Saturday, November 25, 2017

Complimentary Lunch Buffet with Primary School Best Friend

BFF (of freaking 27 years!!) won a lunch buffet for 2 at Rumah Rasa, Bay Hotel! So met her and passed her the rest of her birthday presents. Secretly bought her a balloon as well cos she told me she wanted to take pics with balloons. 🙄 The buffet spread was not extensive so you are able to try most of the food. However, I’d prefer Kintamani anytime. 😍 Still, so thankful that BFF brought me for this complimentary lunch. This was in fact the 2nd time she won from FB contest. The first being from Cajun on Wheels.

This is basically our first round!

Tudung from Bokitta; 
Embroidery Babydoll top from Puteri; 
Joggers from Uniqlo, 
Timberland shoes and 
LV Alma BB 😍😍😍😍😍

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Louis Vuitton Island, Marina Bay Sands

Today has got to be one of my favourite Saturdays this year! Husband brought me to my favourite LV island store. 😍 Honestly, I wanted an MCM crossbody but he insisted for me to have another LV instead! He has bought me Neverfull MM last anniversary and it never cross my mind that we would make another trip this year! Yay! Alhamdulillah! So after much thought and going against the husband’s and M’s choice of material, I have decided on Alma BB in Damier Ebène. I’ve even watched Youtube reviews on the differences of the Monogram (casual) and Damier Ebène (classy and the gold lock is more shiny). Besides, both my Speedy Bandoulière and Neverfull are in Monogram so I should add a Damier Ebène.

I was so happy as this time around, they had the holiday version of the paperbags!
Anything gold is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and loves how the pretty pink flowers made my anniversary gift this year even more special!

Glad that even the strap and lock has separate dustbags.
And even even ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ is that I could personalise the tag of the Alma BB!
It was hot stamped in Gold. ❤️

This was my Neverfull box for 3rd Anniversary.

My first ever Cartier for 2nd Anniversary . Loves how intricate the packaging was!
Even included the cleaning cloth, liquid and pin for clearing off dirt.
Had to wait a while cos my ring size was available only in KL outlet so they had to bring it over.

This was my 1st Anniversary surprise gift!
We just had M for about 2 months so the husband discreetly bought me this pure gold bracelet.
Pure gold is soft so it got bent easily and sadly, I’ve lost this special bracelet on one of the cousins’ wedding. But I trust Allah has a reason and better plans for me.

May Allah bless my husband for always always providing the best for me and making me happy. 😘

Friday, November 17, 2017

4th Anniversary on 17.11.17

“Di dalam setiap doa
Namamu takkan ku lupa
Semoga kita
Setia berdua
Hingga ke Jannah
Bahagia bersama”

Alhamdulillah! We turn 4 today! 

Thanks husband for the  💐! 😍


So sweet of Cake Avenue to add the green (husband’s fave colour) macaron.
The picture on the website only indicated fruits.
They even added the ❤️ at the end of the wish. 😍

Can’t wait for tomorrow! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lunch date with the bff

We rarely meet for random occasion but she planned to catch up before her part time stint. So met her up for lunch and LUNCH we had! We used to date for buffets but since becoming mothers, our stomachs space had shrunk indefinitely. 😭 She told me she wanted waffles since it’s Tue but when I saw her, the lunch menu had included Nasi Ambeng. 😏 Before waffles.

We kept talking and eating and before we knew it suddenly the banana leaf made a full appearance.
Dah habis!
$17 for 2 pax.

Her banana craze with choc choc chunk.

My classic waffle with macadamia nuts. 💕

Monday, November 13, 2017

Eight - You light up my world

Exactly  8 years ago on a Friday the 13th, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fruitful and happy weekend!

Alhamdulillah yesterday managed to go to 2 weddings despite M under the weather. Really missed my Adil classmates especially this mak pengantin as I remembered her fondly for buying us snacks for class and even gave me brooch. She also attended my big day and that’s probably the last time I saw her. So yeap it’s been close to 4 years!

No staycations or JB trips for this Nov birthday celebrations so decided to hold it at my place instead! Did up a simple dessert table, had Tenderfresh and Jellyhearts cheesecake for desserts.

The really simple dessert cum photo table!
Since sis wanted old school cake, I bought all the old school snacks to complete the table.


Chocolate flavoured cake from Bread Garden.
Sad that I was unable to fulfill her request for those wafer flowers topping.
Gotta make do with these flowers instead.

Believe it or not this Pulut Kuning (requested by birthday boy) was made with love by Mom!
Mom would do anything just to make her children happy. 💕

Sis prepared goodie bags for us!
But it wasn’t any typical birthday favors.
Each bag contained a Daiso travel pouch, Typo folder, nuts, and even a Birue top or Uniqlo T-shirt for the men! I think totalled up to almost $38 each bag. 

Daniel Wellington watch and FV dress for sis.
Nutri Blitz and F1 tix for bro.

Monday, November 6, 2017

... and more souvenirs!

Moving into 2nd week of November already! That’s fast unlike October. Looking forward to the birthday celebration this wkend cos I’m excited to do the bit of deco and that the family gonna crash my place. Nevermind that November will be the month that I’ll go totally broke because it’s the siblings’ birthday and our anniversary.

Another bundle of souvenirs this time from Batam.
3 nighties for me, dinosaur printed apparel for M, soursop for the husband and the cake lapis!
Can’t wait to get more souvenirs from Taiwan (cos bro gg), Philippines and the big trip!
I better start saving money so that I could kirim sis for a huge souvenir! 😍

Sneak preview of the old school snacks which will be part of the dessert table!
So glad that there’s an old (like really super old) minimart that sells these stuff just across the rd from my place. Hope the siblings will love it and I can’t wait to get my hands on the goodie bag too!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Missing the sis

It was a long Saturday indeed which began at 5.30am with the McDelivery guy ringing our doorbell. 😆 Thanks to him we took our morning bath and had our breakfast since the husband had to work today. Thought I’ll be having a breakfast date until M woke up too and had his share of egg. Went to Mom’s after our morning nap and waited for the husband there.

The souvenirs from Taiwan 🇹🇼!
Thanks sis for stocking up on my facial masks supply. 😍
And I love that cute little lippie from Shiseido!

Just mentioned that I won’t be getting anymore jacket for M, sis bought 1 for him.
He loves it cos his fave dinosaurs are all over it!
She did not tell me cos sure she wanna surprise her favourite nephew.
I think it’s only TWD$100 which is about S$4.50!
Now let’s wait for Batam’s goodies (if any!).

Another addition of plant for the house.
This one looks so pretty until it can pass off as a fake.
Loves that we are still able to change the house decor to refresh the look and feel. 😻

Thursday, November 2, 2017

His 3rd jacket!

So I thought there would be no more online purchase but Cotton On was having 31% sitewide! I had strongly resist on other purchases especially from Typo. But been looking around for a jacket for M. Then I saw this piece going at $15 (with the discount will only cost $10.35!). Must buy right?! Ordered on Tue and just received it today (so fast!) at 9pm.

However, it’s quite thick and sis said it’s for London (mentang2 dia nak gi).
It comes with the hood and has thick cotton on the inside.
Other than that, I think it looks nice.
But will be too warm for plane rides hah? 😏
His first 2 jackets from H&M (dino printed too small now and a fleece jacket - both bought on sale).
Guess gotta wait till he’s much older for his next jacket!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A dream. A wish.

I can’t believe that the last November entry dated all the way back to 2012. I did not even update the days leading up to my big day. Thinking back, it was with great syukur that the plans and arrangements went smoothly with little hiccups. The parents’ block was a huge mess with the upgrading of lifts so there were yellow fences here and there. Ok probably the wedding deserves a totally separate post on its own. This time around, I ought to mention about my soulmate. The husband.

Fate brought us together which begun with the introduction by a mutual friend. Started to chat in FB for quite a while before moving on to MSN (gosh it has extinct by now) and then BBM (Blackberry Messenger 😂). Like I mentioned before, I did not have high expectations of this new relationship and what more a marriage out of it. Allah indeed has better plans for me. Alhamdulillah.

At times, I find him so self-centred because I felt that he did not give much thoughts about me. But he would msg me umpteen times per day so our communication was quite there. We met end Oct and that’s when i got to know that his family used to be in the same hood with mine. That’s least expected as it’s almost impossible as I would have known majority of the guys around my age who would have lived there.

That self centered man now...

✔ My Imam
✔️ Made me a girlfriend, fiancée, wife and a mother
✔️ Provides more than a comfortable house (with unlimited wifi 😂)
✔️ Eats my cooking without much complains
✔️ Makes the milk in the odd hours
✔️ Made me quit my job so that I have 1 less major stress
✔️ Reads the surah before every sleep
✔️ Brings us out on weekends so that I could take a break from cooking
✔️ Makes it a point to solat together
✔️ Takes me on a trip often
✔️ Ensures only the best for me