah. :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

Suddenly Married

Yeah! The whole event went on pretty smoothly only that they returned late from the groom's side. hmph! On the other hand, I had a great time talking to old time frens and was dolled up too! Fiance came along in his smart attire and for once in a very very very long time, I melted. heee.

On Sat which was supposedly my off day as the bridesmaid, had a date with my pri sch bes fren. Went to meet up with her at BP but took Merc to Arab St. Yes. That's our first time together hunting for Raya cloths. Was so excited on choosing the cloths, hunting for the tailors and basically making our rounds there. In the end, we managed to get 4 suits for myself while 3 for her. And I must say that I've got a good bargain from $185 to $160 for 4 suits. Weeeee! I guess I have mom's skills on this one. We were so tired after the 3hrs of walking and had dinner at Zam Zam. The last time I dined there was during my Pri school days whereby my Malay teacher treated us there. We took a cab home.

I was to rest today BUT since I already bot the cloths for raya, mom nagged at me to quickly send them off to tailors. So we went Geylang early in the morn. To my dismay, my fave shop Cassandra has stopped accepting tailoring since Apr (darn early sia!) so I was left with no choice but to survey the other shops there. I remembered that I did once with Toko Lisa and so went there for the 2nd option. Was quoted $90 but I found the lady quite unfrenly when mom tried to ask for a lower quote. However, I could tell that she knows her stuff well and even gave me tips on which designs suit me best. Decided to tailor 2 suits at Toko Lisa and surveyed other shops for the balance 2.

Next saw Al Emma which BFF had done her engagement baju. Went in to ask and the price was lower than Toko Lisa. Not sure about the results later though. So that settled my Baju Raya! Wanna know the colors?? Since it's all lacy and lining kinda types, had a fun time mix matching the colors.

  • Hot pink with black lace
  • Turqoise lace with light blue lining and a darker blue for the skirt
  • Light pink with Rusty Pink lace
  • Charcoal lace with burgundy lining
Decided for fiance not to get any new baju for him this yr cos of all the above colors, he has the basic color that could match mine. I'm so excited for Raya already! Yeh yeh nak raya! Yeh yeh! heee.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lovely Day

Sis dragged me for my brisk walk on a Friday morn. So almost 7am I was already doing my round in the hood. Did almost 5 rounds and ended it all with 100 of the 'gym' thingy.

Went to meet the fiance to have my so long time craving KFC bf. We then watched Land of the Lost altho I so much wld rather see the Taking of Pelham 123. Urgh. Check with Body Shop on their makeover price although once I looked at the lady with green eye shadow, I hesitated totally. It's a mere 30 bucks.

And our Lot 1 has its own Roof Garden! Another hangout spot to be....

Took a super short nap cos was awaken by his call just to lament on his new Mp3. haiz. Since it's almost 3, took a bath and rushed over to BFF's. Changed my clothes and proceeded with the shredding of the Bunga Rampai. Finalized the gubahan's decor and got ready for the big event.

The mekap artist came in three with one ermmm 'not here not there'. But sure she/he did a good job. And thankfully, the mekap artist will oso be dolling us (her sis and me) up tmr. Yeh!

I sweat buckets last night and I wondered if the needle on that damn scale would already made its way more to the left by now.

Such a lovely couple...The lad's soft-spoken while BFF the loud-mouth...hehe...suddenly married seh...Just check out their GRIN. :D

Luckily today got my day off from the bridesmaid duty. Will be another tough day tmr but so looking forward to meeting those whom I've not met for so damn long. Can't wait....

This morning when I was at NTUC, a lady in front of me was staring at me like nobody's business. But then I tot she was reading the words on my Pink Mt Fuji tshirt. Instead, she questioned me about the henna on my hands. For once I totally forgotten abt the stains cos I was busy slurping my Watermelon Ice Blended. hee.

The weather looks pretty dark and threatening now. I hope it pours now so that when I go and meet the other best fren later today, it'd turn out to be a cool cloth-hunting mission.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, I must say that it is tough to have your Big Day. Really. Once in a lifetime event. I hope. Everlasting one. I wish. Until eternity. I prayed. for you.
Bridesmaid @ work. :D

Monday, June 8, 2009

One of the bests

It has been so hot lately despite some cloudy days yet I was still soaked with perspiration without having to move my ass much. Weird. Even an afternoon nap caused me to sweat.

I've proudly survived the movie marathon on last Saturday. The first ever. Probably the last as well. I do not think that I would wanna do it again. I've watched the same movie twice with different persons just cause it was sponsored before. But watching two different movies in a day is well, totally a DIFFERENT experience.

The noon movie was at 3pm and it doesn't feel that long. At least to me. As it was action-filled, I kinda looked forward to the ending. And yeah, get this. Even sometimes robots do have a heart.

After that we were supposed to have lunch but since someone has finished up the 3/4 of the popcorn, we had OCK instead. So on that day, I skipped a meal. :D

The other movie luckily was shorter and started at 7.15pm. We went in not before catching a glimpse of Alex the lion and the Zebra friend at the Madagascar Rdshow. Should've taken a snap but was just too mesmerized with the kids entertained by the crew.

Wanted to catch 172 home but the queue was snaking and the bus was there. Thankfully, he dragged me to take the cab home. Felt so lethargic despite just having to sit down and enjoy two movies in a day. And miraculously, I did not snore. At all.

Sunday was a pretty long day for me while having to pass the time to meet the babes. Finally when she smsed, took a brief bath and prepared to go out. Got the KFC and hung out at the new crib. It was cosy indeed.

This week shall be a short work week for me. Excited about the huge event coming up this weekend! Just hope that everything goes smoothly for BFF. But then again, my face is having some breakout. Perfect timing! And I haven't even try my baju for the event. Wish me all the best!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Perth's sky was beautiful. Very clear and very blue. There were many big dogs (like Marley) but they're not the rowdy types. They just go near to you and walked away.

It's easy to grab a halal meal and there are quite a number of Indian places to eat. But we did not try any Indian food except for Middle East cuisine.

It did not rain and was not that cold although it was supposed to be winter. It rained for a while on one morning but after that the sky returned clear.

Movies cost a bomb like more than twice of our local prices. In fact, a tic costs $16-$17. The best part of it (or not), it's free seating. Aha. FREE seating.

We did not do alot of shopping but I managed to buy myself a Levi's under $50, Esprit top, lip balm from the Choc Factory, home socks from BONDS and a top from Jay Jay's. I simply love the factory outlets at Harbor Town. And that's where I bumped into a student. I mean in Perth of all places. What a coincidence!

The OZ like to go out barefooted to places like MacD or supermarkets. Mayb slippers are expensive there! But I saw a pair at less than $6. hmmm.

Subiaco Market (where sis and fren got their coffee dose) - Harbour Town (my shopping outlet paradise) - Perth City (shopping! but disappointed that SportsGirl has changed their style,)- AQWA (so similar to Underwater World) - Fremantle (nice buildings and more shopping at Coles supermarket plus the nicest Fish n Chips I had!) - MacD BF, Wildlife Park (I touched roos, koalas, pony, rode a camel) - Movie at Hay Street & Baskin Robins - Picnic at secret location overlooking the river - Swan Bell Tower

Upon reaching our budget terminal, I went to the toilet immediately. Then checked that the luggage not out yet, I just had to do it there. Thankfully, it felt so much better after. hehe.

For the first time ever, I went over to the neighbor's crib to check out her wedding pics. And we even went for our first ever exercise date yesterday until the soles of her shoes came off! hee.

Sadly, next door aunt has officially moved out.

Anyways, things to look forward to! Weekend. YEAH. Will be going for I know this sounds crazy but a movie marathon tomorrow. Hope my ass wont hurt at the end of it. Will be catching Terminator and Aliens vs Monsters in the evening on Sat.

And I can't believe that BFF is getting hitched in a week's time. Gosh! And I'll be a bridesmaid for the first time ever. Pretty excited about that.

And I stumbled upon my Pri Sch Malay Dance teacher in FB. WOW! I must say he still looks very the same seh. :D

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Down Under

Let the pictures say the thousands of words..