Saturday, April 23, 2011

The BEST Teacher is E.X.P.E.R.I.E.N.C.E

I am truly, extremely overjoyed with the arrival of Princess Nur Sophiena!! And I braved myself (shoved my shyness to a corner) as I made my way over to Sally's in-laws' place for the first time alone. But I am most proud of Sally for delivering the lil babe wout the need of epidural. Alhamdulillah! I can't wait to hang out with the two of them already!!!!

Okay Okay enough of my oily face already. hee
But hey! She didn't even cry when she's in my arms.
Except for a lil peek-a-boo at me and the showing off of her lil tongue to me.. ;p
She seems to be understanding the conversation I had with her Mummy.

Here's a pic of her, up-close!
If u looked properly, she smiled u know.
I'm so IN love with her already. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Short/ Long Week

It was supposed to be a short week but it felt rather long to me. Instead of counting down the days to leave on the jet plane but here I am counting down the days to return back from Down Under. Help me! Just can't seem to be able to switch on the hol mood. Aaah.

Anyways, had a meet-up with Gendutz (;p Jangan Marah hah! Later the bf come find me..) whom I got to know during the Korea trip last year. Somehow we're still in touch via msn/FB. U probably gonna be bz come next week but do poke2 me when termiss me alright. hee! Gd to see u again and mkn2 mcm there's no tmr..Buroks! haha.

Had a brief dinner with PSBF on thur evening too! Cos she gonna miss me the whole of next week. And today went to the mkt, decided to drive over to Mr Gee's place and passed him his porridge. Yes I was in my 3/4 track pants, tshirt, uncombed hair, no make-up and geek specs..... Was happy too cos met him again in the noon for our weekly date and we totally maxed it this time. Had that serious discussion after Scream 4 and now I'm freaking exhausted. What? The weekend's not here yet.. *__*

No we didn't always take pics at work.
But this one was special becos FOUR (5-1) of us were wearing GREEN.

Diff shades of it! :)

Mr Gee told me the story of the glasses till it came in my dream that I was washing them!
Not after much mumbling.

The simple meal we had cos we were saving space for UDDERS.
But then I'm so gonna blacklist Al Ameen. Seriously this time.

Her USA fried rice.

My Mee goreng.. and STUBBY nose.. Very lor.

And the moment we been waiting for!
My hazelnut (Nutella-like) and Snickers, Mars with Honeycomb vanilla..

One for the memories! ♥

Monday, April 18, 2011

What a Beauty

Fly me to the moooooon.....

The moon tonight's exceptionally huge and bright.

Can I start my countdown for the 8th of May? *__*

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend of wrong timings..

So yest I was wrong abt the movie timing. And oh my! Today I missed out another timing. Ish! It was a rather boring Sunday but glad it started a bit later than usual. Woke up ard 9am aft a dream of chatting with a policeman. Thanks to the TP yest at CCK traffic. Catching those who jaywalked when the red man's still on. Saw them doing their job while waiting for PSBF yest at the bus stop. One hiding behind the ice cream man while the other was behind the mrt pillar.

Anyways aft helping mom with her nasi lemak, we drove to mkt. Probably the ONLY time went to both mkts on the same morn and the best part was sis' not working. tSk. Cos we usually go der only when sis' working since on the way. But this time Mom wanted so much to go there to grab her dried chillies and the $1 potatoes/ onion and such. The sun was really glaring today and we were all lazing ard when I suggested to Dad to treat me ice cream. But when sis got home, told him of the Ikea shuttle from Lot 1 and we all decided to catch the 4.45pm bus! Dad even scolded me for rushing him just cos he forgotten to put on his Seiko. hmph!

The bus took abt 45min to reach cos got pick-up at BB. Aft abt 1.5hrs there, they managed to grab pillows, knife block, chopping boards and me? Biscuits! Hee. Aimed to catch the 8.35pm (cos I missed out on the 7.10pm timing, HEE!) bus back so we had dinner at Secret Recipe. Very filling indeed!

Choc banana! The cream was a turn-off tho.

The carbonara which I must say surprisingly was not that bad at all! :)

One wk to go and I still havent plan what to wear!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fat girl with Thin Hair

Not much updates for this week hah. Although I've been going home all weekdays except on Fri. Cos Friday, I'm in love. Yah Rite. So weekends started early for me for the past few weeks. Hee. We're supposed to go to the library to read on some books and have a serious discussion but thanks to something impromptu, I managed to drag him to the movies instead. Gimme a chance loh. We rarely go for movies and the last one was the boring Gnomeo and Juliet. Ermm I think so. Hee. I've been STRONGLY recommended to watch Hall Pass. And surprisingly, Mr Gee agreed instantaneously. Must be his good mood. :)

Anyways most cinemas having inappropriate timings except for Iluma. There's just something about Owen Wilson (and his special nose). His humour's just natural. At least to me. But altho Hall Pass was kinda 'dirty', I thot the storyline was nice and good. And I could rem this line clearly, 'They're like domestic cats scratching the door...' Referring to the husbands whom still ogle at other women in front of their wives. tSk. Thot it's one of the most relevant movies to be watching with Mr Gee. Somehow. Hee. By the way his elder bro caught us without us noticing him at all. Urgh! Wondered exactly what we were doing when he spotted us. =__="

It was a long Sat indeed for me. Brisk walked early in the morn then went to do a lil mkting. Got home helped mom a bit then watched a dvd called the Sweetest thing. It was an old story which I cldn't even rem abt three ladies and one of them was Cameron Diaz. Cam with her dance moves. Just so entertaining. Went out again to meet mom to go to Teck Y (again) but the sky turned gloomy suddenly and I didn't bring in the laundry. So rushed home just to keep in the clothes and went out again. It was all pouring and the lightning was striking consistently. In the end didn't go at all. Got home again and tried to nap when Dad suddenly shoved me his cpf letter with regards to the Medishield he's been paying on my behalf. So cldn't continue napping and PSBF suddenly msg me. And within that sec decided to catch movie at Rex (again!). Haha. It was hilarious cos I checked the wrong timings (the one at Shaw tower.. Since when they have movies there again esp malay one?!). We got the tics 5mins to 6pm thinking it was to start at 6.30pm. Grabbed OCK and rushed into the dark theatre. It was so pitch dark that we cldnt even see any numbers. Dammit! Ended up sitting at the 3rd row from the screen. Not that bad tho was so embarassing becos we were quite 'lost' when we barged in. Heh.

One of my fave actresses. :)

Oh bro bot me Bubble Gums. So olskool one!

The timings which almost spoiled our plans. And the hero looked almost like Ariel Peterpan. His bod was slurps. And when he silat...*melts

Me and PSBF! ;)

Our dinner..

Short and impromptu date. I LIKE! ;p

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh so moodless...

So we watched Natali yesterday very early in the morn. 11am to be exact. Queues were quite long altho it was early. Parents eagerly buying tics for Thomas the Train movie which entitled them for free bags and flags. tsk..

Oh yummy hotcakes! Been ages since I last had them.. :)

Nian treated me to Gong Cha! Mine's Golden Ovaltine by the way..

Back to the movie Natali, it was my first time watching a R21 show in 3D. But if u ask me wat's the 3D part, probably I can't tell the diff. Cos u won't be getting stuff flying right into ur face like action movies. And the storyline's rather B.O.R.I.N.G. Abt the artist lusted for the model, had sex so many times and not wanting to get hitched. So she ended up with her classmate instead got a baby and passed on cos of cancer. Lucky artist! And in the whole movie it's him having the ball of his time with at least 3 separate ladies. Bah.

Aft the early morn movie, I went to meet the babe and we headed to Marsiling. Probably the ONLY time I spent so long there from like 3.30pm till almost 8pm. =__="

Two weeks to GO!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

He says...

"Life is brittle and people have to treasure their loved ones and spend more time with them."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bapak'S GirL

Everywhere I go, people seem to recognise me thanks to my father. Because I'm a perfect resemblance of him. Even those whom I've never met before could easily spot me. And today the old man turns 62! Alhamdulillah. This time ard I bet he loves his presie! His current timepiece is a Casio which hangs loosely on his wrist.

Choc divine from Prima Deli.

Chickenlicious! All twenty of them! Cos of Wed specials.

The bestest parents one could ever ask for. :)

Bapak went WOA when he saw the price tag of the watch ($414 but we got it for $297..SSSHHHH) and quickly showed it to Mom. The watch fits him nicely too, thanks to Mr Gee for lending me his wrist. Hee.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Manic Monday

Monday was fast over. We squeezed the time to crash Ina's crib to celebrate her 1/4 century Bday. Sarpino's awaiting us and we made her blew the bday brownie quick then started lunching. Hee. Then aft lunch snapped with my Instax to complete the special project while I kept Ina busy with her cake cutting. Heh! Although it was a lil improper with too much rush, we do hope that u had a crazy time with us and of cos not forgetting the tiny MJ gift! And many thanks for the lunchie!!

HAPPY BDAY bdk jahat! ;p

Aft work had an impromptu dinner with Ah Nian who's returned from China. Stop scratching I tell u! Hee. Thanks for dinner and also the Panda Magnet! Faster faster FASTER...Set a movie date with me...We're going 3D! Oh so excited! And can't wait! Haha.

The turnlock studs pinkly wrapped!

Got shortie to do this up at the last min! Hee

Oh Yummy!

The incomplete special project!

The other side!

Gegerl who growled at us! For scaring her. She's hiding behind the telly by the way..


Love this as well!

The dinner with Nian! Mee Bandung tasted gd as I din eat it for so long alr. The peanuts add some crunch to it!

And I think I looked like I'm high on food here. Just see my messy hair. And that HUGE scoop on my waffle is the Mao Shan Wang Italian Ice Cream!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cun kape?

It was a spontaneous movie date with PSBF. She wanted to drag me to watch this malay movie called Cun but she herself doesnt know the opening date. As I was reading BH yest, saw the timings. Ridiculously timed at 12,2,4,6,8,10pm. Hee. Furthermore, she was confident that it wld be shown at Cosway Pt. So wrong! Checked only avail at Rex. Oh gosh! What a venue! However, we managed to find the place easily from the mrt station. What sucked was that there's no place to chill in order to wait for the movie to start so we had to have a drink at the nearest hawker place with no interesting pple to observe.

The movie was so-so only and of cos there weren't alot of pple. The audience consisted of makciks and pakciks and their cucu(s) I assumed. Think only abt 15 or so in total. I wasnt a lil interested in the hero (PSBF was swooning over him), the story was very unrealistic too. A popular talk show host fell in love with a Kampong most eligible bachelor. And yes as u've expected, they somehow managed to be tog in the end. I was even asking PSBF errrmmm so why was it titled Cun? Cos I didn't see any relations to it. Haha.

Aft the movie we walked over to Mackenzie Chick Rice. PSBF was quite excited cos it was her first visit but upon the first spoon of the rice, she quickly commented that it cldn't compare to the one at Banquet. Hee. I so agreed! Even tho it wasn't my first time there (2nd in fact), the chilli tasted mainly of vinegar and worst, I found the floor abit unclean. Oh yucks! Probably the last time I'm gonna walk over.

After filling in the tummy, we made our way to Paragon then Wisma. Oh boy! Only at Wisma did we realise that we have walked that much. Imagine from Lil India to Mackenzie to PS to Istana to Ctrpt to Heeren to Paragon then Taka and finally Wisma. Wondered if we had burned half of the calories from the Chick Rice. Haha.

Oh Rex! Think this place still needs more renovation.

PSBF with her big grin. I was so focused on snapping the hero that I missed out the title of the movie. Heh!

Oh yes! I know. U can have him alright. Haha. ;p

Oh did I tell u outside the cinema there were some cinema seats stored?? And I thot we were already in the cinema. Haha.

Our seats were C6 and C7 but after C6 was a Seat No. 17. Haha!

Oh besides Chick Rice we had the Yu Char Kway with Sotong.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just like the breeze

Suddenly, March's all over now. And it's been filled with alot of meets-up with frens. :) From Poly frens (Ven and Noelle) and Sec Sch frens (Shasha, Fai, Ah Wei and even bumped into Norai) to PSBF! And just yest, I bumped into Shanti! Best! I kinda missed Ah Nian tho. Flew off to China and din even msg me ah.. Boo! Guess she must've missed my Watsapp msg.

April's just greeted us yest. No jokes on the first day of the mth. Cldn't even trick Mr Gee in 'cancelling' our date. But it's definitely gonna be an exciting mth!! Sally's gonna pop real soon and I so can't wait to hold the lil babe! And I'm already looking forward to the trip end of the mth. There's TWO Bdays this mth too. Okays so this week, had Pizza Hut (finally!!). Not forgetting the Sweet and Spicy drummies. Could gobble all six I swear. Me and the girls had the whistle candies from the Bazaar and histled our way back to the office. Haha. Oh gosh!

Joce's last day was this week too. Had the 'last lunch' with her and she got us colorful Macarons! Oh Yummy! So pretty! Hope she liked the gift as well. Must rem to call me up for movie dates esp R21 ones ya! That is after ur bday of cos. ;p

Gotta thank Mr Gee profusely for accompanying me getting Dad's presie and lending me his hand for estimation. Hee. Also for carrying the gift for me as it's too squarish to be stuffed into my bag. And most imptly for shoving some time for me lo despite his shifts and muggings.

And today it was rather chaotic. We had a pre-Bday meal with Dad. Headed to Mm Letchi thanks to Makanlicious. Dad was so interested in trying the place out. It was a lil diff than a typical Mama eatery. Enuf words for now. Let's just move on to the pics!

The back of the Whistle Candies. I LOVE IT!

High on Candies! Hee.

Finally craving's for Pizza done! Super supreme.

I can have these like every single day... Heavens!

The colorful Macarons!!!

Joce...One for the memories eh.. :)

Our first visit!

The Tulang Merah that falls way under Adam Rd's... Not as nice la.

The Roti John's not that bad tho.. :) $3.

Mee goreng Biasa. Tasted diff from a Mama one. :)

My Sea Coconut with Jelly.

Mom and Dad.

And the sneak at Dad's bday presie. Hee.