Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indescribable feeling...

Knew these words from a song. Aladdin song exactly. On a magic carpet ride...A whole new world.... Hee. That was back in pri sch days!

Had a great Sunday date with a "I Miss U" movie followed by impromptu Manhattan break fast and a chaotic end at Farrer Park. Wrong choice. For a Sunday. No more. Ever.
The Mud Pie was Yummy especially knowing that I'm sharing the fats with the loved one. ;)

So the day finally came! Not only his convo but marked as the day that I officially met the BFFiL.
And I must say it was a pleasure to be meeting him finally after years.
And we also made the great escape...even before the speech. hee!
By the way, this pic above I was bz posing (maut - cekak the pinggang at duno where) while he was bz holding my fingers behinds those cloths. hee.
We took cab from SBS to Jalan Bahar exit.
Shortest cab ride EVER!

Ordered Ewok in May all the way from USA since the BFFiL owed him Convo Bear.
Now now.
My feet's having hangover from those wedgies!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Buka with psbf was a feast!

Ordered Bakso for myself and it was a different!
See all those bihun? That's not the main noodles.
The noodles were maggie like and tasted like chicken maggie.
She ordered Gado2 skali.
We were given complimentary Bubur Chacha. :)

My Chendol... Also tasted slightly diff.
Topped with chopped mango.
Psssst psbf had 2 servings of rice! O_o

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Si Ramadan

Ah Ma called me out to the counter.
Saw a mat! Hmm wonder what delivery.
He mentioned the Prof's name and I kinda knew wat's the contents.
Before he made his move, he added, "Nama saya Ramadan."
I looked at him blankly.
Told dad and he asked why didn't I reply, "Kenapa tak Syawal? Orang tunggu2 syawal ni." -_-'

Bro came and he bot Eskrim!
2 boxes skali! :)

Mom's agar2! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the fifth

Aaaaaah. Alhamdulillah. Completed the 5th day of Ramadhan.

Juz before Ramadhan began, we had a mini celebration for Kakak.
The verrry affordable customised bday cake!

My new Love. hee! So Pretty kan.

Sis bribed me with Buah berangan on bed.
Halal and there's even instructions on how to remove the kulit nicely.

Oh yummy Delifrance choc cupcake! ;)

Looking forward to the 'gathering'!
Wish I cld hug everyone of them.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Everything.....And a lil bit more :)

Wished the psbf bday yesterday but got a touching reply instead. ;)

Touched to be included in her prayers. Alhamdulillah. 
True frens are hard to come by and I am blessed.

Memandangkan puasa da nak menjelang, alot of things yg di craving kan.
First time trying mochi eskrim!
Mango and stroberi.

No more hotate soup but mushroom tofu instead.
No 2nd try pls. hee.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden Fest '12

Wanted to go on the 2nd day of its opening but had to push it back to the final day instead.
Quite worried that the blooms wld have wilted by then.

Here's some of my Faves!

Congkak with saga seeds!

Thot this time there's too many orchids ard!


Unicorn! Like saying 'Get off my back!'

Love these!

Picture perfect!

Cosy corner. Perfect for gossips rite?

A long queue leading to this display. Verrrry pretty!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Fulfilled Sat to the max! After marketing, shifted the stuff and almost wanted to wind down when psbf called!
Glad that I'm done with the errand as well!

And what a feast for the two of us! hee

Woke up early sunday morn just for this! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can't Get Enough of You...

I had 2 slices of it the other time.
Thot we shd have bot the half strudel instead.

So this time bought the ori and durian.
Gosh the durian smell so strong lah and I had to try to act innocent in the train. hee.
Still full now so gotta save it for breakfast instead.

The cheymong doing the flips. hee.

A L H A M D U L I L L A H :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trying my best

 Doing all I can to slowly curb unnecessary spending.
Gotta start drawing that big BOLD fat line between Wants and Needs. And here's little things that I think cld help myself (nagging at myself doesn't seem to be working).

1) To go home directly from work without any pit stops
2) Not to buy snacks and such if brought fd from home
3) To put aside more for savings mthly (like seriously!)
4) Not to buy new things unless the old gave way.........

Shall start with these 4 steps first and wait till end of yr for the results (if any).

Quite contented with myself for having done the brief brisk walk last Fri.
Felt so much better physically and totally diff from cycling.
Will try to do it again in the next 2 weeks before Ramadhan.

This week's date had to be a day earlier.
Cldn't spend our usual hours cos I alr had family plans yest.
Thankfully, we completed all of them altho with lil hiccups.
Gotta thank my sis profusely for the company these 2 days.
She's my best GPS.

The thing with him is, he likes to ukur jalan just like me.
So even tho we were only to have BK for bf, he's decided to go to Ion's.
Met him as early as 930 in the morn and Ion's shops were all pulling up their shutters.
Forgotten when was the last time I had BK there but I must say their ambience was quite appealing.
Probably cos it's quite empty with only a few tiny groups of early birds like us.

We headed over to Suntec for the tics to SGF.
An uncle approached him to give his tic away and he actually enquired him if it's for that Sat as we planned to go for the following wk instead. So he politely rejected the uncle.
Once we got hold of our tics, we then realised that the dates were not stated on them.
Wasted that we rejected the uncle's offer but we decided to console ourselves saying what's not meant to be ours, will not be ours. hee.
Anyways got the tics at student price (tsk tsk) and with his card disct! :)
I love the greens behind us!

One of the free displays near the ticketing booths!

Then mom called to buy longans for her. Where on earth can I find them in town?
Luckily we went back to 313 and was hesitating to go into Finest but we did.
So longans, we found!
He even accompanied me from 313 to Ion bus ride while I continued my journey home. ;)

No, this cat's not playing dead.
In fact cheymong kept on flipping left and right.
Will show the vid soon!
Caught at Wdlands today.

Cold fresh cherries for today's hot weather!

Can look forward to next weekend alr? 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So help me now

I think I've done pretty bad damages this time. Real bad.
Gonna try hard to ikat perot ikat poket for the rest of the days.
Did a lil spring cleaning to the compartments of the wardrobe.
And I have to say that I shd seriously STOP all the shopping already.

Been searching for the perfect Hari Raya shoes, preferably a lil heeled.
Caught a glimpse of this one at Marina while I was with him.
So had to jeling instead and keep it in view first. 
The I went online to browse whichever shoes fit my preference, we even went to JP alr.
None. Then I got reminded of this Naturilizer brand and went to search for it.
There I saw the exact wedges!
It's somewhere between Ecco and Hush Puppies.
Where comfort is their priority.
I have one Hush Puppies shoes but it wasn't that comfy. Similarly with Ecco's.
Then I tried this pair on and indeed it felt right.
I dislike heels since forever and this time ard, I thot I shd really give it a try.
But this one's a wedgie. Tried a few rounds and so far so gd.
Hopefully there'd be no blisters.
Not gonna mention the price cos it still hurts (haha!) but I have a few occasions/ events in mind to trot on them so that cld justify the buy right? hee.
The best part is, it matches with my new Coachie well. :)

Love the combi. Pink and green.
Reminds me a lil of Kate Spade somehow.

Then I got this as well.
Yeah I know my job doesn't require me to be formal at any time but I cld pair this blazer with my dresses. 
And the ribbons on the inside are so cute!
And the price is rather affordable for a blazer from H&M.
Erm consoling myself openly hah.

Thanks to Nian and cousin bro for the goodies from BKK!
Now I have 2 Naraya bags!

So i took the time to clear my bags compartment and then I gathered almost all that I have.
2 Agnes B, 2 Coach, 2 Kate Spade, Guess and Burberry.
Did not include my Longchamp (work bag) and Mango.
Well at least 3 of the bags above were gifts from sis!
Still I should seriously STOP buying bags for 5 years!

This was the first cantik bag I had for Hari raya.
Bot at Metro ages ago and it's still in gd condition in the box.
The sequins din even break loose yet.

These are my wristlets' collection!
Hey I only bot the pink Coach one.
The rest were gifts! As u can see, the black Mango one still had its tag on. :)

Had a lonely buka today with this HUGE wok of macaroni.
Looked spicy red but lacked the spicyness. 
Cld have done waaaaaay better!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Colours of the (milk)Curd

Thank Allah, no monday BLUES today!

Instead, it's YELLOW, GREEN and CHOCO! ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lovely Sunday

 My fave day of the week! Almost gone now. 
But I had fun today. :)
Thanks to bro for sending the parents for the annual grave visit.
So I cld wait for him to come and collect his gown.
He came after his brief jog, collected and walked on to grab worms. Ish.
Rushed back freshen up and went out again to meet me. :)

People bz browsing clothes at Bershka, somebody bz snapping.
As u can see, this my shopping face.
I think it's quite bad cos I feel that I just cldn't stop shopping.
Especially clothes!
I will just buy and buy and buy.

Anyways purchase of the day would be my Lip Balm from Burt's Bees!
I was abt to warm up Wira when I heard something dropped.
Looked and saw a crayon-like item on the carpark lot.
Thinking it was from the flats above, I looked up instead.
Then went ahead to warm the car.
The next day at work I just cldn't find my lippie!
Ironically on the same night (before), shortie had asked if I cld finish up using my lippies.
And this lippie is only avail at Sephora (to my knowledge).
So glad that I grabbed it today cos I felt empty wout any lippie and due to fasting the last few days, I cld alr feel that my lips had cracked. :(
And I decided to choose this Pink Blossom instead of the prev Rose!
Can I look forward to next Sunday alr? hee.