Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baking frenzy

Took mom for her extraction this morning and noon plan was cancelled.
Mom suggested for baking so I went grocery shopping. alone. urgh
 Okaaaaays. I spent almost $10 on ice cream instead.
But they're all fruit-flavoured.
From Yam to jackfruit, orange to mangosteen and lychee to melon!
Msg cousin on his scones recipe.
So here it goes!

Haha. Looks so like biskut sugee mamak..
But taste very much like scones.
Dad only complained for the lack of raisins.

Saw someone shared on the 3-ingredients-brownie-recipe.
So decided to try it.
1. A whole cup of nutella
2. 2 eggs
3. 10 tbsp of flour
It was so simple dun even need the whisk!

And guess what? It tasted of hazelnuts (cos of nutella) and the combi with walnuts = Yummy!
And the recipe makes a dozen of them. :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Letting GO

I know. It's been another oh so long episode.
Guess u shd be really in the mood to have an entry otherwise u simply can't find the words to key.
Weeks have been so quick. Didn't really feel May and it's coming to an end next week.
 Mon gotta settle the blues.
Tues gotta prepare for midwk which gonna be weekly Zumba.
Thurs kuliah.
Fri to get ready for the wkend which means sending sis to work and the weekly marketing for mom.
Sundays for the once a wk date.
Tho I try to have my own time on those avail days, it was either spent lazing or turning in early instead.

Seriously, I feel very disorganised lately. Messed up.
Like. I. Need. A. break. Badly.
Last checked, trip was almost a yr ago. No wonder.
But I gotta hang on. For how long? Hope not that long.

Weird today being a family day.
Cleared the room and most of the stuff.
Just grabbed the photos and tore them in pieces without much hesitation.
And now we have a lot more space.
Not sure what to fill it with.

Doesn't feel gd becos I tend to be in the wrong every single time.
Pulled me down.
Can't move.

Here u go. My grumpiest photo ever.
Not looking forward to the future hah?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mom's Bday

Hee. Days have been so busy. And been spending my last 2 free noons napping away! Best seh.
Mom's bday today. Alhamdulillah.
So all her excitement of getting the senior folk's perks is finally here.
Her Prime disct, NTUC disct and more imptly her concession card!
Applied online for her like finally.

Sis in law got her a pretty cake.
Bordered with kit kat.

And the inner was such a surprise.
Rainbow cake!
Missed KL's rainbow cake.
Miss travelling. :(

Nothing in this world could replace my perfectly dysfunction family. :)